Bertie Bus

Since my Sirion GTVi’s bottom end met its maker about 2 weeks ago I have been on the hunt for something to replace it as my daily driver. Due to not expecting the Sirion to give up the ghost I didn’t have a lot of money saved and had to look in the bargain bins of Gumtree and Car Sales. I made the decision early to stay in the Daihatsu family and started looking at the two cars that interested me most: the Move and the Pyzar. While I like the Pyzar there wasn’t any cars in the immediate area that sparked my interest.

So, I started looking at Moves. To be honest the Moves were scarcer than the Pyzars, but, I eventually found a couple to pick from and made a decision.
The one I chose had low Ks (114k), RWC, 6 months rego, had the timing belt done relatively recently, had aircon and was manual. Things are looking up!

There was one glaring problem though; the car was in Bundaberg! 443KMs away from my place. I originally had talked a friend into taking the road trip with me, but, he had to pull out due to work commitments. Ultimately, my Dad was enlisted and off we went.

Arriving in Bundaberg around lunch time, a deal was done and within 30mins I was on the road again heading back in my bus. The trip back was mostly uneventful, which was great. I had been stopping every 1.5 hours or so to check everything, but, the car was going great.
Once I hit the Gold Coast I stopped at a servo and checked everything again. Everything checked out fine. 10-15mins of city driving later I arrive home and there seems to be oil escaping from under the oil filler cap! I checked the oil level and while it was lower it still had plenty of oil left. Phew.

After a conversation with Jimmy Evil today, he assured me that this was a common problem with the ED20 and something I hope to rectify tonight.

Enough talking. Picture time:


While she isn’t perfect and the paint is a bit faded at the top of the rear bumper and bonnet, she is pretty straight and will be a good base for what I’m hoping to do.


yes another wobble bus Yippee!!!


Did you use an app to alter the image to make everything look tall and skinny? Just kidding. Well done.

Have you had the GTVI apart yet to see if there is much damage?

Thanks Mr G. I haven’t looked at the damage myself for the Sirion for two reasons; one, I’m not super mechanically inclined and two, I feel like it’s a good time to make a new start with the Move.

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Nice score Rob, i think chrome looks good with the burgundy and Daihatsu offered plenty as original accessory. I even thought i would have the top half of mine sprayed that colour just so i could add the chrome extras and the 2 tone paint seems to brake up the height of the Move.20111130_2187723

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Grab yourself some original accessory catalogues from yahoo Rob, you’ll be blown away by the amount of factory accessory parts that Daihatsu offered .Like full wrap around curtains so you could lay the seats down and have a nap in private, or how about a roof rack for…the inside, talking of racks they offered roof racks, tailgate racks,racks for bikes racks for skis,racks for racks lol.12987964_10154160902087990_1458876021_n

Thanks! Two tone cars are so cool. Love the chrome mirrors and the indicators on that move. I like the idea of the curtains and surf board racks.

So, I’m still having trouble with oil leaking. I gave the engine a degrease to see what’s up. After the degrease I left the car overnight and not a drop of oil. Then 30 min run to work and there is oil dripping as soon I stop (and probably while I was running). I’m thinking pcv valve/ breather is blocked. I tried searching for replacement pcv valves and couldn’t find anything. I attempted partsfan but didn’t know what I was doing. Any suggestions on what’s causing the leak only while running or how to get my hands on a pcv value is greatly appreciated.

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can you see where it is actually leaking from? I know when Luke on FB had his is it had a blocked vent in the air filter box under the actual air filter. If yours is or maybe it may be blocked on the breather on the top of the rocker cover blocked or hose disconnected but you will need to take air filter box off to check. If your got damage t your airfilter box or the bottm one is clogged and need a replacement Im happy to swap one over with you if needed, I have 1 or 2 here.

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I’m going to do a full degrease this weekend and will know more. Thanks for the offer!

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Pulled out the air filter and there is oil! Oil is everywhere!

Pulled the hose from bottom driver’s side of the air box (the hose goes down to a 90 degree fitting that sits where the alternator is mounted). The hose, fitting and where it was connected to the air box was completely full of oil sludge. Gave it all a good clean. Hope it helps.

I will be doing an nulon oil flush this week. Hopefully will get rid of some more sludge.

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Is that not from the PCV? How many Kms on the motor?

114k on the motor. Car feels like it was really well looked after for most of its life and then neglected for the past few years. Last evidence of a service I can find is for 3 years ago.

I’m not sure then hey but it seemed to me like it was just built up from ventilation.

that looks quite normal for a mira/move airbox. If you want to reduce it put a catch can between thathose above the alternator and the airbox. That square box tube like thing in the airbox is the one that can get blocked up. just make sure that one breathes ok. Luke had to cit into his so it could acutally breath but most done get that bad.

Thanks for the reassurance jimmy! I’ve cleaned the air box, the square box tube like thing and the hose that connects it all. Hope that helps it breath. I did a big degrease yesterday of the whole underside of the engine/greabox and parts other parts too. Since it’s been raining I haven’t been able to check if it has leaked today.

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An update that isn’t focused on oil. I fit the interior door handle/latch from my old Sirion and also GTVi seats fit into the Move without too many issues.
The bolts closest to the doors on either side fit straight in. The bolts along the center line right up with areas they can be bolted to. Just needed to cut some carpet, drill some holes and fit bolts, washers and nuts.


They look good. No one would know they’re not factory. Only thing is be careful on the material in the tunnel. It’s quite thin and may rip easy in an accident. I’m not even sure how you would reinforce it without weakening something

I was thinking about that. I used the biggest washes I could fit hoping that they spread the load a bit.

That’s it. Try use a nylon but as well or something similar. No load on the hole either.

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