"Broken" clutch

Hey all,

I was changing the clutch in my sisters Cuore since it made a terrible noise. Well, we found the noise but I’m wondering what may have caused this. Does anyone have an idea?

To be clear, 2 of the 3 mounting plates have just broken.

The drive straps. Being your sisters car I am going to guess that it was not from drag racing. Normally damage like this begins as a missed shift on a down change. If you were in fifth and wanted to change down to third to use some engine braking but hit first this can happen. On a stock pressure plate severe repeated down changes can also eventually do this. Race type pressure plates use posts for drive and not straps but they clank and make lots of noise.


Dragracing is not something she does :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your answer. First time changing a clutch so I’m not really sure what had happened. Now it’s clear :slight_smile:

It was really easy to get the gearbox off. Daihatsu really made every bolt accessable and even after 13 years every bolt came out with ease. Took us a whole day to get the gearbox out (now waiting for parts) but for the first time it went really well!

Also learning allot for the engine swap i was planning. Doesn’t seem to difficult to do really. Wiring will be the most difficult thing.


You could prob also break those straps doing burnouts in reverse.

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Only 2 possibilities for a failure like that, the first is bad driving or abuse, the second is a manufacturing fault.
As a mechanic with 50yrs experience I’d say that the first is the most likely, it may not be deliberate abuse, could be that she just doesn’t know how to properly drive a manual car, I’ve seen it many times where drivers are just too rough on the clutch.
After the car is fixed I would go for a long test drive with her, if she seems to be driving ok then I would just put it down to a manufacturing fault

I’m going for the manufacturer fault or previous owner for obvious reasons :wink:
The car has 150k on it and my sister only drove it 5/10k now. We already talked to her and drove with her (I also expected user error at first) especially since we didn’t hear any noise coming from the gearbox before and now all of the sudden it’s making allot of noise. At first we expected the throw out bearing to be broken but the bearing seams okay.

We will find out in another 10k. If the clutch is broken again I’m going to buy her a automatic :sweat_smile:

Edit: I don’t know how it’s in Australia but over here you get your driver’s lessons in a manual and after getting your license you first have to drive one full year with your parents before your allowed to drive yourself. That is if you get your license at 17. Is it any different over there?

In Australia the rules vary from State to State, I live in Victoria and you can get a “learners permit” at 16, you can only drive if you have a fully licensed driver (at least 3yrs experience) with you, you have to be 18 and have completed 120 hours of supervised driving before being allowed to drive by yourself. Auto or manual car allowed but if you pass your license test in an auto you are not allowed to drive a manual for the first 3 yrs.
There are also restrictions on how powerful a car new drivers are allowed to drive, for example a new driver is not allowed to drive a turbo WRX or other high performance cars.

BTW I got my drivers license in 1970 and the rules were very different back then :grinning:

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New clutch fitted and the installment of the gearbox went really well. Almost done until:

Fml -_-


Dead starter? or incorrect fitment?

I tightened the wrong nut. The copper wire is were the other nut was. It completely broke off the plastic part that was there.

In my defense I was laying on my back underneath a car with both my arms running out of blood.

Next weekend part 2 where we hopefully complete it.


And it’s fixed :partying_face:

Any idea for how long and how you need to “break-in” the clutch?