Charade 3cyl to 4cyl swap?

Hi all. Just found this site but been a dai-hard daihatsu fan for years. I live in the US so there are VERY few of us.
I have a 91 charade with the 3 cylinder 5 speed. I also have a 2 92 Rockys. 1 is a parts vehicle for the other as parts are rare in the states.
I have seen alot of charades on the net with a 1.6l motor in them. My question is would my extra 1.6l motor out of a Rocky swap into my charade? I know obvious things like motor mounts and suspension concerns. My main question is the major things like will it bolt to the tranny ? Any input would be great. Thanks in advance!

You can still find the old DAIFORUM as "Read Only"
To access the old forum is simple:-
There are some posts on engine swaps there.
Here’s another site:-
There’s a sort of “wiki” on here too:-

My G203 has HD-E 1.6 from an Applause.
Goes like a cut snake!
Wheelspin 1,2 and sometimes in 3rd too.
First time I put the boot in, I thought I’d lost a wheel!
Swap was done by previous owner, and I got it as an unfinished project.

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If you get bored and want to post some pics of the motor mounts or any identifying marks from the tranny(gearbox) that would be awesome!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you for the link. I will search there as well

It can be done mate but you will need to change things like engine mounts as they are different so it’s not straight forward. I’m guessing your motor is the injected cb-90? If so i’d say you will already have an electric fuel pump mounted in the tank unlike the carby 3cyl motor that has a mechanical pump so that helps. The next big headache would be wiring but it is do-able and has been done before.

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Yes they are both efi already. The Rocky the 1.6 is coming out of is a parts vehicle that will never be whole again so i have an entire wiring harness to play with. Probably have to find the motor mounts from your side of the world. If they ever did import a 4cyl charade i would be more likely to find a quart of unicorn piss in the states!

Any idea if the transmission is the same from the 3cyl to 4cyl charade?

I believe the transmission is different. when you do the mounts for the 4 cyl make sure you reinforce them also. @daddio has gone from 3 cyl to 4cyl with his and reinforced the mounts. So he may have more info on it.

The transmission is key. If the 3cyl trans wont work I won’t be able to even attempt the swap. I’m in the US and am blessed to have the amount of daihatsus that I do. I would have a better chance of crapping a gold nugget than find a stock 4cylinder trans. Thats why i wanted to know if the 3 cylinder trans would work. Any input from @daddio would be great!

Honestly might be easier to import a half cut G102 from malaysia to give you everything needed to swap?

I used a 4 cylinder gearbox for mine. Not sure if the 3 cylinder gearbox mates to the 4 cylinder engine.


Good site I found for Daihatsu Gearbox - Charade & Rocky
Daihatsu Manual Transmission Rebuild Kits
Nevada. "We offer a complete line of manual transmission parts, rebuild kits and overhaul kits for Daihatsu models including Charade and Rocky.
“We can some times provide good used transmission parts, these are good take out parts that are inspection to be in good condition. Just give us a call 800-216-1632 and let us help save you some money!”
DriveForce Engine Mount Catalogue 2012
Mackay Rubber Part Finder
Impex Japan

This is a pic of the Left Hand engine mount in my G203 - fitted with HD-E Applause 1.6 - may help
The gold bracket may be aftermarket - I don’t know - came on the car.
6 P-N TEM1021

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Thanks for the pics and links. If the info is correct on that first sight it looks like 2 different bell housing patterns. Damn. Probably still pull the charade from its resting spot and verify as best i can without pulling the motor.

Great to see you have some Dai Gurus input on this.
Gearbox compatability is the key, for sure!
There may be answers about the gearboxes, if you can find anyone who has swapped in a 4 cylinder 1.3 16V EFI from a G102 into a 3 cylinder G100.

The L/H Engine Mount Assembly is made up of 3 pieces.

  1. Body bracket (Gold bit in my pic may be specific to the G200 Series.)
  2. Rubber/Aluminium Mount P/N…?
  3. Engine Bracket L/H (Part should be common with 1.0, 1.3 and 1.6 engines, as it bridges over the timing cover. As I recall, this could be a forged steel item, and you probably have this part on the Rocky if it has A/C. )
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Thanks. I have played around with all kinds of fab work. I know i can make the rest work if i can get the motor and trans mated.
Honestly the 3 cyl still runs and gets great gas milage but is old and gutless. It has been off the road for a while and im trying to plan my next project. A wheel spinning charade sleeper in the states would be awesome! Especially if it is still daihatsu powered! Just a running charade is rare, but a quick one would be great!

The “G” code are not familiar to me since in the US we only got daihatsu anything from 88-92 and as far as I know we only got the Rocky 1.6l 5speed 4wd SX or SE. The only Charades I have ever seen have been 3cyl 5 speeds EVER!
Never had a reason to know all the different models til now. I believe my charade is a G100? 92 3cyl 5 speed.
I got it from a friend for cheap when I was 15. Gave it to my mom and she drove it for 10 years, then gave it back and we drove it for 3 years before it got parked. Its the reason I love daihatsu and found a couple Rockys. Im 33 now and the only one I know with a daihatsu. Love the strange and unusual! Haha


that is a really good run for a cb engine. I honestly doubt the 4cyl H series engines will last that long before a headgasket blows. In all honesty Im not a fan of the 4cyl in charades. My daughter has my old 3 cylinder and when we put a new 3cylinder in it we made a 2 inch exhaust and lightened the flywheel. That little N/A 3 cyl carb engine goes just as good as what the 1.3 4 cylinder does in the same model car.
Hers is a g202 here is a pic for the shape so know what Im talking about but this model is heavier than what yours would be.
The blue one obviously but it does ahve an afetrmarket front bar on it too.

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Yeah gearbox is different unfortunately, and your right you have a G100. We never got the EFI model over here though ours were all carby. Your best bet would be to import one i’d say, they’re a pretty cheap box to buy around here.

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It has been a great car. Never been in the motor. Just CV joints and routine wear items replaced.
Makes me wonder if i should just rebuild the 3cyl i have and try to mod it to make more fun to drive? Any suggestions other than exhaust and lighter flywheel? I remember it having more grunt than it does now but it was a LONG time ago when i first got it. It only had 90k miles on it. Now it is pushing 300k

Damn. Hate to hear the box is different but not surprised from what i have researched. I think import prices would kill me on $s. Was hoping to mod it with what I had