Chazza - L251 Semi track build

Well guys, I’m back in the Dai game.

First a big thank you to @GrayJR for bringing the car down from the Sunny Coast.

So what is the plan for the l251? Basically it’s going to be track focused, but streetable.
I already have lots of parts to put in for suspension, bracing, brakes, race seats and etc.
But, the first thing needed is getting it back on the road. Known issues:

  • clutch is gone
  • suspension is very worn out
  • leak at the rocker cover

So, my plan of action is to first give it a service, then replace the clutch. Check the bushes and mounts. Check the CVs and drive shafts. And then put back together with replacement lower control arms, drive shafts and suspension as needed. Then replace the rocker cover gasket.

I have heard about a swap to the older ej rocker cover. I’m not sure if I will do that yet, but will have to for my other plans later on.

Once the above is sorted out, I’ll see what else it needs for roadworthy and go from there.

EDIT: My son has dubbed the car Trinky. I guess it’s gonna stick.



Glad to help with delivery :smiley:


Looks like a great little project. I will be watching this project.


If you need a wiper for the back window. I suspect a swift one will fit. They are a little small but do work ok. I put a swift one on my old yrv.


I’m going to check the FB group to see if anyone has a spare wiper arm and Passenger door handle.
In case that doesn’t work, what model swift?

It was a random newer shape one at the wrecker’s, similar to what you have or had when w e changed engine in the move

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looking good :slight_smile: from what i can gather from facebook, people do the rocker cover swap so they can replace the rocker cover gasket as L251 ones are available as genuine daihatsu only so hard to get

Thanks Dale! Good to know. I got a gasket coming, as I thought they were the same. Guess I’ll be doing the swap early. Do you know any more about it?

Use a sirion rocker cover , move the air temp sensor to where the crank case vent goes into the throttle body with a hose and use a crankcase breather filter on the front of the rocker cover and your sorted , I’ll do a nice write up on the FB page and here when I get my gasket in the mail so it’s an easy read through :grin:

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And also make a custom intake now that you don’t have an airbox , I measured today the throttle intake is 1.9 inches in diameter

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That would be awesome!

Mate do a write-up in the DIY section here please and post the link to Facebook. On Facebook, it will be lost in a week or less and is always available here where you put it to come back to view and for others also.

Here is link to DIY section


No dramas, will do


awesome! :slight_smile: thankyou

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I had an hour spare today, so gave Trinky a quick wash and added the first mod: weighted shift knob. This one weighs about 600g.


In have a rear wiper you can have. Still attached to the L251 shell Jimmy gave me. Just sitting out the back on the water tank. Might be a coupe of other things on it you could use?


Thanks Mr G! I will take you up on that. I’ll message you to arrange a time to come out.


Lots of parts have been arriving. Got the axles, axles seals, rear main seal, left lower control arm, new passenger outer fort handle, older ej valve cover, valve cover gasket and a inclosed cone filter. Still on their way: clutch, right lower control arm spark plugs and oil filter.
I also had an hour to work on the l251. Got the plastic valve cover. It was a mess under there:

For those more well versed, anything I should be worried about or just ej life?

I also got the front bumper and front lights off in preparation for the work to come:

This plug was loose in the loom with the passenger side light, any ideas?


under that rock cover is terrible! Does the car run?
My brain says clean it but then I get worried that debris may fall into the oil galleries and block them.
Hmm Would love to get other opinions on this one.

I think it does need cleaning but not sure in which way would be best by hand up the top and then running some engine flush through it. Or doing half diesel oil half normal oil in it for a while for the extra detergents in the diesel oil to help clean it.
Other’s please advise!

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