Daihatsu Sirion K3VE2 Engine

My Daihatsu Sirion K3VE2 Single Throttle Engine

Hello Guys, I started to build a K3VE2 Motorsport Engine for my racecar. The reason why I choose this engine is, I drove it 4 years in a Autocross Youth Class her in Germany and was very successful with this kind of engine, I got two german championship titles with the car and now I want to give this engine a new evolution step. My aim is to get 140hp out of this motor.

So I started to prepare the head of the engine, but the head seems very good so I didn’t had to do many changes to the head. I only prepared the air flow a little bit. So here is my first question. I can get a camshaft with more than 8.5mm stroke, but this is too hard for the springs, so I need to get other springs to drive with more stroke, but for the K3VE2 Engine I can’t find other springs. I would appreciate if someone has a good solution for me.

So now I stopped working on the head and started with the block, after some searches and good information’s from Mick I found some high compression pistons (goes up to 12,5 : 1) and bought them from Piston Shop on Facebook. The shop showed me that he has an 4-2-1 header too, so I bought both parts and hope they will arrive soon. The block is stock, stock crankshaft and stock rods. I only removed 6/100 on the block, because it was a little bit skew.

Now it’s time for you guys. I got some questions. Someone did this to the K3VE2 engine too? I need an intake for the single throttle system and I need other valve springs too, so if someone can help me please just write a message to me. I would appreciate this very much.


Maybe @Mr_Gormsby knows where you can find some valve springs?

OMG freaking epic, keen to see the progress!

Need to know the details. Factory ID, OD, free length, compressed length. I just bought a set of Ferrera. For 16 you are looking at around $500us.

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After I need to pause my project cause season kicks off and we still need to wait for the parts everything arrived now. I got my air intake system, new camshafts, valve springs, 4-2-1 header and my piston 72,5mm high compression.

So now the next steps are to get the camshafts into the head and the piston into the block. The block will get drilled and honed because the piston is 72,5mm.

(Its only a dummy as motor, because I need to know where I have to cut, because not enough space)

I will let you know about the next steps!


Love it! really looking forward to see how this goes.

Awesome work and do you have any more information on the pistons please.

Brilliant. Quite the thing most of us around here love to see shared.


I got the Pistons from Piston Shop on Facebook. Its a really great guy, but it took very long to get the parts, but I think the Malaysian Post did a mistake there :wink: He got the pistons in 72mm and 72,5mm. The compression goes up to 12,5:1 then.


Thanks for the piston info.

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A recommendation … it worked better to use a 1.2mm cylinder head gasket than 0.4mm, the car is really push more. maybe to much compresion stop de cilinder (I didn’t find 1.0 mm)

You need more/higher octane then

I said the same thing … but with the fuels on this side of the world it was better decompressing …

The best thing I used was fuel 97 + a good quality octane booster (vp octanium)… :disappointed_relieved:

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Thats the good thing in germany, we drove a car with 13:1 and everything is fine, we got 102 Octane here :sweat_smile:


uhhh what a healthy envy gives me that… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Now its finally winter break and I can start focusing on my project 100%. The time before I thought my engine should get better rods, someone showed me rods from Carrillio for a really nice price, but they were to heavy (453g) and normal rods got 357g. I wanted to set the rev limiter pretty high, so I thought other rods would be great. Then I start polish the rods, so they will get a little bit stronger and little bit lighter.

Because they were polished I needed to cradle the rods, because they lost 6g per rod and I wanted the weight exactly the same at the top and the bottom from the rod.

I will hold you up to date and if you got questions feel free to ask.


The next steps I had to do, was to made some space at the cylinder head, because the pistons I bought are made for 12.5:1 compression so they run more in the combustion chamber. It was not a lot of work so it was done very fast.

One thing I didnt know from the K3VE2 engine was, that the pistons are not fixed with an retaining ring, so it was not that easy to get the piston pin in. I borrowed the right tool for that and then it was very easy (Picture from the tool below, You press the piston pin with a hydraulic press in the piston).
Because I will run the engine with a MegaSquirt ECU I needed to build a harness and that took a lot of time. And In that case I deleted every electric wire which I didnt need. So after that I had a lot of electric wire out oft he car (around 10kg). Now I only got the important things in the harness.
If you got question feel free to ask and if you know someone who did this to an K3VE2 Engine too please tell me im very interested in that.


Interested to know what the pistons are. A std K3ve piston fits in an ej-de for 11:1. So those of yours in a ej-de might be worth investigating for using e85. I had been looking at using GSXR600 pistons and custom rods.

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@Mr_Gormsby they are The piston shop ones, same as what’s in the Chilean M100

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