Daihatsu Sirion M100 <<The Blue Wonder>>

Hello there,

I have a blue Sirion EJ-DE 3cyl, 989cc 56 hp.

In this topic, we will journey together to the wonderful transformation of the car.

The goal here, is to restore the exterior to its former glory, to immprove the interior as much as posible and to give the car, a little boost on its performance.


  • The car is in my posetion since 2009.
  • I had been treating it very bad, so, its apperance is bad in some places.
  • I had been skipping service dates because of finantial diffecolties


  • Since 2017, I had been keeping the service dates on time or close enough to date.
  • I improved the interior, but there are still more things I want to do.
  • I will focus on the exterior first.

Those are some photos of the car, while I was putting some rims that I restored from the junkyard:

Unfortunally, I had a crash yesterday and the car is in the workshop for repairs. Ahhhh that dimwit woman driver… she violated a stop signal!!

These are some photos after the crash:


Jeez that’s a shame that someone hit you :cry::cry: love those wheels :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Me too :heart_eyes: I rebilded them myself!!

I bought them from the scrapyard, they had scraches at the edges, but I fixxed them! Credit goes to ChrisFix from YouTube, he and his useful videos, will help to do anything on your car, easy!

Here is a link to his channel. By the way, I don’t get paid from the guy, I honnestly believe that he has great and useful content, easy to follow.


Looking forward to the awesome transformation of this sick M100 :slight_smile:

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In due time, my friend :smiling_imp:, awesomeness is coming! LoL! :star_struck:

Here are some new photos of the Sirion, in the workshop, berofe the repairs are started.

More are comming soon during the repairs! Hopefully… if my job allows me to be there!!


Here there are the damaged parts and the car without the wing, the bumper etc.

Now begins the search for the new parts!


Question: It will be best to remove the plastic shield on the front, in order to have better air flow on the intake? Or it doesn’t mater.

I’ve not seen them fitted to our Australian cars. Or at least not to the M100s I had. What benefit do you expect to reap by removing it? Will depend on you climate I guess. What are the temp extremes? I ran the inlet on down low on the non-radiator side. But I did run some probs first from a manometer to establish a high pressure point for the inlet. Then having established that and installed the inlet tract I ran a few cheap temp sensors and mucked around to seek the coldest inlet temps.

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To increse the cool air flow to the air filter intake.

Our summer tepm extreme is 42-45 C and winter -05- -10 C more or less.

Yes, I think I saw something similar on a post/thread somewhere else on the community on a Sirion M100. The thing is,I noticed, that, my A/C compresor is blocking the way at the bottom left of the engine bay. At the photo I saw on the post, wasn’t there! So I guess that Sirion did not had an A/C, OR the A/C compresor is located elsewere on this Sirion?

How you did that? What kind of manometer did you use?

Also, I 'm thinking about to change my sparkplugs to nikel plugs or even iridium plugs. But I heard throu the grapevine, this change might cause damage to the cyls, pistons etc. Is that true for my 1L EJ-DE engine?

When i rebuild my EJ-VE i put iridium plugs in it. No problems so far.
I don’t see why they would cause damage. Just make sure you have the right type/range.
Personally i recommend Denso, but feel free to use any brand you want.

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The plugs are easy to change so I’d just use copper. I was present for some dyno testing of different plugs. Copper was slightly better than the rest. It is an excellent conductor of electricity. The other materials just extend the service period.

I have a couple of Dyyer Magnehelic manometers that cover a range of pressures.


At last!! The parts found, came and tested roughly.

Here are some pics of the parts:

Here are some pics of the assembly:


At last, the blue wonder is back!


Creating new air intake for the Blue Wonder! Material: PVC pipe. 63mm

The pipe was measured, putted together on the car for test. Then glued together:

After that, I paint it BLACK!!

Here is a pic of the filter I bought. I’m waitting fot it to come, in order to put them all together on the car!!



Cold air is always better for the motor, and pvc works just as good as any other material :smiley:

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Does somebody knows, the gear of the Sirion, on the steering wheel column, how many teeth it has and the size of the gear? I want to buy a boss kit, and I need to know. Does it take the same boss kit as Mira L7?

Here, at the workshop, fixing the drum brakes.

And here’s a peek at the interior :


At last, the parts came and installed:



And ready for the road

Dashboard with new led bulbs!