DAIWRC G100 charade cb61

Hey all!

So I’ve now owned my G100 for 7 years.
Started its life off as a mizuno sports cb23. As you do, searching gumtree for spares and come across a turbo motor. Yes the cb61.
Not too many of these running around WA. Im yet to see another charade running a cb61.
Has been alot of trial and error But over the years i have stuck with it and seem to have it running pretty good!

Engine has been taken to oversize 1006cc
Factory bottom end, decked for low compression
Top end has port & polished head
Stronger valve springs.
Factory cam
Factory RHB32 with a new 7psi actuator.
Factory blow through carby
Commodore vn/vs alternator

Fuel system
Bosch VL external fuel pump
8mm pick up and feed to carby
Proflow rising rate fuel reg.

Prosport evo gauges
Boost, water and AFR for tuning.

Whiteline front and rear sway bars
Fender braces
Front and rear strut braces
Cab brace
Rear lower frame brace

Was on GT monroe shocks with lowered springs.

In August i decided it was time to take her off the road for some much needed rust repairs , panel work and a respray.
I searched for a straight, clean body with minimal damage and rust but no luck so just had to commit!

I ended up removing all windows, stripped the interior, pulled out the engine and suspension.

The front passenger side had always leaked water, so when i seen the rust damage i wasnt too suprised. Both left and right pillars needed some work. Also managed to get the part of they body where the check strap is on both sides. Had you replace a piece under the drivers side seal then it was general dents from there.

While the shell is stripped down i decided to seam weld the strut towers and shave the un used holes in the engine bay.

I ordered all new superpro bushes, new lower control arms. Sand blast and painted all the suspension arms.
Bought a set of Yellow Speed coilovers.

I couldn’t find any new bushes for the gear linkages to made my own out of old sway bar bushes i had sitting around.

Strengthened all engine and gearbox mounts

Rebuilt the front, rear brakes and bought a set of DBA T2 slotted rotors

All the aftermarket sway bars and braces are being powder coated.

Factory GTti Speedline wheels which ive had the face polished and repainted.

Ive got a factory cb61 dash cluster. Which im going to put in with working tacho and turbo light. Even have the factory boost sensor.

Ordered new carpet.

My old bumpers were abit sad so got a new set off a mate.
Fitted factory cb61 front lip
Painted front and rear tow hooks red
Factory mud flaps on rear.

Couldn’t get a factory set of GTti body kit so got a fibre glass kit which seems to be made fairly well.

Going to be painting white. Nothing fancy. Just want it clean.

Thats all for now.

Will upload a heap of photos as i go.



They are a great looking Dai. The number plate is fantastic.

Shaving the engine bay. Im no master welder but giving it a good crack!


Job done! Now move onto the next repair.


Sway bars and braces are back from poweder coating



Yellow speeds finally came! :yellow_heart:


Did someone say turbo upgrade?

Yes! GBC17-250 came today.
Just waiting on the flange to be laser cut out and we can start on making the manifold.

Ive also had abit of time to begin wiring in the turbo dash. Pretty easy only having to add in 2 wires for tacho and turbo light.

Also had the rubber brake lines re made to the callipers. I have plans to neaten up the steel brake tubes in the engine bay. Possibly have new ones bent as having to change brake master to clear the strut brace.


Love the speedline wheels

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More updates!!

Went to the wreckers and got an extra brace to add to the roof as it was quite flimsy.

Cut out more rust and treating it over the week

Managed to get my hands on a double din centre console.
Somewhere along the line someone has decided to paint it green so stripping the layers down. I will end up painting it black with the rest of my centre consol


So i kinda traded the standard turbo dash for a starwars dash. Always had a soft spot for these and this one is in great condition!
I noticed it had a little bit of dust under the lense, so i carefully pulled it apart to clean it.

Started to pull dents from the body. I would be lost without my good friend dale helping me out with the body work.

Also preparing to coat the underneath with raptor liner.


Star Wars dash are the ultimate G100 factory setup’s i reckon :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Raptor lining complete!!

Now time to get the shell off jack stands and back rolling.


Starting to assemble the rear end.

I sand blasted and paints the arms along with installed all new super pro bushes.
One thing i learned quick from working in the mining industry is that no bolt goes in dry!
All hardware has anti seize unless specified in the manual and all hardware will be torqued to specifications.

The hardware has been zinc coated to give it that brand new effect.

The old suspension is installed for now until i get the car back from paint. Dont want overspray on my coil overs.


So finally all the fab work is complete! No more rust!
A mate has been helping me out with preparing for paint. Hopefully within the next few months the paintshop has a spot for me.

In the meantime i also have all the bits to make the turbo manifold to suit the upgraded turbo. Just going with a steam pipe manifold. The dump pipe, intake tubes will be stainless.

I managed to buy afew different style spoilers to suit the G100.
My next mission will be to replace the LED lights in the brake light as there are afew not working.


Time to start the fun stuff!

Machine fit a screw on oil cap into place on the rocker cover. I have lost one of my caps due to it popping off in the past.

Had the over boost valve port shaved as i will be running 12-14psi with the new turbo. The over boost valve opens at 12psi. I have always blanked this off anyway.
Also made a bigger intake port.

Next will be a JIC fitting on the rocker cover for a breather line


They all should have the screw top valve cover. they get so loose and pop off. I have seen a few with electrical tape on them to try to stop them from coming off. Nice and clean with the turbo hat too. :slight_smile:

Started on the new turbo manifold. I like where this is going!


With the manifold complete, was now time to work on the rest of the exhaust and intake.

Decided to go full stainless for the exhaust and had to use aluminium for the intake as using tight bends from the turbo.


Abit of change where the turbo to carby tube sits due to the manifold. Luckily we could work with the cast aluminium and relocate where the port sat.