DAIWRC G100 charade cb61

Looks awesome. Great work :slight_smile:

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Ended up ordering a Honda Civic radiator. Standard daihatsu ports are 26mm and honda use 32mm. Currently working on changing port size and making mounts for install


Genuine GTti body kit came! Cant believe the condition they are in!

Just need to work out clips for mounting


We are all ready to go! The paint shop has requested the engine bay to be sand blasted.

Complete front end and under dash is stripped


Just a small update!

Still ticking away but at a very slow pace. Car is still at the panel shop.
Engine bay is near on complete and ready for primer.

I managed to find myself a GTti gearbox with 4.9 gears and still waiting on parts to arrive from Compact motorsport.

My good mate has made me a joint washer bottle and catch can to save room in the engine bay.

Hopefully see some more progress in the next coming months!


Hey Dai fam! Been a while.

I have some great news! The charade is finally in paint and looking fresh.
I should have the car back within the next month.

I also received my package from Compact Motorsport so i can begin my gearbox build combined with the GTti factory diff, Phantom grip and 4.6 ratio.
I also have the equal length shafts with uni joint to rebuild.


thats looking great! and gearbox essential’s to boot. Definitely a great build.


Now that the shell is painted and will be on its way home soon, ive decided to pull apart the pedal box. The pedal arms will be sand blasted and then painted and the frame will be zinc coated gold like the rest of the hardware.

After finding a factory short bumper at my local Daihatsu wreckers i started installing my lip. Drilled holes to line up. I only had 2 factory brackets that hold the lip in place so took some measurements then started cutting and bending. Actually had alot of fun making these brackets. Planning on having these zinc coated aswell.


Slow going but the bodykit is coming along nicely. The dream is starting to become a reality! More updates to come soon!


Another batch of brackets and hardware through for zinc coating. Hopefully the last of it now!

Pedal box is back together and looking like new

Getting very close to the car being back at home. Ive ordered afew different grommet kits to replace on the shell. Will need some additional for added electrics.


One thing I’ve really enjoyed with this build is re birthing old parts.

Here’s a old OEM starter motor. I have used the better parts from both to make one. Gave the housings a sand blast and the main casing a lick of black. Should be good for another 10 years


Automotive sustainability, love it


Looks great after a cut and buff.
Im really admiring the spoiler!


Damn thats looking fantastic


And the real fun begins!

First task on the list is to install the suspension, brakes and have it rolling on all 4s.

All the painted arms and yellow speed coilovers are in!

Next i will install the new door handles, locks and seals to the doors.
I have ordered 3 different grommet kits to replace the 20 year old rubber grommets on the shell.


Whats in the box?

Its a box Ofcourse! A box with gears!

Sent off to Neat Gearboxes in South Australia for a build up!

And some other updates. Nothing major has happened this past week.


Trying to make everything in the car neat. Including the wiring. I managed to get a factory CXT harness im perfect condition which will cater for the starwars dash. The original harness has been chopped and spliced. I will keep it for spares. Using cloth tape over the factory covering just to give it a fresh look. I did run out so will need go to Jaycar in the morning to finish it off. Planning on getting the harness in the car and secured as much as possible until the running gear is fitted.

My order of car builders sound deadener and insulation also came. So i will be getting into a sticky situation with that.
Im Planning on using strips of the deadener in spots to reduce the tingyness of the metal on the side panels, doors and the roof then insulate the roof. Possibly the side panels if i have any left.


The roof is insulated! Worked out well, i still have one full sheet left which i might utilise on the side panels. Try and keep the car as cool as possible for the warmer seasons and it weighs nothing!


Had a good productive few hours working on the charade today. I got the wiring harness in and secured. I wish i took more photos when pulling it apart to see where it was all secured from factory. Most of the clips broke when i removed it so got some p-clips and riv nut inserts along the fire wall. Still need to touch up the harness along the drivers side.

Also got the wiper arms in. Im still needing to pull down the wiper motor to sandblast the ali and paint the housing. Cant have it looking old!


So it turns out that new wiring harness i had was missing the main plug for the rear body harness so pulled it back out and installed my old harness. Unfortunately now that means i will need to add in an extra wire for the tacho and turbo light on the dash and also clean up afew spots that are a little tacky.

Back to where we left off! The sound deadener was complete and added in the acoustic liner. I test fitted my new carpet and cut out sections for the gear stick, park brake and mounting holes. I do recommend these carpets. I was a little sceptical at first but its really made to fit!

Cleaned up all the cables and installed them to the car. Everything has been installed with abit of silicone spray to help it slide into place. Some of the rubber and plastic pieces are getting quite hard to find now so taking the proper time and not rushing is best for these builds.

I know i might be going into a little more depth than most but i couldn’t have rusty looking brackets under the dash.