Ef-el swap equivalents for l210?

so the motor in my l210 is bad. cam lobes and rockers are worn down to an unusable point and the valves are toast now too. basically entire top end needs to be replaced and judging by how bad that is i’m going to assume the bottom end isn’t far behind.

i’m having trouble sourcing an ef-el (at least i’m pretty sure that’s the motor in my car, 93 l210) so what i’m wondering is, what motors share the same block and head as the ef-el? to the point where i can just bolt the accessories from my motor to a new one to get this car running again.

i don’t have enough attachment to the car to play around with motor swaps from a newer or faster model, i just want to be able to drop something in and plug and play with no wiring.

i did find an ef-hl, which appears to be a carb version of the el? but i want to pick the brains of the experts here before i pull the trigger. i appreciate any input y’all have to give


there is nothing that is completely plug and play. some of the easiest you would find would be an ed20 from an L601 or and early ejde with loom and ecu.(non immobiliser)
I am not familiar with the l210 though and presume its very similar to the L200.
Ed20 will bolt to the gearbox and all mounts should be the same. you could make a mounting plate and use the L210 throttle body so you have idle adjustment screw and your wiring may be more compatible. You may need to change some plugs over with sensor’s etc also.
Ejde if you have the loom and Ecu it will be minimal wiring. and everything is a bolt on mechanically with a few things to get working such as the throttle cable.

Those I think unless you can find another ef solution would be your best options.
Someone else may have better ideas than me though.


the ef-el and the ef-hl look incredibly similar to me (in terms of block, vc, timing cover etc). they both came in l210, just different years. they share the same compression ratio. just carb vs efi. what i’m hoping is i can take the intake and exhaust manifolds off my efi block and put them onto the carbed block. not sure if i was clear about that. i don’t want to try and swap a different motor in the car and have to hunt down electronics and wiring to match. this was never meant to be a project car haha


yeh I understand what you mean I have no idea the variances between them as I have seen 2 different ef/el manifolds for efi. The L200 and the L500 intakes are different and have never come across a carby ef before so I was merely advising what I do have a little knowledge with. Ultimately the easiest is another ef/el but as you said you have some issues locating one currently. The efi and carb ones may well be the same just like the ed10 and ed20 are respectively. If you go that route I hope they are the same for you.

HI, Where are you located?
We have an engine out of a 1995 L500 Mira that needs to go, I’m in Bacchus Marsh which is about 50km west of Melbourne.
The engine was running fine when it removed.
Contact me here if you are interested.

appreciate the offer but i’m in the united states. i have a line on shipping from japan but not down under haha

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Baccuhus Marsh hey I lived there many moons ago even went to Darley Primary school lol

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LOL, its still here right where you left it. :grinning:

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MIght be more than the car is worth to ship an engine from Australia to the USA.

I bet it is hahaha I lived there in Darley in the early '80s till 85 then My parents went out to Blackwood and I caught the bus to Bacchus marsh high till about 1989. Got in a lot of fights in that area. The one thing I will never forget about Bacchus Marsh was Rodger’s pies from Rodger’s Bakery, Mario’s pizza place, and that fish n chip shop (Scott’s?) that was on the corner of the main street and the street that went out towards Maddingly park.
Last time I went to the Marsh I was in utter shock to see what it progressed to. I couldn’t believe how much it had changed. All the paddock’s us kids used to run amuck in and watch the older kids drive cars in like a makeshift demo derby track (up behind Darley primary) was all houses and where did bald hill go?

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what little i am finding out from some of our Malaysian members is that the same basic long motor was used across a few engine variants, n/a, turbo, carb, efi etc. If the intake and exhaust manifolds are interchangable, I don’t see why you could swap things over??

Much like everywhere else its changed and grown enormously but its still a nice place to live.
The fish and chip shop is Georges, its still there but with different owners.

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hi all, just wanted to provide an update here as i’m moving along a little with this project. i ended up pulling the trigger on that ef-hl (though through fiascos with exporters and importers it ended up costing me more than any carb’d 3cyl ever should, and took way longer than it should have too).

this motor ended up needing a lot of work too but at least the top end was salvageable with a valve job and deep clean.

so far everything from the efi motor has swapped over no problem. one difference i noticed was the front-most two intake manifold studs are about 1-1.5cm longer than the rest which blocks you from putting on a nut on the inner of the two because of the fuel injector, but if i had been smart and slid a nut in there as i was installing the manifold it would have been fine.

i’ll update again when i get it running.


got it fired up yesterday and moving under its own power after a year and a half since i first pulled the old head off. so carb and efi heads are interchangeable :+1:

i have a leak under the timing cover i need to address, figure out the wiring for the 4wd switch, and figure out the proper vac line routing but aside from that it seems like this car is good to go again

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