EF Engine ECU Pinouts

Hi, I’ve been looking all over the place for wiring and pinouts for my little Mira and coming up empty so I’ve had to document it from scratch and thought I’d save it somewhere it might help someone else.


L200 EFEL manuals here somewhere do have pinouts.

1994 L200 EF-EL ECU (Australian Domestic Market)
Black and White Sticker 89560-87232
Denso 112000-2290 12V
2 Plugs (Plug 1-22 Pins – Plug 2-12 Pins)

Plug 1 (22 Pin) #1 Pin Top Left pin from loom plug perspective (clip on top) / back of PCB sockets
1- E1
2- VC
3- PIM
4- THW
5- N+
6- IDL
7- SPD
8- Blank
9- Blank
10- Blank
11- +B1
12- E2
13- OX
14- THA
15- T
16- N-
17- PSW
18- AC
19- A/T
20- Blank
21- Blank
22- +B2
Plug 2 (12 Pin) #1 Pin Top Left pin from loom plug perspective (clip on top) / back of PCB sockets
1- VSV1
2- ISC
3- FC
4- #10
5- E02
6- IG
7- BAT
8- VF
9- W
10- AMP
11- E01
12- E03

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1991 L200 EF-JL ECU (Japanese Domestic Market)
Red and Silver Sticker 89560-87213
Denso 112000-1370 12V
2 Plugs (Plug 1-26 Pins – Plug 2-16 Pins)

Plug 1 (26 Pin) #1 Pin Top Left pin from loom plug perspective (clip on top) / back of PCB sockets
1- E1
2- +B1
3- DSW3
4- DSW2
5- DSW1
6- AMP
7- W
8- T/C
9- ISC
10- FC
11- INJ
12- E01
13- IG
14- E2
15- +B2
16- BAT
17- AC
18- A
19- VF
20- Blank
21- Blank
22- VSV2
23- VSV1
24- Blank
25- E02
26- E03
Plug 2 (16 Pin) #1 Pin Top Left pin from loom plug perspective (clip on top) / back of PCB sockets
1- VC
2- SET
3- THW
4- KNK
5- N+
6- T
7- IDL
8- SPD
9- PIM
10- Blank
11- THA
12- OX
13- N-
14- Blank
15- P
16- IOP

All the L200 manuals I’ve found here are either L201, L500 or just no help at all. I’ve spent the last couple days figuring out things that proper pinouts would’ve made a lot simpler so I will record and present them for the next poor bugger blowing 15A Engine fuses like popcorn.


They are there somewhere, I am sure I found them once. But good work on your part. Having a title to help someone search will help.

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yeh I have found them in there also. So they are there somewhere Great work in doing this though. As you would have seen when you open the ecu they are printed on the ecu motherboard also.

Yep thats exactly where they are, I just straight copied them off the board so I don’t have to open up the ECU every time I’m checking a wire.

Helpful when using the body loom to connect to a different ecu (often when putting in an ej-de)


or when putting ef/el ecu into a move.

Gonna do the L200 engine to body loom as well as what you have to change to make S1 engine loom work on S2 body loom without cooking fuses. Just gonna test it a bit first as I only just got it running and it hasn’t even made it off the jack stands yet. :smiley:

dude put the L200 engine loom and ecu in then it should just be only a few wires to have it running. It sounds like your trying to overcomplicate it. May I ask why you want to put the series one ecu in? Is it a turbo ecu or something? Your ECU really just needs to get power switchable power and earth.

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It is only a few wires but no one else has bothered to document which ones and no one has bothered to document the changes in wiring between Series 1 and Series 2 plugs which I’ve just spent the last few days figuring out. It’s up and running now after several blown fuses so while I’m still testing it and the info is fresh I might as well put it here so some poor bugger in the future doesn’t have to sit there for hours with a multimeter.

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That would be awesome for other’s trying to do the same. I never bothered as I haven’t done series 2 to ef/jl ecu which is pretty much the same a an series 1 ecu ef/el.
I usually have good intentions of documenting but while in the thick of it I know what I am doing or what I have done.
Shortly after I have no idea when it come’s to documenting. I make notes while I’m doing stuff so i dont lose where Im at but when I look back it looks like someone has written in another language haha.

what was the reason for going series 1 ecu over series 2?

I bought an entire drop in 1991 EF-JL from Japan but it had a Series 1 engine loom and ECU and my Mira is a facelift model from 1994 so some adaption is necessary.

99% would be the same maybe just a sensor or 2 need’s to be swapped out. Is it a turbo engine?
You got it easy I have an efdet to put in at some stage lol

Yeah nah mostly the same but Daihatsu changed polarity on a wire or two causing fuses to blow and completely relocated the alternator loom.

doing this is a good idea but would be better for non technical people if there was maybe an explanation of what things are?

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If you know what things are go ahead, I have no idea what half of it is :smiley: I’m simply using it to make sure things are matching up between my old wiring and ECU and new loom and ECU and seeing which functions are for seperate turbo sensors.

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