EJDE L200 conversion questions

Hey guys looking for some reassurance for my project.

A bit of back story; I recently got my hands on a 2002 Sirion auto 4spd with a EJDE. It ended up being rolled but still has a strong engine. I am now driving an 1992 L200 Mira mx 5door manual.

I am waning to do the EJDE conversion I’m in the fortunate position to be sounded by talented mechanics and car wizards that are keen to help me as do the research work.

I have started to research but am hoping to chat to someone experienced on here I’m aware this has been asked probably a million times sorry.


My Sirion is auto. The dream is to slap a new clutch in the 5spd and the EJDE just bolt up. Is it going to be this simple?

We have a worry about the ABS system in the Sirion. Dose anyone know if the Sirion’s ECU is going to play nicely in the non abs Mira?

Is there any parts that I’m going to have to source? Or will the conversion be possible from just scavenging my Siron?

Is there a go to store to buy my L200 parts? Clutch, engine mounts, gaskets, ect?

Thanks for any help guys.

Please make your way to the all-new section. I have provided the link and please click the “new topic” button on your top right and do a small intro thread. This will help open the forum up much more to you and generally get more help from other members.

You should be able to find most of your answer’s to your queries within the forum.

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Hi, I have installed an EJDE from a 2005 Charade into a 1995 L500 Mira. Biggest hassle was the immobilizer on the Charade ECU. If your Sirion has an immobilizer you will need to keep the immobilizer and its wiring plus the key and “antenna” from the ignition lock.
The EJDE bolted up to the L500 gearbox, the flywheel bolted to the crank and the clutch was the same but i don’t know if the L200 is the same. Engine mountings are in different locations but the bolt holes on the EJDE are already there. Exhaust will also need to be modified, the L200 exhaust will be too small and the angle where it meets the cat is different.
You will also need an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator as the fuel systems are different.

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Thanks for the reply
Did you have to deal with ABS at all?

No but we ended up fitting a Haltech ECU because we couldn’t sort out the immobiliser mostly because at the time I didn’t know that I needed to keep the key etc from the donor car, with the stock ECU it would start but the immobiliser would stop it after about 5 secs.
Aftermarket ECU was expensive but the result was worth it, on the dyno after a tune it has 57hp at the wheels which is more than the stock spec at the flywheel. The increase in performance over the stock 660cc engine is very significant, going up the big hill to my place the old engine struggled in 3rd gear, new engine cruises up effortlessly in 4th.

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Thanks for the advice, my end goal is a haltech and a tiny bit of boost. wanting to give just the straight swap over a crack first. I was anticipating the immobilizer issue its only the ABS that’s got my stumped. Thanks again ill keep digging

Std ej-de can take quite a bit of boost. Boost alone though is a poor indicator of what is going on, MAP is far more important. We’ve had a EJ-DE here on the forum many years ago with a td05 and 30+psi on e85. Gearbox and driveshafts are the weakest link in an L200 but an M100 ejde box and custom driveshafts halted the breakages.

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