Evilhighway's Move (daily)

Okay I thought I would start a build thread with my current daily an L601 move with the stock ed20 850cc of mind blowing automatic power.

This was it pretty much after I got it registered. Its funny I bough it from the goldcaost drove it back to ns and a few month’s later I moved to qld and got it registered.

So far it is lowered on some felix (maylasian) springs and I have put a set of wheels on it that I bought for a good price back in NSW.


so for a few weeks now i have had an exhaust leak so today i got about starting to fix it. here is the leak

and Im sure to fix it I have to make a whole new (mostly 2 inch) exhaust system right that should plug that leak…
he is today’s progression. I didnt finish but got a bit done. enjoy

So thats about where i got to today hopefully i can finish it tomorrow and I will do a rev video when its done. :wink: but be warned the move has a low limiter.


Have u thought about doing a franken swap ,ef head on ed block .u have injectors and ecu already .
Go for it :+1:

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Good work mate. Can’t wait for the video :grinning::+1:

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@Col_Adams I have everything i need for franken swap it may be something i look at in future but my mira has a franken engine already and turbo ed20 auto is what in looking at doing.


got a little more done on the exhaust today. I got the bit at the front sorted where it bolts onto the manifold. Got some hangers done and re-done and re-done. Because im doing it as 1 complete system and no joiners I have to keep putting it in and then back out each time to get stuff done to fit right I ran out of puff. lol I also realised I put tacked the wrong last piece of the exhaust on after I took the pic. hahaha off it comes tomorrow and new bit on then only 1 more hanger after that and it should be done.
Should Be !


Can’t wait for the vid :grinning::+1:

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Nice man, I do love a Move, such a cool little compact thing, always reminds me of like a mini Nissan Cube.

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Exhaust system work sucks on ya back in particular .have u got stands? They would help .

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yeh the rear of the car is on stands and using other’s to hold it higher while hooking it all up. I did nothing yesterday as Iran out of time doing other stuff andbody needed a break too.

I got the exhaust finished today and here is the video with it revving and hitting the low limiter it has.

Im not really happy with how it sits as it sits a bit low but I will see how it goes. If it doesn’t scrape on speed humps then I will probably leave it. I have a piece that i would need to cut out and replace it with another 2 bends. I do like how it sounds in the car though. :wink: :smile: :tada: :thumbsup:


I thought I would upload this also. This was from a few weeks ago when levi took this vid of me driving past after a harry’s dinner meet.


Oh my. That sounds so good mate. Well done. Sounds like it revs pretty good even of the limiter is low. Love it :grinning::+1:

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That is well you did that and I think ya did fine :clap:

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Thanks Col

In car after the exhaust done I was changing manually and forgot I was so its only 1st and second lol. Never hit limiter in 2nd though :slight_smile: Thankyou @Evilroad for doing footage

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A week has gone past and the house here and cars managed to dodge a flood.
The exhaust is still going ok I found small 1 leak which I will get to soon.

One of my gripes with the move has been how bouncy it is since I put the Malaysian felix (japan tech 8800) spring in the move. It give a great ride height and look but it just bounces all over the place. Even with upgrading the rear shocks to hyundai x2 shocks it was still too bouncy and terrible. Not qiute as bad but still bad.

Today I decided I have to give up my ride height and put the brand new king springs in that I have in my mira.

I will add details into its own thread as I documented what I found with comparison’s on stock, malaysian felix springs and low king springs for L200.

I took the car for a drive after just doing the rears and there was a noticeable improvement in ride buonce factor.
I then put in the front springs also and wow so much smoother than what it was.
For my age I think I made the right decision in going with the kings.
The only draw back is now I need anther set for my mira :frowning:
here it is with more high and less low :slight_smile:


So after a drive the move is now on for D day today (D is for diagnosis) Coming home last night I lost heaps of power and had been running rough for a few days now. So I better find out whats going on. Im hopefull it may be a lead or plug or something but it does need an overhaul also. So I may just do it all.


I found out what the issue was pretty quick. While i was at it i did a compression test on all cylinder’s and all came back with around 145-150ish psi So I was happy with that. Still not happy about all the oil leaks but I now have almost all the gaskets I need to stop all the drip’s.
So the big issue was a deteriorated spark plug in No. 3 I have no Idea how old these were but knew they wern’t in the best condition.

While i was at it I fixed a leak in the exhaust I made and put a cheap head deck in the car so now I can actually use usb’s etc. I did have tapes but I really do see why usb, sd and aux is so much easier for cars now.
Took the Move to my sons and back today ( 2hrs each way) with my wife and 2 teens in the back and well with the fixed spark plug the low king springs and music I like. It travelled along well and was a pleasure to drive and got the usual Thumbs up form a couple of other car driver’s.

Things are moving nicely :joy:


Today i started pulling the engine down to change the timing belt, seals and change the head gasket to a multi layer steel gasket from a sirion.
Got everything going quite well until the crank cog wouldn’t come off.
I gave up for a while and took the head off and you could see where it had let go and was leaking oil out the side all over the block. It seems that was the main oil leak I have had.
I cleaned up the head from gasket residue and the block also and gave the pistons a good clean on the tops which were not as bad as i thought. There is a bit of slack in the pistons so I wonder if I will need rings in the future. (not this time). The bores looked pretty good, no scoring and can still see the hone marks and just a tiny lip where the rings stop which is to be expected for a 20 year old engine.

After all that I got back to trying to get the cog off and still no go. It seemed to start moving when I had to call it quits for the day. I sprayed it with wd40 type stuff wrapped it in gald wrap same with the block deck and head and packed up. I will get back out there tomorrow but think I may make a tool to get the cog off. I have an idea on how I can.
Well will see how I go.