G100 hillclimb car

This is my G100, it has a HC-E swapped into it. It’s stripped out and running yellow speed adjustable coilovers, kumho ecsta XS tires and applause rear disk brakes.


think you forget pics daddio :slight_smile:

Yep and I also forgot to put this in a subcategory. Oops.

well I moved it to the sub category for you but i don’t have pics for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Ty ty got a pic up now.

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glad you didthat looks so good from when you first got it. :wink:

Just a to-do list.
Remove brake booster and fabricate bracket.

Finish building HD-E. Just have to measure the clearance between the valves being fully shut, and full open touching piston at TDC. Then I can order my camshaft.

Have to order a front tower brace before something breaks.

Actually finish the exhaust so it exists out the back as opposed to exiting under the car.


Awesome car. Can I suggest that you get front quarter bracing as well, it makes a vast improvement in stiffening up the front end, a factory GTti strut brace fits around the H series if you are using the HC Chararde or HD Appause intake manifold.

Not sure why, but it appears I’m not allowed to have additional bracing in my class apart from tower braces or roll cages. Not that you would actually see quarter bracing easily.

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Cool car.

I did some backyard piston valve relief cutting when I ran out of clearance after skimming the head, block and running a regrind camshaft on my HD build.

Using clay seemed to be the best method to check piston to valve check clearance, and you really don’t want less than 2mm at the closest point.


Hi mate car looks cool :wink:

Where are you running it? What class?

So far I’ve only been running at Grafton mountain view for the last few years. I have been running in club 3J improved production.


“Only”! There are a lot of people out there playing with cars and who think they know a thing or to, but a hillclimb (motorsport in general) sorts the men from the boys. Simply having a crack is a really impressive thing and deserves respect.


So today is valve clearance day. Checking to see if I have to grind valve reliefs in to fit a kinda serious camshaft.


good luck my friend be sure to let us know how you go

Long time no reply. I’ll do in update.
Car now has a side exit exhaust and hurricane 4-2-1 extractors. It’s pretty damn loud.

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I have my engine nearly ready.
Tighe 1185C 270 duration .385" lift camshaft has been fitted.
HC-E pistons in.
Rocker cover painter.


Just thought I’ll mention something that no one else told me. When fitting higher lift camshafts, the lobes come in contact with the spark plug tubes. I gave mine a slight tap with a hammer to dent them where they contact.

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