G102 1.3 SWAP > APPLAUSE 1.6

Hey all,

So my G102 overheated and looks like the block has cracked underneath the exhaust manifold. SO left with a choice - source a low km 1.3 to swap or grab an applause to donate its 1.6 to my charade.
I think i am leaning towards the latter.
Would be great help if anyone could point me to a thread that is not archived running through the swap.
Looking for info around what parts from each car I keep - i.e. Applause injectors, charade dizy etc…

Thanks in advance

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I have a small thread about my charade but i don’t know how much useful info is in there thread here
Not sure what the differences between a g100 and a g200 are but this is what I’ve got on my g200

1.3 gearbox, axles, fuel rail, wiring loom and ecu, some accesoires like the alternator and starter motor
changed over the starter motor and alternator for matching plugs
the 1.3 fuel rail was kept so i didn’t have to modify the fuel line but you’ll need 1.6 injectors
also used 1.6 throttle cable

I think i mentioned the most important things, things i didn’t mention are just 1.6 parts


If you can get a HD-E do it for sure, it’ a straight swap and transforms the car. The only difference is the block being 10mm taller. Like Rennie mentioned there may be a few things you need to swap between the motors but they’re all minor things and are easy to do.

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I hear you man. Believe me I am sooo keen but there are a few tings holding me back. $ being one. I have a low km import lined up - has done just over 80K on it for $660… Closest I can get to the with the HD is $1000 buck and have to remove myself. Its a shame, as I would love to do that and learn more, flog the applause brakes etc but need to get her back on the road and not sure I have the time to pull it off either. Everything has been compounded by the fact my " family" car is a god damn lemon and keeps stealing my $$ so time for that to go and get something more reliable and better at towing for the fam mobile… Going to keep my eye out and options open, but for the cash, quick turn around and my novice status - feel the 1.3 beckoning me to get the beast back on the road… choices hey

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If you can’t wait the 1.3 would be easy. I picked up a HD for $50 awhile back and a complete applause for $250, so they are out there but time might be against you.

far out! impressive man. yeah bit the bullet today should have the 1.3 early next week. plan to make it shmick as i can and keep my eye out for a HD to build for the future

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