Getting my V6 L60 back on the road

OK , been while since I’ve been on here. Personal issues got priority on everything.

Well, I’m getting back into my V6 L60 Diahatsu after having it sit for six months after driving the arse out of it and breaking stuff :slight_smile:

With the engine and drive train the only issues I have there are a stuffed clutch, bad first/second syncro’s and a chewed out axle bearing.

Body wise I’ve beaten it up a little after a little encounter with some catch wires on the freeway after coming down an on ramp a little too hard and broke traction in third :frowning: Could have picked a better day with a slight drizzle around and spun 180’ into the fence, took five posts out and got spat back around 180 again. All my screwup. Took the front guard off, popped the front strut bearing out of the top mount and destoyed the passenger side sheet metal.
Got it back on the road after a guard/ door swap and a little beating on the guard, repair to the front end and drove it for the next six months.

Other than that a few issues with light electrics but no other real issues apart from using rear tyres up quickly :slight_smile:

So moved of the Gold Coast up Maryborough way, glad to get away from the rat race. The little thing drives well fro a straight 4 hour trip too. Fun when a ‘quick’ BMW or Audi goes past and your up the bum in seconds. Sort of takes their wind out, and I quite enjoy it. Looking forward to it when I get it back on the road.

So will update pics when I get to it.

And if you need an L60 bit, I could have it.

Cheers, Geoff.


Old video of it first going :smiley: