Going from auto to manual

in short: i am planning to buy a g200 charade, which is an auto.
i have an applause of which i want to swap the engine and box into the charade.
Can i simply swap over the applause brake and clutch pedal into the charade?
Or is there more to it?

not sure if the pedal box will fit or if you need to get a charade one. I changed a move from auto to manual and I could not use an l200 pedal box but the L500 and manual move ones fit. It may be a similar thing with the charade and applause but won’t really know unless someone else has done it here or you find out for yourself :slight_smile:

I’ve done it with a manual charade and it’s fairly straight forward. The charade pedal box fitted no worries you just have to drill out the mounting holes in the firewall, they’re stamped just not drilled. Have a look at my thread 1993 G201 Detomaso there’s a pic of the firewall and the pedal box. You need the manual throttle body, speedo cable, front crossmember, wire the neutral lockout, remove the grounded ecu wire that lets it know it’s an auto and a few other small things i’ve probably forgotten.

So, this is going to be a fairly late reaction :grin:
Thanks for the link of your manual swap.
It sort of gives me an idea how to do it.
I will start looking for a manual box, to replace the auto brakepedal with and add the clutch pedal.
The plan was to swap the applause engine with ecu, wire loom and all.
So just rip out the biggest part of the charade loom, working around the automatic gearbox.
The end of march i am 2 weeks off, so i just want to work on the car every day.
It is going to be a bit of a challenge, but if you don’t try, you never learn.


As long as you’ll keep us updated I’ll be a happy man

Don’t worry about swapping the loom just run the charade one and it will just work. There’s not that much wiring to undo to be honest.

and how do i fool the ecu about not being an automatic anymore, if i use the charade one?

There will be a wire that needs to be grounded.

There’s a terminal on the ecu that is grounded, just need to chop it off. Here’s the pinout for the ECU, terminal 6 needs to be removed and the neutral park switch bridged.

ok wait, let me try to wrap my non mechanicly skilled brain around this.
Because this is propably a lot easier than im making it in my head :slight_smile:
there is a “terminal” on the ecu that is grounded: do you mean grounded as in a cable connected to the chassis, thus making ground?
That needs to be chopped of and terminal 6 removed?
Taking terminal 6 out of either the connector side or the ecu side?
the neutral park switch bridged? i dont really understand this sentence.
Sorry if i am asking stupid questions or may sound lame, but this is a really new ballpark for me.
And isnt it easier to switch over the ecu from the applause to the charade? since i am swapping its engine and gearbox.

Kind of on the right track, terminal 6 is the wire that is grounded so you just cut it off at the terminal. The ecu’s are exactly the same so there’s no point in swapping them over. The neutral park switch is the little switch in an automatic that only let’s the car start in Drive or Neutral so you need to trick it into thinking it’s always in drive or Neutral.

are you sure about the ecus being the same, because this guy who helped me a bit, is using the charade ecu on his applause engine and says it is running quite rich.