Going from auto to manual

in short: i am planning to buy a g200 charade, which is an auto.
i have an applause of which i want to swap the engine and box into the charade.
Can i simply swap over the applause brake and clutch pedal into the charade?
Or is there more to it?

not sure if the pedal box will fit or if you need to get a charade one. I changed a move from auto to manual and I could not use an l200 pedal box but the L500 and manual move ones fit. It may be a similar thing with the charade and applause but won’t really know unless someone else has done it here or you find out for yourself :slight_smile:

I’ve done it with a manual charade and it’s fairly straight forward. The charade pedal box fitted no worries you just have to drill out the mounting holes in the firewall, they’re stamped just not drilled. Have a look at my thread 1993 G201 Detomaso there’s a pic of the firewall and the pedal box. You need the manual throttle body, speedo cable, front crossmember, wire the neutral lockout, remove the grounded ecu wire that lets it know it’s an auto and a few other small things i’ve probably forgotten.