Green Copen

hahahaha! that name is the best ever! I did laugh too much


When my crack is creeping I usually use lanolin to sooth the pain. I must see about getting some of this to fix leaks.


Hilarious name. But I don’t think It’s gonna help me. Sadly the place where I see water come in has a big tear.

Honestly all rubbers on this car have seen better days. Perhaps best to order new ones at this point.

I did give them a good clean and protect though. Might help at least somewhat.


I’m in search of a Copen workshop manual or anything JB-DET related. If anyone has a digital copy I’d love to hear from you.

I’m specifically looking for IAT temp sensor values and/or fuel pressure numbers…

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Yep, it’s winter. We’ve had a lot of rain and even some snow. Not a lot of sunny topless days…

But even in this weather it’s a super comfortable car! The small cabin heats up quickly and the seat heating is amazing.


The tires that were on this car were of an unknown brand to me and they were very very dry. It was obvious that new tires were a must from the get go. I went for a set of Nankang NS-2 tires.

I’ve previously ran more budget Nankang tires on my L7 and I really really really enjoyed them. So the choice was easy, and I do not regret it at all. Performance in the wet is actually not bad at all. But in the dry, they are very sticky. No problems whatsoever. Plus they look good :drooling_face:.

I also installed some rubbers I got from Buyee that supposedly make the roof rattle less. And damn, it works. Really well. It’s so silent in the car, it’s spooky. Best 5 euros I spent on this car.


Some time ago I disconnected the recirculation to get some BOV sounds. The stock BOV actually sounds pretty nice. I used a blanking cap so to prevent air being sucked in into the airbox. I’d love to remove the whole re-circulation pipe, but I’m not 100% sure on how to do so yet.

Lastly, a nice pic with @Aaron’s Classic.


My Copen never came with a key fob. I picked up a remote from an YRV at my local scrapyard hoping I would able to sync it.

Turns out it’s super easy. It’s a welcome option as I’m always struggling to open the boot from the inside while carrying too many groceries. It feels so luxurious seeing the boot open while walking towards the car :smile:


Hey mate

Please see this link

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Woops, that’s a first for me. My first check engine light ever lol.

So, out comes the cheap bluetooth scan tool.

Misfire on 3 out of 4 cylinders, woops. I didn’t change my sparkplugs last service because I couldn’t find the Denso sparkplugs I wanted. Not the smartest move.

Now I still couldn’t find the Denso sparkplugs I wanted, the once that are specified in the manual, SVK20RZ8. But the Toyota dealer had these around and those should be the same spec.

They seemed to have 4 electrodes instead of 1, but that’s fine. Obviously the old sparkies were long overdue…

It seems she’s running lean. But I already know why that is. She’s been pulling some air from a crack in the intake duct on top of the engine. More on that later c:

Connector time

Now changing the sparkplugs fixed everything, although it took a while for the car run at it’s best again. I guess the ECU had adjusted a lot, but I don’t know how “smart” these ECUs really are when it comes to that. There’s one more thing to rule out, and that’s a connector for the coil pack that is missing a clip and has been held in with a ziptie.

So I went to the junkyard and stole this clip from an YRV with a K3.

A quick depin with some pliers and it’s ready to be installed.

Now this should stay in place just fine c:

Yep, no clip. Very broken. Not good.


Some goodies from Japan :smiley:

I had been bidding on this set for a bit, but I thought it was only the top pipe. Surprisingly it came with everything after the intercooler, which is a nice bonus. Especially for the money I paid.

The diameter is up to 42mm and the part before the throttle body is supposedly a “throttle chamber”. Supposedly it should improve torque delivery when used with induction. I personally couldn’t find much about that online, so if anyone has some knowledge or experience with these I’d love to hear it!

And after a quick install, everything seemed to fit quite nicely. The only thing I had to do is reverse the BOV as it would block the throttle pulley otherwise. But that BOV is going to be replaced and relocated soon anyways.

But, did it change anything?

The original resin piping is said to expand a lot on boost. I can’t verify that, but once the engine was warmed up I used to have less of a kick. That problem is solved with this. It seems to have more torque in the lower revs too, and the rest of the revs are way more linear where it used to stutter before.

I’ll hook up my reader soon and check if there’s actual differences in numbers as this might all be placebo. But the car just drives great right now!


I had a similar intake setup on my copen when I had it. I saw someone else with this kit on a copen also and really feel that last bend before the intake is flaw in the design for air flow path. I noticed a difference with mine when I put the standard intake piping back on. I felt it lost performance.
I also tried heat shielding mine as much as I could.

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Thanks for the insight. I had the same thought but it really does feel more performant…

Intake temps are very good, better than with the resin piping. But I would love a heat shield between the piping and valve cover, that’s certainly on the list.