Green Copen

Yippeeeee, she’s inside.

Finally, for the first time, took the bumper off. What a pain. And what’s behind it needs work.

An finally removed the last bit of the recirculation. This breather is venting to atmosphere (for now?)

Fly-by bonus video :smile:


Coot boi service

This boi was due for an oil change (again).

Daihatsu, why did you make it so difficult to change the oil filter.
I’m aware Daihatsu uses a special tool and a certain height filter to fit it through the engine mount.

But my old filter did not fit through the engine mount… So the bumper, the airbox and the turbo to intercooler hose had to come off.

It’s certainly not ideal.

As usual, I fitted a magnetic sump plug.

She sure is purring!


If you use the z443 it will just fit through the engine mount. The z 386 does not. I felt this pain once or twice doing the oil filter in a copen.


My mom has been dailying Dave (from now on Pikmin car, after a family obsession with the mobile game) for a while. The idea was to give this machine a service before I gave it to my mom, but life got in the way as it often does.

But not knowing if the timing belt was ever replaced and the car hitting 130k, I got a bit stressed. After reclaiming the garage space this was one of the first things on my mind.

But, honestly, it wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t the first belt as this was a Mitsubishi branded one. So it was replaced before 100k at least once.

But a new belt does look nice, shame it’s hidden by the cover :smile:. While we were there we also replaced the waterpump, sparkplugs, oil, oil filter. The usual.

The brake discs were still factory original so they got some shiny replacements.

It’s almost inspection time for the Pikmin car. I need to change the exhaust pipe behind the backbox as it’s rusted completely through. It’s in two pieces. Other than that I think it’s fine. One CV boot is iffy, so I’ll replace that as well. Other than that, solid car.


Mitsuboshi not Mitsubishi :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: