Greetings From Holland

Hi everyone,
My name is Rohan and I’ve been eyeing on this forum for a while now but just now decided to make an account. Like most people here I like Daihatsu’s. More specifically I am obsessed with the Drift Daihatsu’s of Japan. (Fr converted Copens and all that) Hopefully building my own Daihatsu Drifter soon. Are there any Drift builds around here?


Welcome! I don’t think there are any drift builds on here currently. But, I’m sure we’d all love to see one!

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Welcome While I dont think there are any drift builds in here I know of 2 rwd converted Dai’s in Australia. One is an L7 and one is an L80. About the most drifting people would do here would be a handbrake on with Mac Donalds Trays under the back wheels hahaha!


Hi Rohan

Welcome to the forum.

I think the only RWD cars we have documented on here are

Rotary powered Hijet

V6 Mira

I’ve still got mine, been having fun over the last year driving it on the road.
Need to give it some attention tho as it likes to destroy the rear link arm bushes.
And fix a bit of damage from taking out the safety rope on the freeway after doing a 360’ entering on a wet day

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This the L7 one I was talking about down sydney NSW way . This one is still a 660cc. (the one in the pic)
The L80 I was speaking about lives closer to @Mr_Gormsby’s territory in QLD. Can’t remember the exact place but I got an ejde manifold off him and he showed me the build as far as he had got by that time. He has finished it now and is driving no probs from memory. It is an ed 850cc engine with a haltech ecu I thing I recall. He is in the facebook group.

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Yeah I’ve seen that L7, that is about the main inspiration for my future build. Really love it and the fact that it drifts like that. Anywhere I can find pictures of that L80 aswell?


Not really, he hasn’t really posted much. It just looks like a normal L80 from the outside. Here is what I found on the FB group.


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Hi Rohan, and welcome :v:

As far as drift builds go that are cheap ifs ya not already got a copen?

. My 2 are L250’s that are full on FF proper Jpn style. As in super budget :+1:

Which is basically gutted, the rust holes that develop on inner rear wheel well cleaned up and grommetted, or if yours isnt rusty enough.
Drill hole, attach grommet, feed in fuel pipe.
Attach fuel pipe to either side and then attach to a fish tank pump or fuel filter pump insert into 2 x 25 litre jerry cans, wire up to a battery, attach a simple on off switch to pump water out over rear wheels or super budget.( sorry for rubbish description, my bro did it for me)
Same thing without pump, attach jerry can to roof and let gravity feed water to rear wheels (what i originally did) :+1: :+1: :+1:
next bit,
Remove rear wheels and replace with 2 skinny get ya home spare wheels with zero tread, but best way is same again but measure spare wheel diameter purchase some pvc (poly) sewer/waste water piping to same dimeter as the outside of spare tyre, let air out of spare tyre, grab a friend with big feet and a mallet. Pound poly piping over the outside of tyre with help of friends big feet!
Once in place pump tyre back up until poly will not move and creases have smoothed out in tyre.
Slap wheels back on vehicle (all on private property on course) turn on water and off you go and practice and have fun :+1: :+1: :+1:
If you have ever tried rwd drift then do the opposite! Super gently on the steering and even more gentle on the brake, but mash the throttle fore all its worth!! You have to go faster than you think you should and be as gentle as ya granma on brake and steering.
If still a bit eh?|! Then if have heard of a chap called Alexi on theutube then im sure hes still got some vids up on ff drift Noriyaro thats it, also conorsev or proper jdm i think effect bgn still has videos up? and of course urc86 dude is awesome.
Ps. Apologies for poor explenation and spelling, not often i use a keyboard or pen, but yeah welcome.

Thanks for all this info about the FF drifting. I’ve seen Noriyaro’s video and it looks like much fun. My plan is to do a RWD conversion, Either AWD to RWD or FWD to RWD using terios parts. FF drifting a Daihatsu is cool but a RWD drifting Daihatsu is just next level to me. Pretty much like the Provile guys in Japan as in this video.

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Oh Justyn Flanders on the FB group also had a rwd terios.

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Cant help you woth what ypu looking for tough
But welcome from a fellow dutch guy!