Hello from croatia

good dai people :smile:
im from croatia, work as a cnc programmer/operator for the last 10years or so, a lot of garage projects involving old metal :smile:
a few months ago I got a L700 for 150euro from a guy at work, it was cheap because it is crap, but at least it was saved from the scrapyard, some rot on the floors, and the beams that suport rear springs (chassis???) are rotted through, nothing that cant be welded up, parts are hard to come by localy, daihatsus are not so rare here but almost all are g100 charade, terios and ferozas, cuores are non existant…

a few days ago i went to see a sirion m100 1.3 4wd, what a fun car, it was cheap but had rust, and all around busted up, ofcourse i wanted it but wife said i could move out if i got another project vehicle…

i like this community, very helpful, am also member on facebook


Welcome DRU. What sort of things do you plan to do with your L700. As a CNC machinist your options for bespoke parts are well beyond most of us. Post up some pics, maybe even begin your own build thread to document what you are doing. And certainly look through the build threads here that are in the realm of what you are thinking are possibilities.

If you are redoing spring seats look at changing the diameter of the seats and give them a flat platform so you can use a coil over type spring with adjuster. That way you can play with spring rates and lengths at a fraction of the cost of custom made replacement springs (they really benefit from a much higher rate to dial out understeer).

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thank you for the welcome!

will make a project thread soon

that is a good idea on the spring seats, it would not be much trouble to make an adjustable aluminum spring seat, and use an existing rear spring from some other car, I am gratefull for such an awesome idea!! just need to find a suitable stiffer spring…

plans are to remove all the rust, weld it up, new bitumen undercoat, new cv joints, bushings, remove the engine and freshen it up, i am quite fond of the 3 cylinder btw, have some copen brake calipers in the mail, copen discs, braided lines, sport springs, new dampers, lightened flywheel… and a friend will paint it for the price of paint

also playing with the idea of using triumph triple 1050 throthle bodies with a machined injector manifold, quite cheap on ebay and comes with tps, and looks modular as the injectors are not on the butterfly valves but a separate unit, i have not done this before as i modified motorcycles usualy never cars, sorry if that does not make sense, english is not my first language

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I’ve used this place for springs


They will do four different diameters and you order the rate you want and the free length you want. For example here is the 2.25" section. https://dfaulknersprings.com/product-category/standard-springs/2-25-inch-id-standard-springs/

These are pretty much coil over springs with the ends wound and ground flat. Here is a pic of MCA Gold custom struts (the on with the thin red helper spring below the main yellow spring) of the same style of spring but in a front strut.

The Copen brakes are a great upgrade. A good match is a rear MX5 caliper with integrated cable handbrake. They physically look identical to a Daihatsu Applause caliper but the Mazda casting takes a 2mm diameter larger piston. In my L200 build thread is some info on who I did the hub, backing plate and hand brake connection.

I have a set of Triumph triple bodies like these


The bores are to big and the centres do not line up with the intakes. I thought I might choke them down and use some smaller throttle butterflies. But then I scored an unknow four body injection manifold from a bike with (if my memory is correct) 34 or 36mm butterlies which I think will work better. Plus the bodies are individual and very easy to loose one of the four. You only need the throttle bodies and should not need to make an injector runner as the injectors are seated in the head.

If you can get an EF-EL flywheel I got mine lightened down to 2.5kg. Clutch is small diameter than yours but I had a friend (who makes race clutches for things like DFV Cosworths and the like) help figure out how to modify the pivot diameter of the diaphragm spring so it is good for 300hp. The setup does not increase torque of course but is good for a few hp at the wheels as it accelerates much better.

If any of the rust is near your tires and you are wanting to fit bigger wheels take advantage of opening up the wheel wells.

Damn your English is good! It’s better than a lot of my senior students who have English as a first language (I teach basic fitting and turning and welding fab in a State High School).


Hello and welcome to the forum. I look forward to seeing your car develop from rust to riches.


thanks for the warm welcome Dale!

i have made a project thread so hope to continue the discussion there mr.gormsby

the throttle body i have looked at is the same as you posted, i was thinking those 45mm bores were too much, i will look at some 600cc or smaller sportbike ITBs, i think i have in my bike parts pile a set of inline carbys from an gsx750ef with 34mm bores but i dont know if it is even possible to fit bike carbs on ej-de engines


Hi and welcome to the forum great intro also. :slight_smile:

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thank you! so much good info to go trough on this forum :+1:

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