Hello from the United States, in the process of importing a 1992 Daihatsu Mira TR-XX

Like the title says, I am in the process of getting one of these into the US since it is >25 yrs old.

Have a few questions and cannot seem to find much outside of KKITP, acquiring parts is going to be…interesting. However, there is hope as I have a contact in Japan I think.

Is this chassis the L200 or L200S? And is the 94 model the L500? Are there any decent manuals online anywhere? The aforementioned parts guy can get me stuff I think, but requires a VIN and parts numbers, which I’m hoping will be in a Factory Service manual?

So, friend of mine has a 94 Mira TR-XX Avanzato R with a mechanical front diff over here, and after driving it for a day, I wanted one. Found a 1992 Mira TR-XX, which from what I’m reading, is a 3cyl turbo 12v as opposed to the 94 4cyl turbo 16V, correct? How much of a difference will that make if any? I see there is a slight torque boost. Are there any other differences between the 92 TR-XX and the 94 TR-XX Avanzato R?

Going to look into basic maint parts first, front/rear brakes, plugs/wires, tires, suspension bushings, air filter etc,. and an oil change and oil sample sent to Blackstone for analysis.

Post that, and assuming it has a decent bill of health, it’s then off to locating 4x110 13" wheels and tires for it and some alignment, maybe springs if I can find any. Then it’s to the radio, which seems to have been entirely removed, is this a Double DIN setup? Are there any radio wiring diagrams? I did not find any on The12volt.com.

Regarding power, is there any way to easily increase boost on these turbo motors, I think they’re EF-xx motors? Can I use something like a manual boost controller or will I need a full SAFC before that point? Is it even worth it/can more power be extracted? I know they’re tiny cars, but even a few PSI on something that light would be nice. I see that there are a few people using Starlet intercoolers, are there any easily modifiable top mounts I might be able to use/convert for increase flow/cooling?

Thanks in advance for any info or advice, excited to drive this thing.

Car in question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tarbO_duFL0


Thats a really cool trxx and welcome to the forum.

We did not get many in Australia at all we got mainly the poverty pack mira’s in both L200 and L500. You have an efjl in your L2 which is essentially very similar to the efel N/a which is one of the main power plants we got here. The car you are getting is pretty rare here and even rarer in the US. I don’t know why you would want to put 13’s on it when those factory 12’s look really good on it. If you do don’t get rid of them just store them.
It looks like the L5 has a jbjl engine in it which was the precursor to the jbdet which is found in the copen.
There is a L2 trxx here in Australia that has a jbdet in it from a copen and was done about 10 years ago by the awesome guy that keeps our forum up and going with his tech Knowledge (@FrAsErTaG ).

My best advice is to dig around the forum try to find as much info as you can. Read some build thread’s as you will find a lot can be done with these cars. There usually isn’t many off-the-shelf parts and having a parts guy in Japan is a great start.

After getting the car my best advice would be to service it (don’t get to much of a shock at the price of spark plugs if possible) and enjoy it for what it is first and the quirkiness that is a turbo mira before ripping a rare car apart.
After you spend a short time reading on the forum other parts will open up for you also like all the links and manuals that we have that have been added by our members.
Check out our wiki for some info as well but definitely check out some build threads.
Welcome to the forum.


There won’t be a lot of difference between a stock efjl and the jbjl, as to be eligible to be classified as a Kei car, they are power limited to 47kw/63 hp. The later 94 Mira Tr-XX will have slightly more torque (100nm/74lbft vs 92nm/68lbft). I think the biggest difference would come if you start tying to modify them as I think the newer engine would respond better to those mods.

A video review of my old JB-DET powered L200 Trxx can be found here


Thank you for this video! Very similar looking, seems like a blast, makes me even more excited, same model and everything!!! The red RX-3s really pop, and dear LORD, squeezed in there is an understatement.

Thanks for the input evilhighway! As far as tearing it apart, I am definitely one of the car people who enjoys more of the stock-looking '90s cars, so whatever I do will be done as tastefully as possible in the aesthetic and style of the period if I can accomplish that :slight_smile: I usually prefer modifications to be subtle or understated.

Goals are to clean it up, detail it, perform all maintenance, get the stickers reproduced and applied, and then work on wheels and tires next.


Also, kind of an odd thing, but I have seen some super funky and cool color patterns on some Mira floormats, if anyone has any OEM Mira floormats that would fit (this has none) this and would be willing to post it to the US shoot me a PM!

Awesome to hear about your mod styling :).
Most of that sort of stuff you will find on yahoo japan or maybe some replica stuff from Malaysia. All the funky cool stuff goes for ridiculous prices. eg a member on the FB group posted some mira speaker’s (30+yrs old) and on auction, the price was up at around $570 USD.

Oof, yeah some of the OEM pricing is insane from what I’ve seen, those speakers are ridiculous! I do however love the green glow!

Regarding low-key mods, there is a blank gauge plate on the Mira that I’m assuming was holding a clock on the higher trim levels, am currently 3D printing a prototype replacement for it that will hold a boost gauge, have mocked up Version 2 already and will be printing V2 in a few days, round off the edges, rotate the 52mm housing roughly 45 degrees and will have to print a raft the next print to prevent the edge curling. Will have to wait to test fit and get final measurements for V3, but oh well.

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Hey, And welcome :slight_smile: There is already a file for a 52mm gauge where the Clock and other options would slot. If you would like the STL. please let me know, i can help with any other items also but i’m based in australia but willing to post :slight_smile:

WHOA! :open_mouth: Would love to get that STL file if you are willing to share it!!!

Also, huge props for this I appreciate it :smile: , I’m assuming being close to Malaysia you have access to way more than I ever will

maybe but the postage costs are a killer :frowning:

The link below is the 52mm gauge pod :slight_smile: i used to 3d print them for us aussies here.

If you have any questions about these little cars just let me know and if you need any parts


Thanks again for the STL!!!


No worries :slight_smile:

Anyone have any ideas for the best spot to tap into a vac line for the boost gauge T?

manifold where you can find a spot. :slight_smile:

Another random question, I’m looking at a set of TOYO PROXES in R888Rs 185/60R13s, stockers are 155/ 65/13, at least the wheels and tires that are on there now.

Will I have clearance/rubbing issues?

if any it may be minimal. a 155/55 13 would be better but I think you “should be fine with that size”

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