Hello i am new to the forum and from NL

Hello all

my name is jim and i am from the nederlands

i live in a smal town, Naaldwijk.
have 2 kids and a wife…
i drive a black L700 (black monster) and a white L700 (little white).

hope to find a lot of info here…

cheers jim


Welkom! Would be awesome if you have some pictures :slight_smile: Do you have any plans with the cars?

Welcome to the party!

Welcome. Glad you have joined up. One white on black, nice. Any pics?

ill post some pics ASAP

Hoe do i upload a pic on the forum

welcome mate. To load pics is easy although I only do it on a computer and don’t on a phone.
You can use this button to upload.

Or if you are lazy like me and use windows then I use the snip and sketch tool to cut what I want and then just paste it in the text box.


ok thank you evilhighway

now the pics


The car is lowerd 8 cm back 10cm front
Its a set that i made nu self, now i still have to conect my tacho .

Ok now the interior and the back

De White l700 is in the garage box now, Will put up some Pics asap


thats nice. :slight_smile:

Wheels looking great! There’s also an L7 club in the Netherlands, @Blyatsu can tell you more! Welcome to the party :wink:

Thank Jeroen
Ill contact him.

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Hello Jim,

Your car’s in great shape. If you don’t drive it on salty roads in winter, it should stay in great shape.

I bought my first L601 in Utrecht:


That’s a Nice 601, is that the export platen that is om the car

Yes it is. This is required to get the car out of the Netherlands. It’s good for 14 days. In fact, it was initially imported from Germany, before obtaining Dutch registry.
Here’s the entire story behind that 601: Butchered 601’s diary - Projects builds and rides - Live To Dai

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