Hi from a UK-based Daihatsu Owner

Hi All,

I’m new to the site and hoping you might be able to help me with my current project, a UK 2004 M101 Sirion (Storia) Rally 2.

I have previously owned a Mira/Cuore L700 (The UK demonstrator S201 UKL no less!) as well.

Hopefully I can provide some useful information to other too.


Welcome! Do you have some pictures of your car? Would love to see it.

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Thank you! Yes I have a couple from when it was delivered to me, its currently in my garage being worked on. I’ll post up a thread of my work so far soon!




Ooh I like those rims

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haha thank you! I think they are OEM? They need a bit of a tidy close-up but look good from a few feet away.

I’ve started a project thread on my car over here, what’s the policy on uploading images? Do you guys prefer I host them elsewhere and hotlink?

Happy to move them externally if thats preferable, I’m not sure what the etiquette is here yet.

welcome Granger love your intro and already onto a build thread!!! That is awesome!. Love your sirion looks really good. As for pics mate load them up here. You may be restricted to 5 for a very short time but considering how fast you move it wont be long and you won’t have the limit and I presume you probably dont already. If we get to big in future we may have to look at hosting elsewhere but really for the moment its fine. Videos are preferably youtube or another host. They are just too big.

One again Welcome :slight_smile:

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Thank you - I wanted to ask just in case. I won’t bombard the threads with pics but with projects I find it helpful to illustrate what I’m drivelling on about!

I’m just catching things up with my last 4 weeks of work so it will slow down a bit I promise.

Hopefully some of my scribblings will be either interesting or informative for someone else!

all good mate! do as much or as little as you like :slight_smile: