Hi there

I am Rick from the Netherlands and used to be a mechanic.
As my new project i’m busy with a l700 k3 swap.


Hey another guy from the Netherlands :smiley: How’s the progress so far?

nice and welcome another person from the Netherlands. It seem’s the netherlands is growing quite well in the dai community. Awesome and looks like your got an awesome project there too. :slight_smile:


The progress so far is what you see :sweat_smile:
Engine is mounted and i’m busy with the wiring. I have to figure out how i connect the back of the car with the sirion looming but i can’t find a good wiring scheme of the sirion.


hi mate, i just used a multimeter to figure out the cables.
If i remember correctly the colors match up. I’ll send a picture of my wiring.

A few don’t match up if i remember correctly.
I think Marty from MCM mentioned which wires were different. The video was called “Make your slow car fast”.

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Or you can always buy a conversion harness

I know the vid but as far as i know they only say they hope the colors match up but don’t say if it’s true.

Made me a project topic


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Hi i checked on mine, everything meets up all colors are the same. Only the plug is different.

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Thanks for checking :+1:t2:

Greetings and welcome to the nut house :grin:

Welcome!! Another K3 Cuore!! YEAH!! :star_struck: But fot the Sirion…ouch… :sob: