I have several questions

As I wrote in my introduction, I’ve many questions regarding the upgradability/tuning of my car (Newbie here)

The 3 main questions are:

  1. Will I need to swap the stock k3-ve2 with something better/tuning friendly?

  2. Should I send the gearbox for a rebuild, or is there a better gearbox that I can swap the stock with?

  3. Can the AWD withstand 160-170hp, anyone there who did manage to get that amount of power/torque from the drivetrain?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The K3-VE2 is like any other engine, it depends what your idea of “tuning friendly” is.
The explanation is simple enough: turbocharge it, with a good aftermarket ECU, E85 fuel (or water/meth injection), a fuel system to handle it and a realistic target for power/torque levels.

Expect the gearbox to fail. So you could program Boost-by-Gear into the aftermarket ecu. You get a rebuilt gearbox, stronger gearset.

The ‘easy’ swap is the K3VET, transplant everything factory over and you’ll have more power for the easiest swap. You’ll need to be kind to your manual, or use the auto it usually comes with. Perhaps KJVET or the JC-DET if you can find them (both from the X4’s of the different generation Sirions/Boons).

Your imagination, time, skills, ability, money is the only deciding factor on what can/can’t be swapped into it. Same goes for modding any engine/car.

The reality is they’re cheap cars and so spending the type of money needed to reach these goals is not often followed through*. Minor engine mods (intake / exhaust) add some sound and enjoyment to the drive, if not actually adding any more power. Handling mods and good tyres do wonders.

*there are some notable exceptions. However these cases also have history of breaking parts and still have a lot of investment - either in time, money or both. Of course the less time/ability the more money you have to spend and conversely the more time and ability you have, the less it will all cost you.


As far as I know the 4wd system is just the same gearbox etc as a fwd but there are some extra parts bolted on to make is 4wd. So the gearbox is only going to get more strain when you have 4wd

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Thank you for the replies. Well, sadly the X4 never came to Greece and so the engines (kjvet, jcdet) aren’t available here.

Makes sense that the gearbox will be the same as the FWD.

Well the reality as I said is that I want to build upon that car cause of the AWD. I really like the idea of having a small fast awd. If it was just a fwd i would buy a starlet instead :sweat_smile:
Speaking of starlets an idea that came is to swap the k3 with the 5e that starlets and paseos had. It’s 1.5L and with a good turbo I’ve seen cars producing 170-200hp.

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Daihatsu has a 1.5 as well, called the 3SZ-FE. They can make some decent power as well with a turbo strapped to them, especially when you build the engine. The swap has been done into plenty Kelisa’s and some L7’s, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work in a M101

Because the gearbox will probably leave the party rather fast.


Even if I send it for rebuild? Stronger gearset etc.

If you want to build upon any small AWD hatch - did the Mazda Familiar GTX/GTR make it to Greece?

For the Gearset, Compact Motorsport in NZ has a stronger gearset for USD$3-4K.
Then the LSD to get the power to the ground $2k

I think it was called Mazda 323 gtx 4wd it came to Greece but with a quick search I find nothing in the used market.


Oh it would be stronger. But are you willing to invest 5k in a gearbox just to make ik survive longer?

That’s the problem with getting Daihatsu’s fast. By the time they are somewhat fast you’ve invested so much money that for the same amount you could have bought a faster and more reliable car.


Yeap that’s the conclusion I’ve come to. That’s why I will do some important things to have a good daily, and when I get the chance I will sell it and buy something better. I’m pretty satisfied from the car tho. I like it, that’s why wanted to invest in it. But 3-4k for gearbox etc. is pretty high.

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For half of that money you can make an adapter plate and run a different gearbox with modified axles

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Wait is that possible? But then comes the next question, what gearbox?

I was thinking to myself that maybe I should find a crashed Celica gt4 and “steal” the 4wd and the transmission. Maybe I can use the st185/st205 transmission. But then what axles will I get? The Celica ones? How hard would it be to fit the Celica transmission and drivetrain to this car? Many questions that I don’t have the answer.

(Again disclaimer, when I say “I will get” I basically mean a friend of mine who is a mechanic, I’m definitely not a mechanic, just an enthusiast that wants to learn as much as possible about cars and stuff)

Well, you’ll need to get the stuff. Than modify everything to make it fit (mounts, hubs, axles).
After spending 5k on that excluding the running gear, you should be good to go. But then you’ll get stuff that breaks, doesn’t fit, needs adjusting. And remember there is no one who can help with that so you mechanic friend has allot to figure out.

At least that’s the problem I run into everytime. There isn’t a plug-and-play solution. And every solution is think of needs more money and work than I’ll even get out of a Daihatsu.

For the same amount of money you’ll spend on the above. You probably could get a complete Celica 4wd. Which is more reliable and faster.


Start here

watch all the episodes. Sillycar GT4 drivetrain attempt to fit in a proper Mini


omg binky is such a good watch. Just the amount of work involved in what they do is so indepth and frightening and awesome at the same time.


Just cant use oem axles if you plan on using the GT4 gearbox. You would have to get custom axles made to order for your applications for that. Same goes for the propshaft to the rear.

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Yup that makes sense! Thanks for the support and ideas guys!