L200 Mira Engine swap!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been scouring the ADM for little nugget L200’s and I think I am closing in on a car. As this vehicle is going to become a year long almost full time project, I am curious on potential engine swaps for the little Mira’s and I just have some questions regarding the topic!

What are some common engine swaps done to this model with the ability to turbo?

Are there any guides, videos or forum threads that document the engine swap experience?

Are there any things I should know while researching this niche?

Thanks guys!

p.s. Really enjoying my time on the forum, awesome place to be!

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@Luca the easiest option for the L200 is the sirion/cuore 1 litre EJ-DE.

It will work with all your l200 parts (gearbox, shafts etc), gives you plenty of go and can pickup a donar car very cheap if you are patient.

If you want something a bit more challenging you could build a Frankenstein EF turbo engine @FrankEnstein @evilhighway @Luke for more information.

Or you could fit a JB-JL out of a move (660cc twin cam turbo) or if willing to put in the effort a JB-DET from a copen.


Scroll through the build threads to give you an idea on what people have done to their nugs, i own an EJ swapped L200 '94 model but all wiring was already done when i bought it. Really it will depend on what engine is in the one you buy as to what to do.


EJDE gets my vote. I believe people only stick with the efel as they are daunted by the rewire (which is actually not that hard). The EJ twin cam bucket on valve head is a superior design to the EF with single valve via rocker shaft. The latter have a tendency to crack between the plug hole and valve seats, plus the six port exhaust is a night mare. Note this post

I have seen 150whp from a std ej de with td05, custom manifolds and aftermarket ecu. Was reliable until it was pushed beyond that. Note std internals and head never pulled off.


Awesome! Thanks for the response Fraser!

Out of curiosity, how common are the EJ-DE engines and the pricing for them?


Thank you Gormsby!

I do have another question about the swap, what would be the key differences in the mounting, subframe, suspension, general engine components and space within the engine/engine bay when changing an EF-CL engine to an EJ-DE?

Thanks again!

The ej is commonly taken from the sirions as they are dirt cheap, buy a whole complete car is the cheapest way… Wiring is honestly the hardest part but that is also pretty easy once you get your head around it. If yours is a ef/el 660 id say stay with that and have a tinker but thats me personally as i love the stupidly high limiter. but if its the 850cc carb id say 100% upgrade to the ej. but keep in mind the ej has a super super common problem of stuck oil control rings so it causes smoke and oil usage but makes them dumb cheap. Have fun with the trip :slight_smile:

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Use all factory L200 mounts, use the L200 clutch and flywheel. the engine bolts up to factory gearbox :slight_smile: it’s a direct drop in swap.

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Thanks Luke!

As you say it is a direct swap, would there be any small components that need readjusting for space, or changes in compatibility with certain parts?

Thanks again!

Nope. only thing is airbox so just use podfilter and throttle cable just needs a mount to work. can just be dodgy and use zipties like i’ve done just to test drive etc but making a mount is pretty simple…


Wow! She looks beautiful.

I’m so keen to finally get my little Dai! Thanks for the advice, Ill do some more research :slight_smile:


Edit: You wouldn’t know anyone selling a L200 by any chance?

No sorry. you could jump onto the facebook page for this forum. could put a post up asking.

Cheers again :slight_smile:

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Just to add extra chores, to go with this a frequent addition would be adding the strut, hub and steering knuckles assembly from a M100 Sirion (or L700 but a tad inferior to the M100) and you must add L700 control arms. The one hurdle for some is this route requires a custom drive shaft on one side or a jackshaft setup (with this there is a workaround with a std drive shaft for both sides). The big brakes were a must for the increased power and torque mine has. Works with std master cyl.


Or if it’s the 850 carb motor you get, you could do the Franken motor which is the 660 head and associated efi gear on the 850 bottom end, benefits being a: lower compression for turboing later on, b: only need mod plate when you turbo not for the EJ swap. With the EJ swap, need to use the original clutch from gearbox, meaning 160mm if gearbox is EF-EL with flywheel machined to suit, was told this when i got mine machined. As @Mr_Gormsby said the standard L200 brakes are woeful with the EJ in one.

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