L60 overkill

Finally got my handivan moving on it own :smile: after such a long time.
Still got a bit of work to go to get it all finished, but slowly moving forward. Main things to get done are paint and finish my trim.

So I stuffed a V6 5 speed into it so I can use it as a road car, and be able to take it to tracks and see what I can get over a quarter in it.

I have fabbed and adapted everything in the car. I have also tried to keep custom parts to a minimum. Makes it easier to get parts no matter where you are if you use mainstream parts.

Been fun taking it out on little test trips around the block so far :smiley: seems a little skittish but easy to point where you want


Front suspension is a vn commodore k-frame shortened and mated to the stock rack and struts.
Rear suspension is stock vn diff shortened using stock vn lower arms and custom triangulated top arms. Running 3.08 gears and lsd center
All brakes are stock VN discs using the standard booster and master cylinder to operate.
Front tyres are 195/45/15 running on 6.5" rims
Rear ryres are 235/45/17 running on 7.5" rims
Engine is a stock VX 3.8l V6 ecotech with a mild cam running a standard commodore 5 speed
Track and wheelbase has been kept as standard


Holy Snap!

I think I watched all your youtube’s the other day. Look forward to see what times you get down the 1/4 and if you can legally get it on the road. I have thought about doing this many times to my 1984 suzuki swift.

Be a bit more room in the swift :smile: Mind you I’d prob look for a AWD drivetrain to put under a swift .

I’ll have to get it running a bit better and take a couple more vids


Finished the exhaust off today . Didn’t expect it to quiet it done so much, but happy with the result. Need to cut and twist one side to make it look right


Pic of the rear end :slight_smile: Need to straighten the right side up before it drives me insane


anybody want any pics of anything let me know


Oh my, I remember this from the old forum. A lot of work has been done, well done


Done the shroud for the column. Ended up wrapping it in the black vinyl i’ve been using for the rest of the trim :slight_smile:

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I’ve also ordered 8 small camera’s to mount everywhere in and on the car to capture a few interesting views.
I also want a couple in the cabin to get peoples reactions.
Already have a dvr with 8 camera inputs and just ordered a 9" screen for the rear view camera .

If anyone has an idea for camera placement don’t be shy


Got my sewing machine :slight_smile: and have started the seats .
Bolstered it up a little bit to hold me a bit better, not too bad from stock seats
Still need to pull it around a bit more to get a few wrinkles out, not too bad considering it’s been over twenty years since Ive sewed anything :blush:
Started the top, I’ll post pics when I get to it


Forgot, got my 9" screen for the reverse camera and dvr I’ve got in there now. Got all the cameras too, just have to get to setting it all up.

Edit: Started to set it up and realized all the cameras had reverse lines on them,couldn’t kill the leds and were reversed :frowning: Trying again with some more on there way


Seems to be a little better then the stock seat :slight_smile: Added a fair bit of foam to bolster everything up.
Holds on pretty well too :smile: Have to hit it with a hair dryer and get some wrinkles out
Now to do the other side


OK, back to the camera’s :slight_smile:
Thinking at the moment with the following
1: back window for reversing camera
2: Rear view from above rear numberplate
3: Front view from grille
4: Front view from mirror
5: Centre console facing back
6: View of passenger from top left corner
7: View of driver from top right corner
8: ??? Any ideas?

Been thinking about one of the guards or have a few around that I can switch between maybe?
No good having any in the engine bay, nothing moves in there :smiley: Always looks the same as in pics

Building the console now and going to mount monitor there. My cordless onehanded trackball arrived today. Looks like it’s going to perfect for control of the DVR system. Got a 120mb SSD in there so it should be good for a few hours with 8 camera’s.

Might get some good footage of people’s reactions and of the overall car.

Not too bad overall for the whole system either, prob cost about $800 all up. And you can be fairly discrete with the camera. Some of the one’s available wouldn’t look out of place on a modern car.


This thing looks mental!

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Should mount some cameras under the car to capture suspension articulation

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Still waiting on the camera’s I ordered :frowning: China

Anyway got around to doing some trims :slight_smile:


Got to rip the seats out and redo the centre with this fabric


Pic of the rear end :slight_smile: Still need to straitening the exhausts. And the clearanece around the rear tyres.

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