L601 Move EJ-DE swap

Hey guys this is me picking up my Move, pretty much dead stock at this time apart from eBay coilovers, needed a fair bit of love to get her on the road. After a general service and finding afew missing parts it past no worries.
These photos are the day before Roady. IMG20211203205417
This is the only photo I have after getting it registered, started driving it daily but it just started to run worse and worse everyday until I’m guessing it had zero compression in cyl 2, blowing sooo much smoke so found a 1999 sirion for next to nothing and dropped the motor out, currently have the ej-de assembled with the move gearbox and kframe ready to go into the move.

Now time to get my head around this damn wiring and build an exhaust. More photos are coming


Awesome :slight_smile: wiring is fairly easy. the stock move exhaust will mate upto the ej also


Thanks Luke :slight_smile: yeah will probably do something a little silly with the exhaust

Hey guys so I’m just about to bolt the motor back in, I’m just having trouble finding the pin out for the sirion ecu, could anyone help me with that please

The info is in here. Try some searches. My first search gave this https://livetodai.com/t/wa-l500rs/2340/175