L700 K3VET Swap HELP!

So I’ve recently gone and purchased a K3vet online from Nippon Spares in the UK.
I have a couple questions in regards to swapping it over into my handi/gino L700, my car came with a K3ve2 which i bought from paul starlet on here (theres a old build thread on my gino btw :)… the problem I’m having is the factory top mount wasn’t supplied half the connectors/loom isn’t there as well as accessories.

What can i re use and swap over from the K3ve2??

Also the car has the oil feed/drain supplied and only the coolant drain supplied and no coolant feed for the turbo. However my oil feed has a kink tiny crack in the hard line that needs replacing what oil feed do i need? As in correct size for the banjos etc both sides block and turbo??? I tried searching for a oil feed line online for a RHF3 l couldn’t get anything to work. M10x1.5 was too big to work.

And where can i get coolant feed of or T/Hook into for the turbo on the k3vet?

Also for the ECU side of things I’ve heard people using the Greddy Emanage can someone guide me into tips of going that route?

As for the intercooler i should be able to work something out right with a FMIC? Any good intercoolers anyone can link i go with?

Also whats the Max i can push the stock motor. What would be good supporting mods for good reliable power for street without blowing the motor or box out lmao

I’d be keen if someone in Syd has a top mount for a k3vet. Any help or advice will also be greatly appreciated!

What are you using the are for? If for the street as you sort of allude to, going nuts on power alone will not make for an enjoyable car, but you can boast about all this with your friends. If you really really think you need big power look up Patrick Hart in NZ as you will need him to provide a gearbox that might last. You will have trouble putting power down unless you are roll racing. As it is you will have enough power for an open diff to smoke the one tire through probably every gear. Look into an LSD, I’d go with a Cusco 1.5way. As a min look into Copen front brakes and maybe a disc brake rear end.

If you really want big power I’d advise going past the Greddy. If you want a stock motor to survive big power get an ecu with closed loop O2 to help your tuner. Don’t be lazy wire in a Haltech or better yet a Motec and get it tuned properly.


Cheers Mate appreciate the feedback,

Well even with the k3ve2 it had problems keeping traction I can’t imagine what the k3vet will be like lol. I was looking into getting nangkangs semi slicks or something closer to a 200 treadweae tyre for a Kei Car Size. And yes will he definitely for street use mostly but i still plan on taking it to luddenham or eastern creek here and there.
I’ve already got the Copen front brake upgrade just need Disc Rears now i guess.
I’ve looked into Hart Performance Briefly, the Gearsets you said they offer would going with just the 3rd to 5th gearset be fine? Since i think the 1st to 5th straight cut gearset is something like 5k lol

I honestly was hoping for anything from 150-200hp but I’m not sure what stock motor would handle boost wise and all

Also I honestly badly require a workshop manual for the K3VET.
Also i was googling pics of the yrv turbo i believe the coolant feed for the turbo comes of turbo models radiator :frowning: which I don’t have……

Any help with hooking up or guiding me where to get the turbo coolant lines water outlet or whatever would be appreciated!!

If you are on facebook @Motherhatsu has a Monster of an L700 called “Little Speed Princess” Or “LSP”. You should be able to find the page by searching for little speed princess. From memory, she gets around 217hp from here L700. She also has an L7 handi with a k3vet and the has just had a nice facelift in a gun metal grey colour. I believe that has a stock k3vet in it.
She doesn’t have much info on here but here is the link to what is here.

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@evilhighway Legend!!