Lisa's Street L701

So I’m assuming you’ve read the story about how I met girlfriend and got into Daihatsu’s. I’ve decided to keep track of her wheels here as well, allow me to fill you in;

I met her about 2 years ago, and she drove this small red little Cuore L701, didn’t really know anything about cars but I was already tinkering on my Honda Civic Aerodeck for about 1,5 years. coincidentally, her dad also owned a silver Honda Civic Aerodeck, so we flashed lights everytime we drove past eachother. (she used her dads honda as well sometimes so that’s basically how we connected.)

She decided she wanted to modify her own car as well, and I was super down to help out. this how we started, a bone stock 2001 Cuore

this picture was taken the day she bought it, it was still shiny and red here,

Sadly I can’t tell you about everything that happened to this little red monster, but there’s more than enough material on her instagram @daihatsu.cuore if you want to snoop around :wink: that page is basically a mega thread on it’s own and will tell you all the ins and outs of this particular car

this is the current state of the car:

a lot of work has been done over the years, some jobs easy, some sickening and tough. altogether it has earned its stripes and is to this day still, a great car to drive and look at.

recently it had a heart transplant, definitely deserved after 222.222km, the new engine had 73.000km on it and we got the whole donor car for a steal. basically, we swapped the whole engine, and got some spare parts for only a 100 euro’s. which is great value for money.
here’s Lisa and our buddy Ted working on the engines

this is what the bay looks like now


such an awesome looking car :smiley: