Lost keys found need help to start car

I have a daihatsu materia 2007 about 2 months back I lost my car keys . locksmith came out could not read my imo box had it sent away twice ,so apparently the first locksmith wiped my computer box when doing diagnostic on the car ,new 4d chips were reprogrammed to my imo box which turn of the key sign on dashboard but does not start car ,it just swings ,now I found my keys again and lock Smith said he paired it to imo box but now the red key sign on dash is still there and the car only swings .

So my question is what can I do in this case to get .y car started ?

By “just swings” do you mean that the engine cranks over?
If it does crank does it fire at all and run for a short time?
My limited experience with Diahatsu immobilizers is that the engine will start and run for about 3 secs and then stop if there is an immobilizer fault.
Can you hear the fuel pump running when you turn the key to the on position?

Yes I can hear the fuel pump coming on ,it doesn’t start at all and the red immobilizer light stays on with the key

This is my experience too.

Car will start and run and then cut out it in 2-3 seconds.

Experienced the same with

  • Copen
  • Sirion
  • L251

Which makes me think that the problem isn’t the immobiliser.
Need to check if it has any spark at the plugs, also would be a good idea to scan for fault codes.

The car was driving perfectly when I lost the keys ,I drove it the day I lost it still ,no fault codes are present diagnostic was done , according to the locksmith need ECU file cause the previous locksmith 2iped the files without doing a backup

Not sure that it’s even possible with factory ECU’s to either wipe the file or replace it, maybe with the factory scan tool.
When someone recodes a key they “write” to the immobiliser which then recognises the key and sends a “pass” code to the ECU which allows the car to start.
Just guessing but maybe you could buy a SH immobiliser then get it reprogrammed to your key, you really need to find someone who is more expert on the subject of keys to confirm, maybe another locksmith.
Good luck with it.