M300 conversion

here’s one from left field
well maybe?

anyone converted a mira with m300 sirion parts instead of the conventional m1?

just curious cause over here, the m1 is much less popular and more expensive than the m3
strange huh?
thoughts appreciated
especially speaking from experience

“over here”, where would that be? I am not “over here” but ?over there" :grinning:. I can only remember seeing a couple of M300s here in Australia. To save others having to look up what they are

Would be nice to have a good look over one. For the L200 I’m more interested in what I can scavenge from the L251 and am currently looking into grafting the L251 crossmember and A arm into the L200 K frame, but therein I have digressed the conversation. It was about the time Daihatsu started making the M300 that they pulled operations out of Australia such that the company finished up in Oz 2006.

In my opinion the EJ-VE/DE is enough for the L200. The head design is extremely good and bottom end near on bullet proof. Later designs in compact engines are difficult to work with and off no benefits other than better emissions.

Not sure about there but here in Europe we got the m3 in 1.3 and 1.6 variants, the revised K3-VE (same head as the 3SZVE) and the 3SZ-VE respectively. I couldn’t say if K-frame is the same as the M1, but if you could shoehorn a 1.6 in there it would be a bit of a monster albeit a bit front heavy :grin:

Over here being nz sorry
I’ve already got a k3ve2 in an l700. Goes really well as a base, but will be proper option with some mods to free her up to breathe a bit more
My brother has the vet version in his and will do 3sz next for race car
Guess it all depends what you think is good. But think the ve2 would be twice the power of ej out of the box? Personally I’d say its OK for running around, sure, but I’m doing all this for racing / track day stuff, so will be chasing a bit harder than that

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A mate and I did a K3 in L700 a few years ago, he’d already done a few including a k3 turbo in the Curore. For a Mira though there is not enough room without widening the front rails and using a shorter 4psd.

My opinion is that there is quite a bit of chassis and steering/suspension development work for a really serious track day Mira. Have a look at where I have gone with mine in it’s build thread. Having driven a 150fr w hp Mira they are way under tired, rear spring rate to low, so getting big rubber to fit, at least doubling rear spring rate and good diff control (M100 box with LSD, either clutch type or torson) are near the top of my list (I only have a TRXX box and LSD at the moment). After tinkering it as a road car and doing custom Konis, M100 hubs, a viscus LSD…and the EJDE it only took one club event to realise if it was ever going to be tracked again the number one on the list was to get rid of the 3.9 turns lock to lock of the steering rack (it’s now 2 turns and height adjustable to correct bump steer). I gather that any racing class that will allow a K3 in a Mira is also going to allow wild suspension alterations, and the first thing to do on a bog std Mira is get rid of the original front hub/disc set up (with sticky 175/50/13s 3.5 neg camber and 5 deg castor and shortened revalved std struts when pushed the axles would flex on mid bump corners and the discs would scrape on the caliper) and also add a proper radius rod or A arms - or even full unequal length wishbones. For pure race car I think I would one day go bike motor, in fact I have a Mira shell sitting there on top of my concrete water tank which I’ve already cut the rear floor out of thinking one day “mid mount bike engine and full rocker type suspension to allow under body aero”.

Where are you in NZ? I usually get over each year in Sept for some mtbing and to visit family in Wellington. Last year we spent most of our time in Otago. I’ve not been well and had surgery expenses and my last lot of uni fees so have had to postpone this years trip. Would be great to see some pics of your car/s and find out a bit more of the competition you do or are interested in.

note: Hey every one - I am loving that there is so much interest in Dais for racing.

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We possibly have different views of track car
I’m doing a few. But the first Mira of mine is k3ve2 complete conversion
Will have proper LSD and short ratio custom gearset and FD
For sure totally replaced suspension

The class I’ll run allows engine swaps but you add capacity from OEM… So I’d be 1600cc class with mine. Then later going turbocharged it puts me in 2ltr plus class as we take capacity and multiply by 1.7
So the plan is to get it balanced before looking for big power

Interesting your thoughts on under tyre. Is this in an L2? Are you talking about standard spec sizes while running standard suspension?
I haven’t taken a Mira to war yet. I’ve been stuck with other cars on track. But my family have raced through a few models including storia and Mira L5 and never had massive issues with tyre sizes. Perhaps nz weather changes variables a bit?

Is also probably a very personal thing as to where you judge the cars ability and want to change, versus what youl accept and choose to drive around the difference. Looks like you’re of engineering mindset, so get the bug to fiddle things first? I have a brother like that :stuck_out_tongue:

But to answer your thoughts on wild ability to the class, we can change anything suspension as long as standard mounting points are used.

Bike engine over here would have you in modified saloons class which is not for the fainthearted indeed
But it’s also a big call what youdo to a car I believe. Go too extreme and you spend too much time fixing it or get in a class around madmen and machines. I like the production based classes. My history is in one make classes andkarting. I’m much more interested in something like 660gp Japan series than super power monsters …but I’m no engineer no claim to be.

Anyway, agree its good there’s still some dai racing interest out there



Sit back and learn Mr Gormsbys

You say a [quote=“Patrick_Hart, post:6, topic:529”]
the first Mira of mine is k3ve2 complete conversion

I would like to see a K3VE2 sitting in an L200 Mira. Pictures please!

On std L200 struts, hubs and control arms std pcd or on my shortened Koni with 100pcd std spring seats w m100 hubs and L700 control arms (more track width), with either set up 13 x 6 plus 35 (or are they 5.5?) a 175/50/13 fits front and, with a slight rolled guard, fits rear. In race radials there is little choice in this size. There are no 14" in race radials available here that suit. I can get the right overall diameters in 14" full slicks in soft and ultra soft compounds but would need 14 x 7.5 or 8 to suit the width. Slicks put me in with sports sedans and rims were to hard to get hold of such that I could have a few matching sets. So I have gone 195/50/15 on 15 x 7. With minor work (in addition to the major work already done) 225/50/15 on a 15 x 8 will fit front and back but will be over tired. The 195/50/15 is a size in abundance of race radials with all major tire brands doing them.

What region of NZ are you in? My one little track experience in NZ was that it is damn hard to get tires warm.

Apologies, I have an L7, notL2
I can’t speak of track work with this one yet as I haven’t yet got it that far. The car isn’t at that point. But I do have a few friends who race kei cars, some of them quite grungy, but none who claim of them being under rubbered and needing to go as big in size as you’re talking.
For sure none doing that kind of work to suit rollerskates
But a few running 5-6" wide 14" for sure. There are a few brands than run semi slicks in 175/185/205

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I see your guard work Mr gormsby
Again my interest is on class structure. But in nz you’d be in racing saloons/modified class as well for cutting out guards etc
Just to go back to original thoughts here …and I don’t know your history so please excuse the imposed ignorance.
But have you tried out the smaller rubber youre saying isn’t up to the job …or is that assuming ?

Were also doing different sort of racing? I see mention of what seems like short course stuff?
Just thinking tyre behaviour is going to be quite different if so

What do the formula ford type cars run over there? I’m designing all my set ups around what the big spenders are ordering, so local suppliers will already have a few sets around

But I’m just doing local circuit sprint racing and hope to get into short enduros

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From my experience the 185/50/13 is not up to the job and there is only one soft Yokohama available here and they are nearly $300au each. On the rear, fine. On the front, even with a lsd, to little traction at low speeds where the tire has not had a chance to get any warmth. Plus I’m going to a 290mm front disc. With a Kei car 660cc turbo 185 tire would be fine, my thing though is quite torquey at lower revs.

I’ve used Formula Ford cross ply Avons when I ran a two door Datsun B110 back in the 80s and early 90s. Back then I had extensive experience and my paid work was building, maintaining and going to rally and race events for privateers at club, state, national and international (Rally Australia) events. A previous employer sells race tires and I did recently get a couple of soft Formula Ford fronts from him of the current spec tire, Yoko A408s in 185/60/13. These are not far off the diameter of a 165/50/15. 14’s are only available locally (I’d have to import semi slick them) in full slick. They will be used on the rear for a while with the 15 on the front.

My thread “not quite track” explains I’m not doing speed events like yourself. Rather I am running hillclimb, khanacross, motokhana and lap sprints (time attack sort of thing). So it’s really hard to get tire and brake temperatures up.

Right, bit of a different perspective, but still of interest
Although you say they’re not up to the job …because aren’t getting enough heat into them …so you’re going for a larger tyre?

Not enough heat and there is one decent tire to choose from in a Yoko and they are nearly $300 ea and not readily in stock. 195/50/15s give me a huge variety or manufacturers and compounds to choose from and much better prices. More options for rims also and I can go to bigger brakes. But this is enough about me you aren’t telling us much about yourself.