M300 sirion exhaust

So my exhaust broke. Again. Second time that it cracked at the beginning of the last silencer.

(It’s a screenshot)

Now I’ve got a couple of options:

  • Either get a new exhaust from Daihatsu (400 euro ex installment)
  • get a custom catback exhaust (1000 euro)
  • get a straight pipe and MacGyver my way out of here

A OEM exhaust does not seem like a durable solution since we have 4 dai’s and 3 of them had exhausts break and this is the second time mine broke.

Custom exhaust is to expensive in my opinion ( the car is rough and already has 220k on the clock. I don’t expect it to last any longer than 5 years before it’s not economical to repair). But i could keep the exhaust and install it under my GF’s car (also a M300) which still has the OEM exhaust.

MacGyver option is (i think) the best one. I don’t expect it to pass the APK(MOT/whatever you call it) but I can always spend the money later. If it does pass it’ll be the cheapest option by far. In the meantime I have a awesome sounding sirion.

Does anyone have a 4th option? I’ve tried looking for just the end silencer to replace it but i can only find silencers for the 1.0L engine (and yes that exhaust is different than that of the 1.3). Maybe a universal silencer that fits?

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I like the Macguyver the way out of it Idea. (usually my go to).
Another Macguyver option would be to get a different muffler that is somewhat the same size ( that will fit in the space and you can maneover it so the entry and exit pipes will work be at the best spot and then the Pipe to the end.
Having another muffler in its place may get you over the line with the MOT thing?

Yeah the MacGyver way isn’t going to work… I like it a bit loud but this is just way to loud. Like Honda civic with a fartcanon revving it out loud. Which will guarantee me failing the APK/MOT/Rego

So option number 4. Get a somewhat fitting silencer and make it work. To bad I can’t weld and/or bend pipes so i need to pay someone else. But it will get me through APK if it’s not to loud.

Either way, thnx for you option. Now I’m just going to cry in the corner and say sorry to my wallet. Of course I’m just in the middel of replacing some motorcycle stuff so now I’m stuck walking everywhere -_-

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not me who tried to play the screensot :roll_eyes:


oh bugger about the welding. I have never been taught and you can tell by my welding haha.
The way I started was to get an old style arc/stick welder and just start giving it a go. I have done a few exhausts this way with other people’s scrap. Most have looked dreadful but work.
Maybe one day in the future when your wallet isn’t as empty you could get a cheap welder and start giving it a go.
If the get a new stock exhaust option is cheaper then I would go with that.

even though I read screenshot I still tried to play it. Hahahaha

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Give it a go repairing it, I have fixed worse mufflers at work and they haven’t come back.

Try fitting an expanded lip flange over the factory pipe and weld the lip to the muffler body.

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I’m just throwing this out there, sports exhaust package for your car. I’m not sure if it’ll help you with mot but if you can fit the extractors and get an exhaust shop to fit the rest it can work out a bit cheaper. you do need longer bolts with the headers, ask me how I know :rofl:
about 650 AUD and 300 or for you without shipping

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So you have installed them? How’s the quality? Might be interesting…

yeah so to note, I only have the headers from this kit (I believe the m101 and m300 have same exhaust mani). I can’t vouch for the quality of the resonators and cat and such but the headers are good. 4 into 1 stainless with O2 bung.

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So i chose to go with a original exhaust. Why? Because it was by far the most cheapest option and since i dont expect the car to survive for more than 5 years I hope that this exhaust will manage those 5 years.

I love Daihatsu but when you look at the exhaust I can’t help but believe that this part was made to fail… This is the fifth exhaust in our family that broke and they all broke at the exact same spot (yrv turbo, trevis and 3 sirion exhausts). This problem could be easily solved by including an extra hook on the exhaust or just by extending the pipe of the end silencer just a couple more cm. I refuse to believe that the engineers from Daihatsu didn’t spot and solve this problem.

Keep in mind that I’m still pissed about paying 400 euro just to get the same shitty part while also having to replace it myself. So that might explain the rant :sweat_smile:

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Could’ve been the ‘bean counters’ that had the final say.

accountant: Do you need that many exhaust hangers?
Engineer: Yes
Accountant: But we’ll save $$ if we remove one…
Engineer: So?
Accountant: remove one
Engineer: then the exhaust will likely break here, here or here.
Accountant: Remove. One.
Engineer: sigh


With the exhaust off the car, could you weld or clamp on the required modification to help it survive longer? If you know where the stress joint is, you are unlikely to make it any worse?

You probably could. I however don’t have a welder that is up for the job. I think this exhaust wil outlive the car anyway. Especially now that I’m laying under the car I’m almost certain…

I would love to agree with you and i know that’s how it works. But then I would wonder why there is a unused extra hook just 50cm away from the breaking point. Two hooks on one spot. But the one is prepared to go into the rubber and the other is not (one is flanged and one not). So why is there a second unused hook?

This exhaust is specifically made for the m300 1.3L so it’s not that they also use this exhaust on another car which might explain the extra hook. The 1.0 and 1.5 use a different exhaust and the m100 with the 1.3l engine uses a different exhaust. As far as I know those are the only cars which come close to having the same exhaust as the m300 1.3.

To “strengthen” my point:

If they did it like this, no extra hook would be necessary I would think. This is the middle silencer which is located just 40cm before the breaking point. I’ve never had that one fail.