M300sl dutch

Hi all,
Just swapped a C-max for a 07 sirion trend. As an upcoming present.
I like the car and want to upgrade it.
Its got the 1.0 1kr engine with the 5speed manual.
But first a stage 0 tuning.

Q1; is there a epc available?
Q2; whats there to look after with stage 0 ? Neglected maintainence?
Q3; stickshift feels like a wooden spoon in a big pot. Even in gear. Bushing update?
Q4; coilovers for better handling? Where to get?

Thats it for now. Thanks in advance…
2241 Netherlands.


Welcome to the forum Crispy.

The Netherlands is one of the great places to be as there is many Daihatsu people there.

Welcome! I can’t answer all your questions, but will answer what I can.

Q3. Yes, sounds like bushes need to be replaced. Have a look HERE for the parts you may need.

Q4. I believe BC Racing make a coilover kit for the m300 Sirion. You could also look at Malaysia for kits for the Perodua Myvi, as they are the same car.

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If the shifter system is similar to that of the M1 and M2, then i can help with that.
Cause i sell shifter rebuild kits and reinforcement kits for those.


Ill make some pics this friday when its lifted so you can have a look.

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Reinforcement kits? @Aaron

Do tell?

Ive replaced all my bushes and have a solid plastic mount for the rear stay bush but always interested in any more

Part of my kits is the plastic mount (mine is made from HMPE 1000, which is a wear resistant plastic with "self lubricating’’ properties).
The kit also consists of a pivot pin for the pivot below the pivot ball. It’s meant so you can replace the pivot bushes. (The OE pin is discontinued and no longer available).
It also comes with solid aluminium discs that is meant to replace the sloppy rubber bush on the gearbox side.

Any other parts can be made on request.

DM for more info.

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If you want any advise on tuning. Buy a 1.3, way faster/competent than the 1.0. I have both and while the 1.0 is really fuel efficient and cheap. It’s way slower than the 1.3

Yes they do sell coilovers from BC starting at €1100. Shifters are really wierd. My 1.3 is all over the place, the 1.0 is tight while the other 1.3 is also tight. I replaced the plastic parts of the shifter but that didn’t seem to make that much difference.

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You know you could put a thread in the Daihatsu directory section with the products that you are able to make and supply. Preferably with prices not including postage as I know that can vary. It could be helpful to other dai members and help you make a bit of cash also?


Can highly recommend this kit, I ran it for around 5000km before I sold the car but it was just amazing.

There’s pics of it in my Ko The Cuore thread :smile:


For this car i only want stage 0 tuning. No hp improvement. Just better handling… and def not worth it. A BC coilover kit would dubble the value…
Want tight shifting. And a bit kore of the kart feeling. So if that means extra stabilisors etc. So be it. On MP i can find a damaged red 1.3 but double mileage, and for 450 which is cheaper than RDW paperwork from 3 to 4 cil… but no. Ill hold on t this chassis.

The price of the coilovers made me calculate the springs I wanted myself. I bought some way stiffer springs in the rear and kept the soft lowering springs in the front. But if you really want to make the car handle better you should start with wheels and tires. Wheels and tires are almost as expensive as the coilovers kit but make a huge difference in both looks and allround grip. + The added benefit of making the braking distance potentially shorter.

Maybe it’s one a meter shorter before you stop. But that one meter can make the difference in swearing allot and have a story to tell at the dinner party and having to buy a new car + paying allot more in insurance :wink:

Btw turn your wheels on full lock and try to move the joints for the steering and stabilizerbar. Those wear out like crazy on ours and REALLY make a difference in driving feeling.


Got 15" steelies, 13" ATS classic, and 16"Nissan alloys in stock. So need to determine what to mount.
I thought that since @Aaron has a side business, he could offer me bushings struts and all kinds of stuff.

That’s mainly for the shifter (which will make a huge difference in feeling). You can find the parts on autodoc for the suspension, although I don’t order anything from them and usually go to the local part store. Be aware that there are different sizes in (and sorry to switch to Dutch but my English is lacking) stuurkogels en stabilisatorlinks. Both of the 1.3 here have different size stuurkogels so measure them first! One is just a couple of mm thinner than the other.

I’ve had alloy wheels for a while now but these are way to heavy. Just switched wheels and man do you feel the difference in wheel weight. So make sure to pick a set of wheels that don’t way to much.

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