Replacing shifter bushings/o-rings (EJ/K3/SZ/H-SERIES)

A while ago, I compiled this list for someone who was asking where to buy the parts he needed to fix the worn out shifter feeling. Since a lot of Dai’s are starting to get a bit older, I thought it might be useful to put the list in a separate topic. This list is meant for cars that are equipped with an EJ or K3/SZ engine (Cuores, Sirions, YRV’s). Not only the ones from the late 90’s, but also the ones from the mid 00’s like the Cuore L251, Sirion 2 (Boon) and Materia.

Cars like the Charade G200 and Gran Move, equipped with an H-series engine, have similar parts, but not the same amount/location.


90043-86105 (x2) bushing shifter side
96711-19014 (x2) o-ring shifter side
90041-01460 (x1) bolt shifter
90041-79300 (x1) nut shifter
90043-86124 (x2) bushing gearbox side
96711-19011 (x2) o-ring gearbox side

the link shows a diagram with all the parts and where to fit them. You’ll have to use a grinder to get rid of the bolt that connects the shifter with the rod, which you can replace with the bolt and nut mentioned earlier.


You can find the location and numbers for all the parts in this ^ link, then copy the parts numbers to amayama, and order them.

Of course this list may apply to more Dai’s than I’ve mentioned here, but it’s not really practical to name them all :joy: . If you spot an error, or have any questions, please let me know. Good luck!