New Move owner from Texas

Hello all! I just imported a 1997 L610S Move Z4 4WD with a 5 speed manual from Japan! So excited to get it looking perfect. Going to do a paint correction, some new wheels, etc. Hoping I can get a service manual or something for this, pretty hard to find! Anyone else with a Move in the United States?

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Welcome. Can’t wait to see a pic. I’ve never seen a 4x4 Move. Nice score.


Welcome. I am very intrigued to see this also. We didn’t get the 4wd variant of the Move in Australia.


Not sure how to upload a pic! I have plenty. It is a “Z4 4WD” move. “L610S” Japanese market only.

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Wish I knew how to upload some pictures!

Edit: figured it out haha


Welcome to the forum, this looks so cool :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

Nice score man, glad to see another one stateside

[quote=“thatguymichael, post:4, topic:5842”]…“L610S” Japanese market only…[/quote]Not necessarilly. I live just across the Swiss border where supposedly 4-wheel drive versions of the 601 were exported, because of the snowy mountain roads there. When the Swiss come over here to do their shopping, I sometimes see previously unknown models of both European and Japanese brands.
I can send you a shop manual in German in pdf form. From there, you could copy and paste any desired instruction into a translator. If something doesen’t make sense, you could always ask me.
Be carefull with your vehicle, since replacement parts have become extremely scarce. Especially, glass, headlamps and other body parts.
Religious mantenance such as timely fluid changes will save you plenty of headaches, since these vehicles were originally designed for disciplined Japanese owners. These vehicles also do not like salty roads in Winter and on seeside coasts. They’ll rust out, in no time, otherwise.
What brand is that small blue pick-up vehicle pictured in front of yours? It resembles the larger version of the Piaggio Ape


Thanks so much!

Didn’t know about that! And thank you for that. Luckily someone sent me a PDF yesterday! I appreciate it though! And luckily I’m a parts exporter out of Japan. Parts are plentiful for these L600,L601,L602,L610 Moves. I’ve ordered quite a bit of OEM and aftermarket parts in Japan already :+1:t4:


Also, that is a Suzuki Carry. I am bringing that in as well.

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Nor in south Africa

Only available ones were 2 x 4 5 speed manual and 3 speed automatic with the option of an aircon fitted

Becomming quite scarce now

Auto glass is still available from national auto glass in Durban south Africa but probably new old stock. When theyre sold out thats it.


[quote=“Buckwild, post:14, topic:5842”]…Only available ones were 2 x 4 5 speed manual and 3 speed automatic…[/quote] Do you mean, automatics were also connected to 4-wheel drive?
Were they delivered with the for the Japanese market 660 cc engines or with the for export ED-20 (850 cc) issues?
The ED-20 engines would be better for 4-wheel drive, because of the higher low-end torque needed for hill-climbing

I know in Japan it was fitted, dont think you had an ED20 option. ED20 was for export markets only due to restrictions in japan.
L610 models were usually the 4x4 versions and due to speed restrictions in japan even a 660cc motor would cope. 80kph speed limit in Japan as far as i know :tipping_hand_man:
4x4 was mostly exported to icelandic or snow countries, and yes possibly fitted with ED20 motors and autoboxes as theyre beter off roading.

I have an ISUZU KB300 3 LITRE diesel 4 x 4 automatic double cab and can attest to this fact.
Kitted as a camper / overlander.

Manuals love to wheel spin losing traction. Burning out clutches.

I did chat to a seller in Australia a few yrs ago who had 18 brand new old stock ED20 engines but were listed for use in toyota forklifts.

Currently i dont own anymore daihatsus as ive sold all last year, busy with development of a camping and chalet venue which eats money being what building materials cost nowadays.:man_facepalming:


[quote=“Buckwild, post:16, topic:5842”]…I did chat to a seller in Australia a few yrs ago who had 18 brand new old stock ED20 engines…[/quote]Would it be possible that he still has some of them left over?

I believe you can still buy ED20 engines brand new via a forklift distributor, I am unsure how much they would differ to the car mounted version… I recall when I was looking 10+ years ago it was likely just the engine mounts and intake but never actually explored the option fully.

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Shocked Pikachu

I want to buy this 850cc and take out my 650cc EF-EL, replace it with this, and slap a turbocharger on it.

Wish it was available in the States, it looks physically identical almost.