Nic's Boosted Mira

This is my 1995 Daihatsu Mira, I have just brought from a work mate. This car might be on these forums already but any who here goes.

I didn’t know anything about these cars untill I brought it. It was so fun to drive. I still can’t get over it is a panel van haha. I wanted it as a little project then start driving it as a daily.

This is all the info I have

1995 Daihatsu Mira 0.6L, 5sp Manual. Classed as a Panel Van (L200)
Brought with 205 550kms on the Engine and JDM Interior inc Instrument Cluster
Around 75 000kms on the chassis/body
Stock Engine is EF-EL (None turbo)
JDM Engine is EF-JL (Turbo charged)
TRXX is JDM Model
Wheels are Fortran Mesh 13” 4x110
Mods I brought it with: Lowered springs, muffler, aftermarket paint, boost controller
ECU Controller: Apexi SAFC2
Timing Belt was done in 2020.
VIN: JDAL200S000854656
Use 98 Fuel only

This is my “To do list”

  • Sort out a Air Filter, is it 50mm?
  • Replace all 4 CV Boots
  • Fuel Breather Filler Hose Split
  • Fit A/C System
  • Check for oil leaks - little bit of oil around sump
  • Blank exhaust sensor hole
  • RPM on Apexi intermittently works (works fine in cluster)
  • Does it need a blow off valve?
  • Drivers seat belt buckle dicky, lube up latch and test or replace buckle
  • Replace Fuel Filter, looks original
  • Gearbox breather, hose has been cut off
  • Exposed wiring in engine bay and tidy up, big mess
  • Passenger door lock doesn’t turn to unlock
  • Rust treatment, little bit of surface rust in spare wheel well
  • Lots of vacuum lines going no where, parts missing?
  • Sometimes after a long drive after turning it off, start it up and wont idle but will rev? previous owner said “The idle is really high if it’s plumbed correct, there’s mean to be vacuum from the top mount to the end of the throttle body but with it plumbed it idled crazy high.”
  • Take it to my tuner and get it checked on the dyno

Apart from all that, the car runs mint.

Now to the good stuff


Nice. Thanks for sharing. For some reason it is missing the TRXX JDM bumper, no TRXX steering wheel and has an Aus delivered items instead. A 1995 Mira is a strange thing. They made the L200 until 2008 I think. But in Australia the L200 stopped being sold and the L500 was introduced instead. All TRXX I’ve seen are four seaters too. I could be wrong on all this.

Good luck with the A/C, it will be quite a task finding the bits and then fitting.

Does it have a LSD jackshaft or eve a non-lsd jackshaft? Or are the driveshaft configured as one long and one short?

I have no idea. This one is ADM and FWD.
As for the A/c, everything came with the car as it was removed when the engine got fitted. I just hope it all works.

Here is a photo of the VIN


Phew, having the AC bits will make it feasible. Some people set about fitting AC before even sourcing the bits.

The VIN does not look like it is a factory TRXX. Looks the same as mine which is a couple of years older. I have always considered the “V” is for “van” and two seats. My guess is that someone has bought in a half cut TRXX without bumper and swapped the bits. Normally what I’ve seen is a TRXX engine and box swap, so it may have the jackshaft and it may be a jackshaft LSD (there are two types of 2wd lsd that I’ve seen one is viscous the other is a clutch type).

All the same it is a great Dai you have.


Cheers for the info!

It looks like someone has extended the wiring for the EPS and have done a really bad job of it… wires are legit sticking out of those terminals and almost touching each other.


By eps please tell me you mean electric power steering? If you have this do not change it out they are so hard to get and the stock non-powered steering is terrible from lock to lock and if you don’t believe me just ask @Mr_Gormsby haha.
Also @Mr_Gormsby I believe @FrAsErTaG 's trxx that he had the he put the jbdet into is a 2 seater. Please correct me if I’m wrong though.

My old L200 TRXX was a two seater, in the rear it had “storage bins” on each side which limited the ability to fit a rear seat.

Although there was a factory TRXX rear seat that did fit, it didn’t feature seat-belts though

This L200 pictured also features the storage bins but looks to be missing the lids.

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It had from factory EF-XL I fitted a JB-DET into it :slight_smile:

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Awesome to see this car back in the group :slight_smile: i hope you enjoy it and clean her back up, she needs some love thats for sure. If you have any parts needs visit < shameless plug sorry.

You’ve got yourself a really nice project here with a lot of the rare parts already

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Yes it feels like its half there on idle, is that normal? once you take off, the steering is smooth.

EF-XL, JB-DET, What are those?

and thanks for the website for parts!

This is the TRXX that was wrecked and all the goodies went into the purple one.


o.O that has the bumper aswell :thinking:.

and the liquid cooled intercooler looks to be hooked up.

Yeah, not sure why Gauthier didn’t use the TRXX bar.
Not liquid cooled intercooler, just normal air to air. You can see its the same cooler if you zoom in to see the dent on the forth top row matches the one on your current one.

yes then where are these pipes meant to go?


I believe the first pic would be the pipe going to the factory blow off valve that dumps back into the intake.
There’s a pic of someone using it for an aftermarket bov.
The second pic, that hose coming from the diaphragm and is blocked off goes to the short black hose that’s clamped on the intercooler.
If I’m wrong another member will correct me.

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hmm so its not required or is it? I don’t like the look of hoses blocked off and going nowhere :neutral_face:

I thought the big hose on the left was for blow off valve?

EF-XL was the stock carby turbo engine in my TRXX

The JB-DET was a modern copen engine (4 cyl twincam turbo) engine I fitted, someone did a video of it when Josie sold it


looks very tidy.

In other news, the CV’s are done. I couldnt get both new shafts at the local store so I opted for boots. Worked out cheaper which was good.


well Im not surprised they didnt have them as that is a jackshaft (one in the front) last time I got one of those it was about $200 landed to my door. (2nd hand)

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They reckon maybe the bearing end come off and gets put onto a new shaft?