Not quite track. Mr Gormsby's L200


Awesome info Mr G I have never done the deadener removal and knew it involved dry ice but was unsure of the technique. I have been around dry ice once or twice and understand the gas and not to touch. I am really glad you added those in for people who didnt know the danger’s :slight_smile:


What - Daihatsu actually uses sound deadener?

I have never lifted the carpets on my G102 - never thought there would be anything to see from the amount of road noise I get!


From my understanding of acoustics, the deadener alone will not stop noise. To do that it would need to be continuous with no gaps. The floor will have gaps and holes, these will let sound through. Deadner is a quick and cheap way to cover an holes. Then it also helps to the thin metal to attenuate noise. Sort of changes the frequency of noise to make things sound less tin like.

I’ve had perhaps ten L200s (six of those were just to wreck), a couple of Sirions and one Charade. All had deadener.

I did not weigh the media that came out, but I would estimate 7kg in the Mira. My Series One Liberty/Legacy wagon had just over 15kg of deadener and 10kg of carpet underlay.