Not quite track. Mr Gormsby's L200


well done with Mt cotton and wow you are doing heaps Its going to be very worth it though I think I have seen the cramped space you have and having that extra bit of room will feel much better I’m sure


Khancross in the wet at Willowbank. This thing is suppose to the the two car for the Mira - not the competition car.delete


For those not sure what a Khanacross is…

So it’s a short course run individually against the clock. Normally there are at least two courses set up so when you’ve done one you can go over to do the next. With two courses running simultaneously there is little time standing around. This one was conducted around the pit area next to Willowbank drag strip and on the strip over run. One has to navigate around natural obstacles and cones. It can take a bit of “remembering”, especially when a course is mostly cones.




We need to bring back dexterity events in Jamaica.

Time to get the l200 up and running




Yes, has been a bit quiet on “the build”. This Sunday past was the last event of the year for Gormsby and it was a Khanacross (dry weather and forgot to turn the camera on so no images). 18th out of 44 in the old wagon (third in class and quicker than all the evos) and the car was the quickest it has ever been having replaced the rear rubber bushes with Heim joints and PS9 Bilstein coilovers). It was a Porsche meet and there were a few GT3 cars and some Targa Tasmania type rally cars. Hard to match some of the big HP cars but was faster than some regular 911s and all but one 944 (a modified turbo version). Work on the house continues to take a priority over the Daihatsu. Three house stumps have been renewed such that the floor is more level and there is a bit more space. Will try to get a second garage door on by weekends end. The MIra has become a repository for “stuff” and really needs a clearing off. With a better garage set up under the house things will be more productive. There are usually no events in January and February begins with some “test and tune” club activities. The aim is to have it going for the first events of 2018


What are those springs sitting in front of the Mira?


Awesome you got to take part in some racing activities :muscle:.
Keep up the good work


Came from cheap coil overs that were in a Mitsubishi Gallant VR4.


Weekend’s results to give you an idea of the cars in the comp


bat mobile?


It was a purpose built thing painted black. Made for motokhanas and khanacross.


Some other Subbies in the competition. Porsche on your heel there :smiley:.
Aye, what a good handling car can acheive eh


It’s been quite a while not showing progress. Here are some pics Mick was after.

Extra sway bar mounts were added to stop flex under acceleration and braking. The location is not ideal and it is preferred that they mount on the centre line of the car, however, the swaybar/radius rod set up has a big bend in the middle. Ideally a new sway bar needs be made or proper radius rods fitted with separated sway bar.


So really nothing much has been happening with the car. A concerted effort went into expanding the workshop area. Some progress was made, but much more needs to be done. A huge amount of money went into some planning but that was all a waste (beware of architects - fool me).

I am ready to let the car go at this point due to feeling overwhelmed by to many projects. If anyone was interested in this car and the huge number of “good bits” that go with it then I am all ears. Thought process wise I can still assist with any development you would want to continue, I am just without the energy right now to do it myself. Perhaps all this will pass and I’ll get back onto things.


Oh maaaan, wish I was near to give a hand and some motivation


I have been away from the forums for a while, and just caught up with your build thread. Looks like old Gormsby needs a reminder of sorts:

“I wouldn’t count on old Gormsby going AWOL boys. I haven’t had a day of sick leave in my life. You won’t find me running off to the P.P.T. bloody A, going on strike, holding balloons, singing nursery rhymes so I can get a payrise, extra holidays, tangi leave…”

Hope you can find the motivation Mr G - I have had my struggles too getting motivated with the ITB project, it happens to all of us.


Thanks JC. Will still be a while before I am back on to the car. For now a big focus is creating working space and a better environment to work in.


Something left out from earlier in the build was removing the floor deadener. When exactly that happened is lost to history, but not the how it was done. While many readers may know of this the following technique, the information is for those that may not have seen “the trick”. The first picture shows on the rhs a jagged piece of deadener that has broken away, it also has a 10-12mm hole middlsh. Just to the left is a snow white spot on what looks like a rag. That white is actually dry ice in pellet form. Seven kilograms was $32au. Step one is to remove carpet, seats and such. Then vacuum etc. Next place the dry ice into a pillow case (that hte rag in the image whici is full of dry ice). This is then placed over section of deadener and a blanket put over that to keep things supper cold. What until the floor begins to creak and moan. The contraction of the metal happens at a different rate to the deadener. As such it comes loose from the floor. One only needs to tap lightly and big chunks break away - mostly. If there is a different media between the floor and the deadener then it will not lift. This can be something like a caulk used to seal gaps. Therein is the reason the oscillating scraper is in the image. Only tap the deadener lightly so as not to dent or move the floor.

Using dry ice in the pillow case is not as efficient as using it loose. However, the pillow case makes it easy to do areas like the transmission tunnel where the deadner is more vertical. And used just loose it mixes in with the deadener and dirt and is not fun to use.
The second image shows the pillow case on the transmission tunnel and some loose dry ice. Towards the end of the project the dry ice was used loose in the last footwell. This does speed things up, but the loose material should be covered with blanket or such to maximise its effectiveness and make it last longer.

Note: follow the material safety documentation that comes with dry ice. It is super cold carbon dioxide, hence, as it unfreezes it gives off a CO2 gas and in a confined space could cause asphyxiation. Also note, handling this with bare skin can burn and gloves should be worn if handling it.