Not quite track. Mr Gormsby's L200


When I do get to that point @FortisD I will need to tap into some of your wisdom in that area. Perhaps the main reason this has not happened yet is due to the engine control being watched over by the factory ECU. I have a spare engine, a rollling chassis and an Autronic SM2. This needs to be set up and made to run, then the electrics swapped over. But as for hardware issues I’ll be asking some of your advice.


Gormsby picked up a new but well used car on the weekend. He’s still been way to busy and didn’t need nor have the time to be organizing this. Some may ask what he’s doing buying another Subaru instead of a Diahatsu?
Suffice to say it is immaculate inside, poor paint on the bonnet/guards/driver frt door/ passenger rr door/bumper, unmodified except for tinted windows, not registered and drives really well. Paid $1500. Will keep it std, get rego, tidy the paint and plan to sell to make a few dollars.


Awesome. That’s the way to do it man. Roll some $$$.


A gratuitous selfy. Mokeman and Gormsby meet to hatch a cunning plan? Well, more like lots of Daihatsu talk. Always great to meet the people behind the blog threads. It was a pleasure to meet you Dale, I’m sure we’ll catch up again.
Note the piles o’ bits ontop of the Mira? Count down from today until uni studies are over is three weeks. Then it all gets back on track (pun intended).


Hahaha goodness gracious that beard… It definitely has the I’m wise look going for it. Hahaha

Good to hear uni is almost over, I fucking used to live for that time of the year when I could smash our my car…


The grand elders of the live to dai council :raised_hands:.
Three weeks; really lookin forward #watchthisspace


This pic makes it look like you’ve got a tonne of space back in the shed @Mr_Gormsby.
Hey @Mokeman maybe you should change your username to Dumbledore? :laughing:


@evilhighway. Negative on the space situation. Over the weekend I will take a break now and then from my current assignment to get one of the house supports up, get the acrow props out and be ready excavate the next section. More floor space soon.


That photo is very deceiving then. I will be away this weekend (wedding anniversary) and I am hoping that after Our House’s unwanted visitor (mother inlaws friend) has left (hopefully monday). I will be able to get a little time to get the move closer to a running state again with fixing the old engine and then onto the mira and swift combo.


Happy anniversary to Mr and Mrs Evil




Was Great to Finally meet you Mr G, your Knowledge and Enthusiasm are second to none, can’t wait to get back down there and spend more than 30 minutes talking to you :smiley:


Is that Mr G on the left? I was expecting a military uniform! Good to put some faces to the stories though.


Gormsby is indeed on the left. Yes, civilian clothes.


Yet another L2D forum member gathering, Mick, Mrs Mick (Sabrina/photographer) and Gormsby catch up on Australian soil for an arvo.
Make sure you have a look at Mick’s AWD Sirion build, super interesting, well documented and a visual delight to see his high quality and detailed work.


Yes Indeed, my two favourite build threads on the forum.


Think we might have to start a MR G’s hall of fame thread :smile:


Next time you are over…


Yes indeed, it was an excellent afternoon. I really can’t thank Gormsby enough for his help from afar, we’ve hatched a few plans and as soon as I’m back in Deutschland I’ll get cracking and try not to disappoint. It was a pleasure to see Mr G’s work first hand, all tucked away in what seems to be the ultimate mancave/home workshop I’ve ever seen. I’ll definitely be back again next year and with a bit of luck I’ll have a chance to meet some other members too.


Soon, thing swill begin again, soon. Gormsby is done with uni (94% on the last paper, phew, to make up for the 54% on the one before and a big argument with the faculty). To celebrate he took the old Liberty to the Mt Cotton Hill climb. Tires are a bit old and “off” but he did manage a PB for that car with a 54.67sec for second in class (only three cars anyway).
A pretty good result considering the Liberty had the fastest time in all but one run when it was just beaten by a 2400cc Civic on bigger sticker tires. Next weekend is a Khanacross.
One of the barriers to progress on the Mira has been a lack of home workshop space. Quite a bit of excavating has gone on for the last couple of weeks and the house is being restumped with 100rhs sitting on foothings that end up flush with the ground. Note how much dirt has been removed to expose the footing. Next is to pull the wall to the right, add an acrow prop, pull the post with footing out with the excavator, dig a 1200mm deep hole with the 400mm auger, put in reo, concrete and restump.
Huge amount of dirt moved. Gormsby is lamenting doing the earthworks as he’d rather be working on the Mira, but it will mean the chance to do better quality work and having room to work.