Not quite track. Mr Gormsby's L200


All quick times for absolute road cars and guys with little to no Lakeside experience. All of us - faster next time.


Definitely! There is still plenty to do on my car to improve it and my driving always has room for improvement. Really looking forward to doing it again. That hillclimb sounds good too.


all I can say for my short time was I had fun and that was ll that mattered :slight_smile:


Some freedom for Gormsby as of Monday night at 23:59 which is when his second last uni paper is due. But he has toys (race car parts) that arrived in the mail that need playing with.
He already had the USBrake F88i calipers and had planned to use them. on the L200 The lug mount is a real pain and with these the lug mount tend to be quite tricky to match up with the Sirion steering knuckle/hub/bearing carrier. Almost a big enough pain to make custom knuckle/hubs. While making then was not out of the question the thought of adding probably a ten week delay on top of the current delays had him look into post mount calipers. Which resulted in the aquisition of the Brembos of which you can see one of on the RHS of the image. These will be infinitely easier to mount. Just picking them up they seem about the same weight (of course the scales will tell for sure and it is quite certain the weight of either will be less than the Sirion calipers now mounted). The pistons are a bit smaller on the Brembo but the ones in the USBrakes are way overkill (both are overkill). A smaller piston USBrake F33i (they really are quite big compared to the Appluase ones I have on and would be a massive front upgrade of the current fronts) was considered for the rear. But something different again is here and if the decision is made to use them you’ll here it here. The most expensive thing in the photos is the AP racing curved vane and slotted 290mm rotor. What is the rotor off? Nothing, it is a part from their “racing” section of the catalogue. But what is the Brembo off? If you want to know you have to make a guess and post a reply. If you get it right Gormsby will let you know. This is the second of this type of quiz on this thread and @evilhighway is one for one. Here’s another image to help with solving the riddle. There is one regular of h the forum in a good position to come across these more so than anyone else.


Im guessing Im going to get this worng but thay are very similar to the Mx6 ones I had on my 2 wheel steering mx6 I had. So I will say they are from that era whether mx6 or 5 or something else I will say Mazda hahahaha. Not really a direct guess but more of a lean towards that brand an also because I have heard the mx5 brakes are direct fit for some of the Mk2 and 3 suzuki Gti’s


Not even warm. Nice effort though. Remember this are a std Brembo post mount.


Hmmm…imma take a shot…PORSCHE?


Nice effort. I do have a set of Boxster/Cayman calipers which are Brembos and post mount also (plus I have sets of Subaru four spots in Brembo and Sumitomo, and Mazda Series 4 Rx7 alu four spots [tiny pistons]). But I was surprised by how small the pistons are and had expected the Porsche ones to be at least as big as the Subaru Brembo pistons. Will post pics.

A really good guess. But no not Porsche.


Im going to have a guess that the brembo is off a BMW M series?


I’m sorry FrAsErTaG but you are not correct. Thank you for making an attempt.


ok Im going to try taking a wild wild guess and try usinga hint of the writing on the caliper and say renault? The thing that puzzle’sme though is the pin through the pad setup. I feel I know it and I thought is was from the mazda family hence why said mazda to begin with.


Fg6 falcon?


OK how about a Honda?


Mr Evil you are correct in saying Renualt. Well done. But from what model? Hint, there is some more writing that will tell.


yeh its megane :slight_smile: I think


Congratulations evilhighway. They are off of a renault megane sport 225 (and same as fitted to the Megane Cup).
Purchased from the UK. Much cheaper than Willwood or other things I looked at. Seem to be a good supply and range of brake pads.


Yayyyyy the meg on the caliper gave it away being a reno too. :slight_smile:


It’s not as if Gormsby thinks he would have been able to identify all the calipers shown here. And there is no suggestion that anyone must have a go at guessing or that failure to guess implies any cogntive deficency. Have a bit of fun though and see if you can guess what these rears are from.
They are remarkably like those Brembos from an STI Subaru. The casting is slightly different and it seems they take a larger piston. If this is so and if the lugs are the same as Subaru then they might end up on the Liberty and the STI Brembos on the Liberty will go on the Mira. The Manufacturer’s name of the car these are off is obscured by the plier handle. These do not match the Renault fronts so well if you consider the front caliper that go with these rear Brembos is quite a bit bigger and as such you can consider that the car is larger than a Subaru Liberty/Legacy.
They are not Porsche items.
Here’s another hint, your thinking might need to be a bit more obscure.
They are circa 2005 and the car had 80 000miles on it. Seeing the pictures of it Gormsby thought it quite a shame that such a car was to be scrapped. But so must be the case for a complex exotic that becomes hard to trace faults and niggles in. Long live the simple Daihatsu.


Sooo…ummm…when you gonna boost the mira :sweat_smile:. With all this increase in braking, MY GOOOOSH; Awesome man. Can’t wait to see them fabricated on


No point having all these bits unless it gets put together. After that it’ll get run a bit with the current engine. Prior to more power will be a full cage. To go with forced induction it would need to have a capacity reduction as the racing class system has a 1.7x factor for turbo and supercharger systems. This will put the car into the 1600-2000cc class. The bits are here to take it to 1150cc. And every one knows 1150cc x 1.7 is sub 2000cc.