Not quite track. Mr Gormsby's L200


Oh, the engine and, I guess engine loom looked like they were under cover on the footpath. Otherwise everything else save some small sections of body work, trailing arms and subframe are already gone to metal scrap. He should be back from Japan in a few days


Sick leave mumbo jumbo! :wink: Good to see you are well enough to do some work on the Mira again.



I wouldn’t count on old Gormsby going AWOL boys. I haven’t had a day of sick leave in my life. You won’t find me running off to the P.P.T. bloody A, going on strike, holding balloons, singing nursery rhymes so I can get a payrise, extra holidays, tangi leave… and a warm flannel to wipe my boyfriend’s bottom with!

Oh the shame! Gormsby may never live this down. Might have to tease him for a while by calling him “Steve or Mudgeway”.


Oh good to hear ,thank you Mr G


A little progress today. Slots milled in the lock rings and spring seats (all ganged together on a threaded strut leg). Six slots and should have been 60deg apart. This is a slow and tedious job on a manual mill, even with an X axis autofeed.

Hopefully tomorrow’s job will be threading the ID on the open end seen in the image to accept a M43 x 1 glare nut which holds the Koni internals in.


Will the Koni insert being used have adjustsble dampening?


External rebound via the strut top. But also attempting to see if external bump control can be added at the base.


AN6 fittings added to the fuel rail and other fuel system parts readied to install tomorrow


As always Gormsby, very nice work.


Just not going to have it ready for Lakeside. Could only find one M43 x 1 gland nut for the struts and among all the other things to get done there has not been time to make another nut. Gormsby will just have to get the old Subaru Liberty wagon ready and run around the track with action cameras mounted front and rear.


are these coilover type springs?


Yes. 2 1/2" ID


Having run the Subaru instead of the Daihatsu at Lakeside there has been a little bit of inspiration to ensure it will be ready for any future comp in that a set of 18" x 8" rims and 225/40/18 race radials are en-route to Gormsby’s place. The Daihatsu too also has parts coming in the mail, and other bits are sitting ready to fit up (and some things awaiting some machine work). Some big brake items are here, as in four spot calipers (US Brake F88i, though I have another option again that has popped up) and floating 285mm (AP discs), Brembos for the rear are in the mail (was going to use US Brake F33I), all the AN6 fuel stuff is ready to mount, and much more. However, uni studies will mean no more work until after 15th Sept. At around $2500 per subject, having paid for and completed all but one subject if Gormsby does not pass this last one it’s over $10 000 down the drain. So all will continue to be quite quiet here (maybe some pics of the parts in inventory awaiting fitment) for a couple of months after which he has may have more surgery, and then, there will be a flurry of activity on the Mira - promise!


How’d you go at lakeside? I’ve only driven it once in my 180 but I fucking loved that track… To be fair it was the first ‘full size’ track that I had driven but none the less had a great time… I remember the first time I held it flattish through turns 3/4/5 and it was truly incredible…


From the Karousal down into Hungry is a hoot! Great track indeed. Most of the other tracks I’ve driven are flat. The rise and fall in elevation make for extra fun.

Took the '89 Liberty Wagon. Got down into the 1min12sec in the last session with one lap just into the 1min11sec, just. I was really happy with that considering I only had street tires (400 wear). Had a front wheel spin problem trying to get through Eastern Loop, so stiffer rear springs or a front LSD would help there, but so would HP, tires… Even with a big run onto the front straight I barely touched 170km/h on my fastest lap.


I completely forgot to use the app lol. not that it would have got a good time anyway. Because I was sidelinded @Michael_Arnold and roughly I timed one of Tash’s Lap’s and she was got approximately 1min 30sec which i think was pretty good for a 3cyl N/A Charade.


Jesus mate a 1.12 is a very decent time on street tyres… I’d have to find my racechrono data from the day buy I believe I was 1.04 or something around there… Remember I had 285 z221’s on and 300hp at the wheels in a 1100 kilo car… Good time out of thr liberty for sure!


The $72 new 215/50/17 Achillies ATR Sport are rubbish. It had rained that night and I was really concerned about driving in the wet. I’d like to think it would be 3-4sec quicker with good tires. I could have gone a fraction of a second faster being a bit braver holding flat going onto the straight but at the breifing they’d commented about taking care their as a few people were collecting the wall due to some recent resurfacing. With not a great deal of power one reallly has to keep momentum everywhere.


First time out I set the start and finish line GPS location as the spot I was staged on. It didn’t work. After that session I leaned right out over the wall in hte pits at the straight. After that it worked treat. In that last session where I caught/sat behind/stayed with the three Suzuki the GPS times matched there responder times showing I was faster while catching up and then same times as the group tail. My speedo indicated 18So e0 was shown to be 170 by the GPS. Thanks to whoever it was that put us onto that app, even the free version is a great thing.


Bit late on reply. I didn’t have an app or the timer. But, was behind Adam who had a timer. We had a great little battle going. Best time for him for that session was a 1:16.1. I think I was a bit faster and had better brakes. His lines and mid corner speed was better though. I’d like to think I would’ve been in the 1:15s with another session under my belt.