Not quite track. Mr Gormsby's L200


Here are some K frame images. Instead of going back and inserting them in chronological order they are being placed here. None show the completed product and welding is incomplete. It was finished with a combination of mig and tig.


Koni Sport adjustable 1 7/8" spring coil over struts partly done.

Test fit of wheels shows nothing unexpected - massive clearance issues. Can be resolved with time, cutting, fab and welding.

It’s not about what things look like. It’s all about grip.


from the picture you have all the stance people drooling lol but seriously in the second pic it looks like for the outside you could trim inline with the top of the flat part of guard and follow it down to get the outside clearance. I guess inside is a different story.


The front of the guard and the rear of the bar hit with any steering lock. It was surpising that the top edge of the guard seems to clear. With the front guard off, and pushing the bumper out ot the way, the steering angle is limited severely. There is not enough bump travel already and it would be nice for the “track” to get it another 50mm lower if possible. There rear has enough tire clearance to do that with the 195/50/15 (trailing arms will foul though - so there’s more work). Perhaps some pics and info next to show the work done on the rear.
Since people like pictures here’s a recent one where friends had a go at lowering it for ol’ Gormsby.


Possibly the last time on 13"s and a club outing. Thanks to Mr and Mrs Evil for the last pic (and for coming out for the day). It was the “come and try” Holden Sporing Car Club Motokhana (HSCC is just a name basically they run most Motokhanas and bitumen Khanacrosses in Southeast Qld). Mr and Mrs Gormsby and Louis all had turns driving the car and it was fun. Gormsby had not done one of these since selling the Datsun 1200 ute about twelve years ago. This is definitely something all Daihatsu people should have a go at - at least once!

Here’s the tow car and trailer for events. EJ25 11:1 compression in an ol’ 1989 Liberty wagon with Semi slicks, Brembo STI brakes and a good elec brake controller makes for a fairly good tow car.

Note the big gap in the Mira’s rear wheel arches. We might look at the details of this mod in this thread really soon. The gap is to be filled, but suffice to say it’s about wheel travel and clearance.

The car had not been run for a while. Handbrake did not work so well at all. Could be the tiny pistons in the Applause rear calipers. It had a 0.625" master cylinder and a 10:1 leverage ratio (normally 7 or 8:1 should be enough). All brakes being changed hopefully in time for a the HSCC Khanacross in May (if not Gormsby will just run the Subaru - which placed 13th out of a field of 41 at the last event beating a lot of big power turbo cars - sticky tires and driving like it was a rental car or like it was stolen was key). Big rotors coming, alu four spots are on the shelf for the front and the matching four spots for the rear were ordered tonight to replace the Sirion/Applause set up. Bit of flex in the transmission tunnel with hand brake operation so this might need looked into and may necessitate a complete redesign.

The quick steering is really nice. Running with the viscus LSD is a bit of compromise compared to the clutch version (that’s at work in pieces awaiting new bearings). Car would not run in the latter part of the day and seemed to be fuel starvation. And yes the in tank fuel pump strainer was completely clogged.


So the strainer was completely clogged that explains it completely. It was trying hard to keep going. It was fun attending and seeing you with the biggest smile on your face all day :smile:


We have to get you out there too!

Yeah, strainer was not good at all. For the first runs it pulled okay in first. But in the morning when Louis and I drove out to the front gate it felt dead in second and would not pull like it normally does in third. So as you know in the last couple of tests it died after getting off the line. You and I checked everything we could get at. If I could have gotten at the pump I’d have done that. Well now I’ll be able to.

Just need to clear out the back of a spare Mira and use that same section as a mold to make a carbon fiber cover and put in dozen rivnuts around the edge of the hole seen in the above picture to screw it down onto. I have a brand new 2003 factory WRX pump that has a huge and more modern design strainer that can go in. The tank is cut down and has extra baffles in it, and dirt too. So it will get a an application of KBS Gold Fuel Tank Sealer (which is said to be good for E88). The tank is a pain to pull out and it will be a joy to have access to the pump.


This is pretty epic man, I’d also love to hear more about that gen 1 liberty.


I was amused by your Applause handbrake comments!

This was for me one of the disappointments’ of upgrading my rear drums to Applause rear discs, as to be honest the drums were much better for doing handbrake skids.

And then after the upgrade my Mrs didn’t pull my handbrake up that well and my car ended up rolling down our drive and hitting a fence post!

Out of interest MX5’s use the same caliper, and MX5 owners don’t rave about them either.


Drums typically have more bite. Drive a really old historic race car with big drums - they stop really well, once, let them cool, repeat. Drums cannot vent gases, especially since the linings cover most of the braking surface, hence discs are “better”.

Wow, thanks for the valuable info about the MX5 caliper. There is variation between them though. I read that some MX5s with ABS are something like 1.375" and non-abs 1.25". A quick check on ebay did show that the for one of the MX5 models the caliper is a part shared with the Appluase but the bore was stated in on ad as 30mm or 1.18". So a 1.375" (if the same casting) might be the thing to put in a Daihatsu for more rear bias. I’ve been too lazy to measure the Daihatsu ones since I didn’t see much point. If I’d known about MX5 I’d have looked into that. Instead I’ve ordered alu 4 spot race only ones with no dust/water seals (but I noted the seller has not responded to my online order).

It would be possible to change the leverage of the mechanical handbrake pivot which is located on the caliper. But this is a bit different to the problem in this build. The handbrake has its own master cylinder (inline). The ratio of its bore to the slave cylinder bore (caliper piston) is critical. Relative to each other the sizes are too close. 15mm bore master and 30mm diameter slave. really is the lower limit of what might worked.


I found out about the Applause / MX5 calipers when I was looking for info on how to do a rebuild, there is a good video on YouTube.

I do recall them being 30mm pistons. The pistons are also the same as some of the 90s 626 Mazdas.

If you are running a hydraulic handbrake then that is quite different.


Back to the fitting of decent sized tires.

These were a little to big

So down a size

A little bit of cutting here

And more cutting there too

Was going to look stupid and attract way to much attention so a big section of outer guard was removed. This would latter be folded up under the tubs. A little more outer will be put back and a slight bit of sublte flareing added.

More than enough tire for the back.

Can you figure out what is happening here?

In the end it was not the best solution and if done again another route would be chosen to gain the same effect

Big hole saw on a drill press with a suction base type clamp made simple work of this and only needed finishing with a flap wheel burr. Was a pain making the threaeded adjusters for this was outsourced to one of Gormsby’s friends with a really big lathe.

Came together little by little over about four weeks

Quite a bit of work in all fo this. Should be able to fit 225s on 8" rim after all.

Something a bit different here as far as L200s are concnered. All for the better though and room for Lotus Super Seven style/size adjustable dampers.

Black primer for now but will end up white

On to the front next.


非常に素晴らしい仕事氏 Gormsby。
決してあなたはそれを tubbed 実現。



Great work Gormsby :wink:


Sorry to hijack the thread was just testing the translator :slight_smile:


Cool as a cucumber!

Looking over all this afternoon. Front tubs are a significant task. Probably not as much work as the back. Might try to do them with the engine in (not much room to work around here).


all I got was Gormsby and tubbed :blush:


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Something about a wonderful job Gormsby. Unforgetable tubs, the realisation of this was difficult.
Cool as a cucumber.


Ahh. Just noticed the little globe! Wow, great work FrAsErTaG