Not quite track. Mr Gormsby's L200


Pretty busy with work related stuff for the next week, so here’s one last post until the week after next.

Newest toy at work is a twin head laser cutter 130w/engraver25w CNC type machine. Is already working out great for gaskets. Here is an EJ-DE inlet manifold gasket test for size with the material being a manilla folder.

The image shows cutting a 5mm sheet of Teflon for an EJ-DE manifold gasket. The small circles being cut out are for seating under the flange washers to further insulate the inlet manifold from the heat of the head. Forgot to get a picture before mounting on the car and should have done a before and after temperature check. Touch wise the manifold certainly feels cool after running the engine. Attention to many little details like this all add up to a whole that is out of the ordinary. “It’s easy to get power by adding a turbo…but to get significant power gains from an NA engine is a hard route to take”.

A note here on ejde maniolds. There is a variation that has the water outlet blocked. On one versin water flow out of the far driver’s side of the manifold for the heater. The fact that one version has no coolant come out should mean water does not have to reticulate through the heater system and the heater can be omitted.


More great mods Gormsby. Thanks for sharing :wink:


beaut fab work mate


Hope to get onto some tubing of the front this weekend. Need to have the car ready for a Khanacross on the 21st. Previously (as seen in the thread) the car has used shortened “wet” Koni inserts in short Sirion legs. In doing this the strut shaft looses some overlap as it moves within the lower bushings. To go much lower again - and have it handle rather than be just “stance [impractical] rubbish” - would compromise handling. How does one make more room for longer struts and yet run the car lower getting the CG down as far as the racing rules allow? Stay tuned for not just tubing the front but probably also raising the strut towers also. Damn I wish I could keep the thing looking like this, so unasuming and pathetic looking.


Awesome work ahead Mr Gromsby!


Not much been happening here other than measuring and planning. Space has been an issue and with there being barely any room to move it’s “clean up time”. With regard to the car some work is eking along on the fuel tank, a hole in the floor for access to the fuel pump, looking into AN6 fittings and a new pump for (one day) E85.


Oh no . I apologise for not keeping up with your post s Mr Gormsby and I’m sort of glad or I may have taken a dime view on the negatives directed at either your method or you personally .
Please Mr G if a critique has a valid point they are not a critique but merely passing on useful information and thanks would do well . If a critique has a personal view they are not a critique and it is then your choice to take offense or not :mask:


What pump you looking at e85? I assume something Luke a Walbro gss342 would be enough? I believe it’s 255lph or something around there…


Something like that or a Raceworks 265lph. Way to much capacity really. Since I now have an access hole and can get at the pump without removing the tank I am thinking of putting the std pump back in with a new decent fuel mat for the time being. I have some crappy AN6 Chinese fitting in heaps of angles and am looking at the routeing. I’ve made fuel pump carrier to bolt to the top of the tank that has a cup shape to sit the 90deg bends low and not to proud of the tank. When I have it all plumbed will go out and get some Speedflow fittings and hose.


Not to much to report. Have been collecting parts in readiness for having time to get “onto it”. Should have all the AN6 fittings and parts for the fuel lines soon. The plan is to use a hard anodized fuel line and return line flared to fit AN6 fittings. Oh, a word on such fittings using Chinese ones is risky. Yes they are cheap but the cost of them not sealing and breaking is a high price to pay and when it happens (not “if”) you’ll wish you’d gone to quality items. Best ones out them seem to be Speedflow (Aeroflow are Chinese whereas Speedflow are Australian and much stronger). The good ones are six or seven times the price of Chinese ones. Their are other brands out there, for this project the straight items are Raceworks and each and every bend is Speedflow. Pics to come when the assembly begins. So much to do - fuel, tubs, front struts and some electrical work, are just the tip of the ice berg.
Here is a pic of the tank upside down. Note the sectioned area of the tank for the exhaust. It will be resprayed black, but the silver that can be seen is special paint from the inside for sealing in readiness for E85 to stop corrosion.

Here is the top of the fuel carrier. It’s a custom job made from two bits of steel pressed into shape and braised together. The cup shape provides a recess for the AN6 fittings such that the pipes slip below floor level. Tank of course will be accessible through a removable section of floor. Hard to see properly but the front fitting is a strong chunky Speedlfow whereas the rear is a spindly Aeroflow (that won’t be used).


Oooooo I can feel the excitement building ,getting abit closer MrG .not too long I hope!


Going by the listings we have for them at work the mazda mx5 rear caliper piston is 31.7mm
and the applause one is 30.1mm so only .6 difference


if your interested I can give you the part number for 35mm mx5 rear calipers. will have to wait until Monday though we have public holidays here today and tomorrow


I’m good for now. Currently looking at some small alu four pot or alu twin pot for the rear. But thank you.


Last university paper for the semester is done and ready to submit. So I’ll be back into it this weekend. Building coil overs for 1 7/8" springs using Koni sport wet inserts is next.


Fuckkk I don’t miss uni at all… I did a double degree with honours in both so was there six years hahaha, I did like sleeping in though thsts for sure…

Whens your next event Gormsby? I’m gonna aim to get my car finished by the end of July so I can enter the sprint we have on the Townsville V8 supercar track…


FINALLLY; on the forum.

Just love the loads of engineering in this build. Keep up the awesome work


Really wanna see some in car action when this is driving :heart_eyes:


Missed a Khanacross last weekend. Had hoped to be at Mt Cotton Hill climb a couple of times already. At the moment only the Daihatsu Lakeside event on mycalendar. Lots to do and need to do some on road testing before then just to get some basic teething figured.


Yeah that’s unfortunately the way motorsport is… I remember for a few seasons in a row things on my 180 would break literally the night before an event which resulted in staying up all night under the car getting it ready…

Track time is worth it though…