One new Tiny family member!

Afternoon Everyone!

Brand new Dai owner here :slight_smile:

This is my current, daily nugget (excuse the terrible photo, only one i have right now, will post more later!):

1994 Mira L201 2 Door


As for me, i’m Aaron. Love small cars and snowboarding. I work in Collections in Sydney and I’m 26! (late bloomer for a P plater due to reasons haha). In my limited ownership thus far I’m pretty stoked will the tiny Dai! It’s my first Daihatsu and i’m genuinely pleasantly surprised everyday. Mine has the 600cc, EFI head, 5 spd and its a TWO DOOR!
Recently picked up a second one as i needed parts, and we all know the parts are super hard to find.

Which brings me to the true purpose of the post!

The second one i got over the weekend for parts is a 91’ 2 Door running the (i think) 800cc carby motor with the 4spd manual. Motor has bad comp on 1 cylinder (1 or 3 unsure) and previous owner thinks the gearbox is done. Runs rich as hell also. Car still runs and drives (drove it home from Penrith to Campbelltown, wasn’t pretty but it made it).

I’m mostly in need of the exterior panels and some interior things. I’ll also be taking the suspension and alternator (it’s brand new). Everything coming off parts car will end up on mine so i’ll have spares from there too.

In a roundabout way (sorry for long post) if anyone needs a part for an L200, let me know and i may be able to help you but act fast as i can’t store the thing beyond the long weekend.

Also open to sell whats left as a whole, as a rolling shell but will need towing as will be sans alternator/battery by that point.

Cheers guys :smiley:


Welcome. I see an L700 or 3cyl M100 in your future as parts cars too (brakes, some suspension and engine)


An L700 is a Cuore right?

As for the M100, is it similar to a G100?

I’m not really sure its direction right now… Wider wheels are a high priority but 4x110 is so hard to find its insane. Any suggestions? Even just a wider steelie would make me happier while i order something from japan.

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Welcome to the forum :smiley: yes the L700 is the Cuore, the M100 is the 3 cyl 1L Sirion and the G100 is the 3cyl Charade. Wider wheels come up every now and then, if you are on facebook join the L2D page and also the Daihatsu Mira Club Australia page, or if you don’t mind flared guards look at early rx7 wheels but they will stick out about 40 - 50mm from stock guards so i found out :wink:

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Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: fun little cars

Rear drums from L700 or M100 are the easiest part of a 100pcd conversion. Front requires L700 control arms. Keep the L200 sway bar and bring all the other suspension across. Hardest part is figuring drives haft lengths. One factory one will go in. The other may or will need a custom shaft.

Hmmm so what your saying it’s resonably achievable but one part is very, very tedious?
Like almost everything on this car thus far :joy:
But being able to access 4x100 wheels would make me pretty damn happy at this point!

Not tedious really just a mix n match of other dai parts, search 4x100 swap on the forum as i am pretty sure there is a write up on what’s involved :slight_smile:

You end up with far better brakes, a extra degree neg camber, a safer wheel bearing system and just nicer car to drive. Handling wide leave front springs std but double or triple rear rate

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Having a look now and seems manageable. I guess the hard part is finding a resonably priced donor L700. Only Charades at Pick n Payless I’m afraid. Anyone on the forum have the parts that you guys know of?

As for springs. Parts car has king springs and sits maybe a cm lower than my one. Ride feels much much better but unsure of spring rate. Going to put them in on the weekend too.

Do rear first and try. Std frt are 120lb per inch.

That would make the most sense yeah.
Though in saying that, I’m fairly certain just based on feel that the front suspension is not so happy on my one. I think the struts might be on the way out and it just feels loose and sketchy.
Figured it couldn’t possibly be worse with the front suspension from the parts car.

Can always change it back if no improvement. Thankfully don’t need to change springs and such, just drop the whole unit in.

Yeah, the struts on mine had worn bushings, leaked and did not have much damping. I did the time wasting thing and machined new internals and 15wt oil. Latter it got Koni inserts. Just keep to the std spring, even if chopping enough to keep captive if lowering (chopped springs not for road use of course :grin:)

The new suspension from PC is only a temporary thing. I will probably go coilovers at some point for a little more low as I don’t want to chop springs. Plus the whole car feels like it leans a fair bit to the passenger side even on flat roads. That and the front suspension just feels loose and sketchy.

Could it be bushes?
Is there any relatively easy to access suspension bushings that I could replace while I’m at it?
Again as a temporary while I wait to find the 4x100 conversion parts. Not keen to spend 2k plus on an L700.

L200 yoda!
Any thoughts on these wheels?
Offset is unknown but I imagine it would be similar to old rx7 wheels.
I assume 50mm poke beyond the guards.

Thanks in advance :grin:

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They look like HDT copies for a gemini, are you sure the stud pattern is correct?

Seller isn’t a 100 percent on the PCD… states in the add the, I assume, studs are 116mm apart.
Any ideas what stud pattern that would correspond to? Seems close to me but I am no expert.
Its also not crazy far from my place and the seller is happy for me to test fit a wheel before I buy so I thought why not try!

Further to above, I have seen some other ads before for these same wheels listed as 4x110 so that’s why I was somewhat more confident on these wheels’ PCD.
Thanks guys.

Yep rx7 poke 50mm

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Thanks Mokeman.
I believe it was you that mentioned them earlier in the thread.
Do you have any hands on experience with them by chance?
Any issues with guard clearance at full lock and such?
Going to get some cheapy ebay overfenders so i can run them while I locate something less round looking haha
Would greatly prefer a square style overfender as there is nothing round about an L200! :rofl: