Project Müllheim, L276 Resurrect work

Hi. I have recently bought a L276 1.0 complete version with A/C left in a bush for longer than a year . She is one owner from 2009 new till 2023. After that see above

I picked it up now and its filthy

Need to do a lot on this car.

Towed it back from Freiburg am Breisgau back due cheap price:

Will post later more pictures.


Picked car up in the rainstorm 17-05-2024
Fuelled car full to cap with 102 Aral Ultimate (35L filled)
Washed car off all the green stuff 17-05-2024
Importing car process 18-05-2024
rear light bulbs and licence plate light replaced 18-05-2024
Overfilled oil drained and 10W60 + ATF 0.3L added to clean the sludge. 18-05-2024
Spark plugs replacement with OEM 31-05-2024
Valve cover opened to clean sludge 31-05-2024
Airfilter replacement 01-06-2024
A/C empty (regassed 300gr)
A/C Condensor replacement due stone chips 01-06-2024
PCV replaced 01-06-2024
OEM wheels bought 02-06-2024
Rear shocks replaced with Aygo ones 03-06-2024
Floor mats replaced with matching ones 05-06-2024
Front shocks, springs, top bearing and rear springs replaced 06-06-2024
Front brake pads replaced and checked all other brake discs and shoes (front discs are new)(rear shoes are almost new 06-06-2024
Shift knob replaced 07-06-2024
Wheels replaced with new tyres and 14inch alu wheels: 15-06-2024
Materia 254mm front brakes installed 15-06-2024

To do list:

mirrors inside trim broken
Catalyst separated inside
downpipe replacement
Headlight upgrade to LED projectors
Inside Clean up
Outside cleaning up
Missing rubber from trim
MAP sensor replacement?
sway bar upgrade
hammerrite the underfloor of the car
brake caliper front upgrade to Materia?
welding rear passenger floor


I washed the cuore and drained all the excess oil out.

Inside looks like this:

more pictures:

Today I got my registration and done the condenser of my A/C as preventative maintenance
I also have replaced my spark plugs to OEM.

300gr of r134A and blows ice cold.

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So far so good. Refuelled trice now getting 1:19.2 with A/C on and 130 km/h driving.

Checked brake shoes they are very good for its kms.

Redone rear shocks with Aygo ones (thicker) and had to grind the lower bolts off due rust.
Reinstalled with M12 bolts instead of M14 bolts as oem.

Waiting on Vogt lowering springs

I had a small meet with Project Köln:


lowering springs in.

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I lowered mine Daihatsu and replaced front shocks, shock bearing aswell:

I changed the gearbox oil aswell during this proces.

I also have my floormats in from Germany.

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New wipers both finally and pictures daytime of lowered L276 about 30mm


Installed new shift knob and FM transmitter to use the radio:

Washed the whole car again due dirtiness of storage in a bush.

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Cleaned the map sensor a bit, seems to help.

Will replace it if needed.

There is always a Daihatsu parked near to me when I park.

Got my LEDs and got my midpipe section in:

I also went to Luxemburg to test the fuel economy and 50/50 1:18 so I need to address the Catalyst problem.

Got my spare key back and picked up more parts for brake conversion:


So I got finally my tyres in and got it installed on the wheels:

These are OEM wheels option for the Cuore or Sirion 2:

Why 2 different brand tires if you don’t mind me asking?

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Want to see which brand is better.

So front I put Yokohamas and rear Vredestein. I can switch around to test.

I got my front brakes converted to 254mm Materia:

There is an annoying thing on the slider pen, I always remove it so it wont bind if this rubber fails:

Almost got 1:20 now: