Punk3000's charade g200 (98)


I am punk3000 from holland and i am a proud owner of a g200 charade .
Bought it in april 2019 and wasnt planning on making modfications…
So the first modifications :wink: were a shitload of audio: a pioneer radio and a jbl 6 channel amp, jbl 3 way composet in the front and some jbl 3 way speakers in the back and a 12 inch jbl sub in the boot.
The pioneer recently got replaced by a alpine radio.
After that i put in two seats of a sirion 1.3s.
Took some modification and welding to get them in, we used a mix of charade and sirion parts to get it to fit.
Because i drive like 40-45k a year, i wanted to have beter seats.
Drove around like this for a while and was sure not to change anything else anymore.
So i found a speedo with a rev counter for cheap, so that came in as well.
Had the rear shocks repaced by some new ones, which made it handle a lot better.
So i thought: lets get new front shocks as well.
when you are at it, you better do it well, so some 3 cm lowering springs were ordered as well, springs and shocks are lying around to replace the old shocks and springs in time.
Because the “not going to modify” decision was tossed out the window, i was starting to get a better idea of what i wanted to do with my charade.
Found out that the 1.6 gran move engine is plug and play in the charade and the gran moves brakes are a nice upgrade, so i am starting to look around for a gran move for parts.
It is going to take a lot of time and i am in no hurry.
Got some new rims recently and now my charade is rolling on 14s instead of he 13s.

the rims are of an honda civic, so the caps will be replaced by some daihatsu ones.

TheDutchGuy, who has put an sirion engine into his cuore, sold me another sirion front seat.

The foam on this one is a lot firmer than my current one, which was giving me backpain.
Today i took both my driver seats apart and swapped the part you mount the seat to the floor with. (dont know the english term)

this is the standars sirion bottom.
and this is the charade/sirion mix i made to make it fit the charade
So, thanks to TheDutchGuy, my seating poition is a lot better than it was.In the near future i am going to make sure the front of the seat wil be raised somewhat, so that i get better support for my legs.
Hoping to change the frontshocks and springs, somewhere in okt.


Alway great to see a fellow dutchman getting addicted to Dai’s :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll be waiting for more updates from you!

Im in a sort of dutch L7 owners club, we have some small dai meetings or bbq’s sometimes, so if you ever want to meet up or join our (really fun, maybe slightly chaotic) group you’re more then welcome! Just send me a message.

Nice looking Charade mate!
Its funny how the not going to modify bug get thrown out the window. Good luck with your hunt of a gran move. I believe they are named a Pyzar over here but if I am wrong Im sur someone will correct me, which is always good. :slight_smile:

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This is going to be a long post, because i got some unexpected updates.
Well, today was a pretty weird day.
I recently found out the engine i really wanted, wasnt a gran move engine.
I was ignorant on applause engines, i thought they all had the 105 bhp @ 6000, 134 nm @ 4800 engine, which is too highrevving to my liking, hence the gran move engine i was after.
Turned out i didnt have a good enough look at applause engines.
Because what engine is in the facelift model?
EXACTLY!!! a 1.6 with 99 bhp @ 6000 and 138nm @ 3600.
That is bound to be a much more pleasant engine than the 1.3 with 84 bhp @6500 and 105 nm @5000.
So i went on a search for a facelift applause.
Which really sucks, because at this moment in Holland, i found 4 for sale.
2 pre facelift models and 2 face lift models.
One of them was a 2000 model with 153k on the clock, asking price 1450

Way to expensive and like a 2 hour drive away.
the other one was a half hour drive away and had 129k on the clock, asking price 595

It had 2 owners, (if you count the dealers, it had 5 owners) one had it for about 11/12 years and the other one around 9 years.
I mailed the car dealer saying i was interested in it, but wanted to know if we could talk about the price and if he would accept a down payment of 150 and the rest with my next salary in 2 weeks and the other one 4 weeks later.
He gave me a call pretty fast and was ok with the downpayment and paying the rest in 2 times and was willing to talk about the price.
So i made an appointment to have a look.
i wanted to go for a drive, to see how many rpm the engine makes @ around 100 km/h, it was like 300 rpm less than the charade, so thats nice for highway cruising.
BUT THEN!!! :dizzy_face:The car salesman didnt close the bonnet properly and the flipping thing opened up @ around 100 km/h and hit the windscreen.
So it scared the bejesus out of me, went to the side of the road, slammed the bonnet shut for like 5 times and ended up dropping my not so small ass on it, to force it shut.
Got in the car again and drove back to the car dealer and told him what had happened.
I asked him if we could have a sit and talk about some things (i meant the price obviously)
I told him: are we going to have a lot of talking and beating around the bush or do you want me to get to the point instantly?
Which he wanted, so i made him an offer of 350.
He said he wanted to go down to 500 at first, but now with the bonnet being wrecked he couldnt sell the car anymore,
I said: well, you could have a look at the wreckers for a bonnet? ( as if he would find one, because applauses are pretty much nowhere to be found)
So i told him 400 was my last bid, only it could maybe be 3 months to be able to pay him the rest.
And he was ok with it!!!
We shook hands on it, i made a down payment of 150, got a reciept for it.
On it was the total price of 400 and a mention i was to pay the rest later :grin: :grin: :grin:

The enginebay looks pretty nice and dry, you see the sticker mentioning the distribution belt being replaced 2 years ago.
It also had a pretty new clutch

as you can see the front seats and backseat still look pretty nice, so when i strip the car of its engine and gearbox en everything else i need ( injectors, throttle body ecu, etc etc) i am hopefull i can sell a few bits for some cash.
I really liked the armrest, so i am going to have a look if it is possible to fit it to the charade.

So, that was my way too long of an update, but it was such a weird day, which cost me 3 years of my life and my heart going @ 230 bm for an half an hour, that i thought it was worth it.
But ended up being a owner (to be) of a 129k applause, with new distribution and clutch for like dirtcheap money

Are there any parts worth an upgrade and worth changing over to the charade?
Brakes maybe?
Do the motors for the electric windows fit an charade?
And does the charade have wiring already in the car for electric windows?
Again, i am pretty new to daihatsu, so i would really really really appreciate your knowledge.

Sorry for the long post, but there arent many people open to some crazy daihatsu stories, so there you go :rofl:
have a nice day, bye


wow what a crazy day. Brakes will definitely be an upgrade check to see if you have the rear disc or rear drum. If it is the rear drum do a measure up to see if bigger. If disc it is an upgrade but a lot of people have trouble with the handbrake being horrible after the install. as for anything else engine and gearbox should fit not sure on anything else. It has been years since I had an applause or a chrarade.

Awesome post and as we say down under ‘What a ripper of a yarn…’

Ok, now is the time for me to gather some info.
I have found out some stuff and i want to see if you agree or please correct me.
So when i start the swap, i run in to as less problems possible.
First of all: the driveshafts of my charade with a manual presumably arent going to fit the applause gearbox, so i would need driveshafts of an charade with an automatic gearbox???
The inlet of the 1st model applause is supposed to be a somewhat less restrictive one than the 2nd model ones???
The 1.3 head is a better head than the 1.6?? supposedly because the channels are better? (inlet or exhaust channels? dont know which)
I am not planning on making a racer, so i dont need to get like 150 bhp, but by using the 1.3 head and the 1st model inlet, i hope it would free up some horses and make it breathe a bit better?
It should be possible to leave in the cableloom of the charade and “just” take the 1.3 ecu out and replace it wth the 1.6 ecu?
And i read something about changing the placement of a sensor near the intake?
Sometimes i wish, i just had an vw, because there is a lot more info to find about them and a lot more easy to find :grin:

just a little update: a few weeks ago i bought a set of alloys to go on the charade.
It just had centercaps of an honda, so i ordered some new ones.
tried fitting them and they didnt fit .
So, took the easy way out :grin:

there was a funny thing when i took the “sticker” of (don’t know the proper english term for it)
and turned it around

gently took the daihatsu centrecaps and took the daihatsu sticker of

put on some strong glue and glue it to the backside of the honda wheelcap.
daihatsu wheelcaps.

Noone was ever to notice the silly centeercaps but me, so i had to change it, ofc :angel:


Hi fellow dutchman. My valera has the same colour, nice ride!
Do you have a picture of the alloys on the car?

got 2 of them in the first post, only difference with now is that the honda caps are replaced by daihatsu ones.
There is not really a point in making new pics for that, i gues.
Have you changed anything on your valera?
I am hoping to change the frontshocks this month and put some 3 cm loweringsprings on it as well.
The applause will taken of the road in a while, planning is to do the swap somewhere in march.

I haven’t changed anything yet.
In the trunk are 4 Polo 6N Coilovers, ready to get modified.

Only shitty thing is that the bolts are rusted.

You can mount the charade gearbox to your 1.6 engine and keep your stock driveshafts.
If you change over the 1.3 accessories to the 1.6 block (alternator, starter etc. ) you can use all factory plugs and you can use the 1.3 ECU, it will run a bit rich though.
Not sure about the heads and throttle bodies.
There’s also a sensor (red i believe) in the 1.6 intake, you can take this one out and move the 1.3 sensor to there. I thought that was the sensor which used to be in the air intake box but not sure

i am planning to swap te engine including all the 1.6 accesories and gearbox.
The applause gearbox has my preference, because it makes for a few less rpm on the highway, plus it has a shorter throw and like 50k less kilometers on it.
I know i have to start searching for driveshafts of a charade automatic, which will fit the applause gearbox.
I will use the 1.6 ecu and replace it for the 1.3 ecu.
But i am not in a rush, hoping to do the swap somewhere around march next year.


OK, here we are again!!!
It has been a while and this is going to be a long post.
I have bought another charade and just like how i got the applause, it got a story attached to it.
Like everybody knows, when you want to do a swap, nothing goes as planned and it will always take more time (and money) than you have planned.
The plan was to find a charade automatic , so i could use the driveshafts to fit the applause gearbox.
And use the car as a base to swap the engine into it, without having to take my daily of the road.
So i found this one

It has a electric windowroof, electric (tinted) windows, a nice spoiler and it was an automatic.
The doorsils are rustfree and aparently some rust had been removed around the wheelarches (hence the black paint)
It has the same colour as my daily, so i can swap over its fenders to replace the different coloured fenders.
Via mail the seller told me that the car probably had a blown head gasket and a bearing in the block was on its way out.
But it came with a few extra parts: another cilinder head, throttle body, an automatic gearbox, headlights, rearlights, a bag with some other electric window switches ( the switches in the car for the passenger window are broken) and some little stuff

Originally his asking price was 400 euro, but after he told me about the headgasket and the bearing on its way out, we agreed on a price of 150 euro.
So me and my mate went there, so after a 150 km 1.5 hour drive we arrived.
I wanted to have a testdrive to see if the car went straight when driving and braking hard.
My thought was: it probably has had damage, thats why the fenders and the frontbeam in the enginebay were a different colour and the front bumper was non painted, while the rearbumper was.
We were driving and i did a brake test, it went straigh, so all seemed fine.
It only stalled, which an automatic shouldnt do of course
Started to notice a 'metaly" sound.
Drove some more and the car didnt go above 70 km/h.
Approached a roundabout and the car would die on me.
So there we were, standing next to a car whose engine just seized, tried starting and it would just only make a click and that was it, the startermotor cant really start when the engine is seized, now can it? :rofl:

Called the seller, told him what had happened and he came to tow us back.
I still wanted to have the car, because i coulndt care less about the engine.
So i made an offer of 125 and no costs to put it on my name and he agreed. (a lot of sellers charge you like 15 euro for it)
My friend and i went to the local gaststation and got a towingcable.

So we had a 1.5 hour trip back :laughing:
One charade towing the other.
Went to the farmer where the applause is stalled and parked the charade behind his big brother.

Because i have sirion seats in my charade, the colours of the seats dont match the backseats colour, but this charade has the “luxury interior” :smirk: with its headrests and nicer black colour it fits the sirions seats way better.
thats a nice bonus as well.

So for now i have a donorcar and a car to put everything in.
Planning to take of the spoiler, sand it down and spraypaint it, it used to be the same colour as the car, but the paint came of, so now it looks black, while the bottom of the spoiler is painted.


Nice project man and well played on price. I haven’t see towing like that in years. I have done it many times but believe its pretty much illegal to do here now.

i don’t know if it is illegal here in holland, but i did anyway :slight_smile:
Only thing was it had no more MOT (apk), because i didnt read the advert well enough.
Thought it had MOT till 8-8-21, but it was 8-8-20 :rofl:
But it doesnt matter anymore, it is suspended for now.

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In The Netherlands it’s legal to tow a vehicle like this. One exeption is that you are not allowed to tow on the highway like this. If the police sees this you get to pay a big fine.

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Didnt got caught doiing it :slight_smile:

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Ok, got some questions.
i dont know exactly what to do, problem being which ecu to use.
if i use the charade one, what do i need to do?
how do i fool the ecu, it not being an automatic anymore, because i am going to manual.
and if i use the applause ecu: do i need to swap over also the immobiliser?

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if you use the auto ecu the easiest way is to keep the auto wiring connected and make sure the switch is in neutral. I did that with my move at first and then I worked out which wire from the switch was the neutral trigger followed it back far enough to not use the gearbox wiring and earthed it and that gave the signal it was in neutral and was never a problem again.