Sirion AWD conversion/ autocross build


wow good job man sounds very tedious. well done for the perseverance but you have shown that all through your build so I know you are a very patient person.


Thanks :+1: I never used to be a patient person, maybe its the german mentality slowly rubbing off on me :sweat_smile: Ive also been in touch with some slalom guys on a facebook page and asked a few questions about how the classing works here and licencing ect. By the looks of things with the awd install I might be stuck in a particularly high class, so it might be difficult to be competitive. The motorsports handbook is not particularly clear about awd, only that it is only allowed if in particular classes if the original model was released with awd, but the paragraph is written slightly different in the chapters for some of the different classes so I need to get in touch with the appropriate authorities for clarification. In any case when all else fails I can race in group H which from my understanding is basically anything goes aka the big boys…
If thats the case I thing the sirion might need to lose a bit more weight lolol


Same problem when I run the Subaru wagon. Being awd means being thrown in with WRX STI, EVOs, Audi RS4s and so on. Managed third in class last event. The big hp cars take to long to get going in short events and have trouble slowing. Right foot on the throttle left on the brake and drive two footed, only flicking the left foot to the clutch to come to a complete stop. Your attention to detail will hold you in good stead, and you may also find the small car surprises many by being able to change direction quickly.


Thanks for the words of wisdom MrG :smiley: this reminds me, I still need to get my throttle body shipped over to you. By eyeballing the profile of the new cam im pretty confident its not going to help the torque situation at all, ill need to do the tb and work a bit of magic with the exhaust to make up for that. The problem is I dont know how ill be able to send it without having to pay tax on the estimated value of it when it returns (border control here is a bitch, I got raped when the cam arrived) and I think declaring it as a gift is a bit suss and saying you did the work for free sounds suss too. Im also having problems with the front suspension (still :frowning_face: ) things were looking up for a while there with bilstein but technical support say they dont have a list of avaliable dimensions for the 34mm inserts or 39mm cartridges, everything is referenced to make and model, last contact I had with them thay asked me to send a drawing of what I need and theyll look for something that will work, I sent them a 2d cad drawing a few weeks ago and havnt had any contact from them since :frowning_face: its going to be a struggle with the first event bookmarked for 2nd of april and I still need to organise rear brakes, some decent tyres, and im hoping to also get a fuel return line installed along with an adjustable fpr so I can make up for small amount of leaning after the ecu has been overclocked.
Also I was wondering if you guys use the same regulations over there, here we use FIA international regulations? If so then maybe the english version of the handbook could shed some light on how the awd affects the different vehicle classing…


Instead of the FIA we have the Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS).

Maybe we source a throttle body over here for me to machine.

I’d just try to get your fuel line and rear brakes done then run the car as you have it just to get a sense of the whole package.


Great to see that cam going in. My old sirion felt like it had a bit more torque through the middle of the rev range with it installed, about the same down low though. Sorry, I thought I mentioned that we fine tuned the clearances by machining the shims, as it was easier than finding the right buckets.

Excited to see the finish product.


@Mr_Gormsby yes im trying my best to atleast have it running and registered by april, it will be a squeeze though. Getting the tb to you is the easy part, getting back here is the tricky part, they class car parts as commercial products and that comes with 21% import tax and a processing fee. Im not sure when id be back in Australia to pick it up personally.

@b_hoves yes you did mention that but for any reason it slipped my mind, in any case they got the job done :smiley:


Finally some luck with bilstein, had to do the hard work myself though, scoured the internet for hours last night and found someone list the dimensions for the mk1 golf cartriges. They are an inverted monotube insert from the B6 series, with pretty agressive valving.
Here is the standard sirion strut (it was my first time using 2D cad, so not the best drawing, and after being converted to .png it lost a bit of quality)

And here is the cartrige

I need to double check my travel but I think its a goer however the bump stop probably needs to be shortened a little, and I should be able to chop the end off an old strut that has a threaded top and weld it on to the sirion strut.


The Bilstein will need it’s shaft bolted through the bottom of the strut. Something like an M12 x 1 thread. The top just has a push over the top seal that is held in an alu collar.


I think this particular cartridge is held in place by the top nut


Very good. I’ve not seen one like that. No thread coming out the bottom I suppose.


Yeah I dont think they have a thread on the bottom to mount in the strut housing, I didnt take that photo its just a sample photo from a porsche 944 forum. I need to double check that its not going to bottom out, then order a set. I think I might be able to order them through work for a good price. Will keep you updated


you’re putting in some great work! :+1: did you decision on the number plate?


I haven’t had any luck yet, I keep looking every now and then hoping something I like becomes available.


A little more progress :smiley:



wow so different to seeing the non awd version of doing this.
Do you have to bore out the centre of the plate like we have had to? or is yours easier?
I was playing around with 4x114.3 conversion on the back of my mira yesterday an had ther rear wouked out bar one bearing for the outside drum. Fronts i believe will be easier than the 4x100 conversion for a mira as they share the same lca mount between swift (90’s models) and mira but the long drive shaft again may be the issue.


It was pretty easy, the biggest thing was the abs sensor, but that was relatively straightforward also. I saw a YouTube video about this, I think it was from you?


Progress has been relatively slow, but I managed to get one side more or less finished :smiley:


nice work man looks awesome