The build thread of Awsten

Hi all

So as you have seen I recently picked up a L251 for the my daughter to learn to drive in, that’s still a few months away so have some time to “pimp” it to P plate liking.

The car has been badged as Awsten after a singer my daughter enjoys.

After fixing the problem with the drive shaft it’s driving well and not leaking a drop of oil with only 91k on the clock.

it is painted in Raptor Liner Paint for something different :slight_smile:

Things planned:
Tint windows
Central locking
Major service (timing belt and water pump)

This thread will just be for documenting what we do.


First mod, some sick wheel covers

And the awsten badging


Well today I got stuck into the stereo install

Using a Toyota Boon iso plug, no cutting or splicing of wires required.

Removed factory speakers and connectors

Met this little guy along the way

Fitted 5.5" speaker, could have gone bigger but the price was right


Next up on the list was a score off gumtree for $20

Reverse camera + dashcam rear view mirror.

It’s not finished just yet but getting there

Installed the wiring on the reverse light

Since the back of the car has the plate so low and no edges higher up to mount the camera under I decided to mount it inside

Wiring was run to the front via the roof lining

Next up is to get the power to the mirror but that’s tomorrow’s task, I don’t plan to use the cigarette lighter for power since that makes the install quite messy.


nice work man and great gummie find.

So today I got stuck into the wiring for the mirror power.

Using a mini blade fuse power converter as power source

The results are great although can’t take a good photo really


How’s the raptor finish on that thing?

I briefly considered it as a daily thrasher while looking for a cuore.

its certainly different, odd texture and the matt gray colour.

It has been done well though, its been sprayed inside and out.

It was the texture that put me off it in the end.

I’m sure it’s great as a first car, easy to care for and hides blemishes but just wasn’t enticing enough for me to get down to Canberra from Brisbane.

Did you get a look at the blokes kombi? :eyes:

The convertible bug? I didn’t see it as it was under cover.

The texture if you are inclined can be flattened with some elbow grease :rofl:
But as you said and as I figured, its a perfect coating for a first car.

I wouldn’t put it on the GR though lol

No he told me about a what looked to be a 70’s kombi it also had raptor paint on it.

And does the flattening involve sanding? :rofl:

I didn’t see the kombi but did see a vw convertable bug under cover.

Of course it involves sanding you can sand it back and paint clear or standard 2pac over the top… To be honest I’m getting used to and enjoying the uniqueness of the covering


And as long as you and your daughter enjoy it that’s all that matters.

Looking forward to more updates on this little rig :sunglasses:

Hi All

Does anyone know what width tyre we can fit under these cars? I am having trouble finding a set of wheels and tyres that won’t put the speedo out unless I go to about a 195 wide tyre which coming from a 155 seems too wide.

13 ,14 , or 15 inch wheel?

This may help too?

14 or 15

I know how to use the tyre calculator but actually finding something that is available and fits is the problem

yes I completey understand. I try to use the size comparison thing and then site like tyroola etc to see what is available and also try tyre sites etc. Its not as easy anymore to get many good sizes. I used to get 155/55/14 on the move years ago in an achilies through bridgestone but they dont have them anymore either.

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[quote=“FrAsErTaG, post:3, topic:5782”]…Met this little guy along the way…[/quote]She looks like the more harmless ones. Or are looks deceiving, in this case?


It is a redback spider and highly venomous.

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That appears to be an Australian version of our Black Widow spider. Of couse, your venomous animals are always of the high-performance variety, compared to our European weaklings :sob: