The Little giant killer

At the end of march i bought a L701 from my uncle which he bought from one of his customers.
I’ve driven it every day until 2 weeks ago when i bought a Clio with AC (please don’t judge me. I only bought the S***box because it was cheap and had working AC).
Tried to sell the Cuore for a fair price so i could save up for one with AC, because that seemed to be the best way.
But they’re just nowhere to find (especially with a automatic).
So yesterday i decided to keep her and just put AC in her myself.

The reason i’m calling her ‘‘The Little Giant Killer’’ is because of how quick and feisty she is.
When pulling away from a traffic light i’m the first one gone. And the best part is the annoyed face of people with bigger and ‘‘better’’ cars. You should see the look on peoples faces when i pass them. :rofl:

After doing a ton of research if found that the AC system from a M100 is almost a perfect fit.
The evaporator and condensor seem to be slightly different, but i might be able to make it work.
The evaporator from a L900 is just too different, but i might look at other parts from it if needed.

The evaporator is supposedly 10mm thicker but otherwise the same.
As for the condensor i’ll try to make it fit otherwise i’ll buy a new one that’s made for the L701.

As for the rest of the plans…
~Do a couple of performance mods so i can leave the traffic lights even quicker.
~I’m going to fit a boot release mechanism.
~Replace the engine (cause i think there’s some rodnock starting) + with my driving style i have to add engine oil every couple of days and sometimes even everyday if i drive a huge amount of km’s. Might be the reason for the possible rodnock. :crazy_face:
~Maybe a roll on paintjob to mask the little dents and scratches. Even though i really like this blue colour.
~Fix up some little things; like put in a new spare wheel cover/panel as it’s missing, fix the rust on the gasfiller neck, add the right side roof strip (missing too).
~And possibly/most likely some more.

I’ll be going to the wreckers the 13th for an engine. And if the have a M100 i’ll try to pick up some of the parts for the AC too.

I hope you guys will like it.


Sorry to let you down mate but from experience putting a k3ve (from m101) into a L700 aircon parts need to be a mix and match. If you want to fit ac to your EJ engine you are not going to get away with using m100 parts.

Sorry mate

The condenser won’t fit, the H line won’t fit

Most M100’s here have the 1.0 EJ. 1.3’s are very rare here.

With the EJ M100 i assume most stuff will fit (maybe with a little work).

Little early update…
Had to go to the wreckers for work today so i picked up a engine while i was there.
Could’ve gotten one a little cheaper from the wrecker i wanted to go to tomorrow, but i never have a good feeling about the engines i get there.

It came from a sirion with around 120k of life experience.

Put it on the stand right away to check the seals and spark plugs etc.
It’s a little sweaty but seems like it doesn’t burn oil.
Will be replacing the rear crank seal, park plugs, timing belt and filters while i’m at it.
The ‘‘old’’ belt and tensioner seem good enough but i don’t want to risk it.

Will be pulling the engine out of the car this weekend and swap it with this one. As it should be ready by then.

Can’t wait to get the old girl back on the road and purring like it should.

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Hope this replacement motor is a good strong unit and that’s a great idea to replace the timing belt etc.

I’m building the engine back up right now. And when I was looking for a Stanley blade I noticed a little box with injectors and saw that the injectors for a jimmy look exactly the same.

The flow rate of those are about 180cc/min
Now I was wondering what the flow rate for the EJ injectors are.

If anyone could tell me that’d really nice. Cause I can’t seem to find it on the internet.

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unfortunately i haven’y been able to find that out due to the manual missing pages 11& 12 in the efi section, right where they are explaining about injectors lolz

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That’s a bummer.

Little update…

Went to a bunch of wreckers today, but nobody had a L700 or a M100 with AC.
So the new plan is to try to find a full car for a sensible price.

I did however get some parts for the interior.
The clock and the dual cup holder. :grin:

Not sure yet but i might go back to the wreckers soon to pull the boot/gas lid lever. So i don’t need to use the freaking key to open the boot.

If any of you guys know some handy/cool stuff to put in as well, please share.

I found a sirion 1.0 with AC for 450,- euro. I’ll let you guys know if i get it.


Youre dutch right? Thought i saw this exavt cuore for sale a while back :smiley:.
There is a gtvi at the wreckes here. K3ve2 engines are awesome!

Nice work and hope that Sirion works out for you.

That’s right, that was me.
Unfortunately the k3 AC doesn’t fit.

I’m gonna pick it up tomorrow.

Picked it up today! :smiley::smiley::smiley:

It’s a bit nicer than expected. So after i take the AC system out i’ll reinstall the heaterbox and dash.
Cause i might already have a buyer for it.

After dinner i drained the refrigerant. So the built begins tomorrow.

I also went to the wreckers this morning and picked up the complete boot and fuel lid opening system. But i think i’ll install that next week.

Should i document the whole process of retrofitting the AC?


Nice pick up on the Sirion and yes I would like to see the work documented.

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A little yet big update…

I started this morning little after 9:00.
Removed the dash from both cars. And compared the heater boxes.

The boxes appeared to be the same. So i put the empty box in the Sirion and the box with the evaporator in the Cuore.

Then i started reinstalling the dash from the Sirion and was done before 12:00, and had the rest of the system removed just before lunch.
After lunch i started putting everything in the Cuore. I got everything in (except for the compressor) around 16:30.
The compressor has to wait until i put the other engine in.

The whole system fits like it’s supposed to be in there. There’s just 1 little bracket i’m missing. So i’ll make it myself.

All that work for what feels like just the little button.

I’ll put the whole process up in the tutorial section when i’m fully done and the AC is working.

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I’m interested to know if the left line for the ac and the evaporator fit, I forgot all about the EJ version of the sirion… But these items are required from a L700 when using k3 parts from m100.

You mean for a LHD or a RHD?
So far everything fits like it’s supposed to (note that both cars in this case are LHD). I’ll find out today for sure, as i’m replacing the engine today and with that also install the compressor.

I’d love to put a K3 in it. But that’s gonna take to much time and money for now.
Cause if you upgrade to a bigger capacity engine (by a certain percentage) or if you ‘‘add or remove’’ cilinders you’ll have to go through an extensive test.

If the AC compressor or condenser ever fails i’ll be replacing the unit with something more common.
The only downside about that is that i’ll have fabricate some brackets and modify the AC lines. Cause i can’t find any new parts for a decent price.

That some fast work and great results so far. It is very helpful when manufacturers use common parts between various car models.

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